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  1. ( OOC: This is not a faction thread, this is a character thread relating to the unofficial group Ashland Ave Connection. This is the Avenue in which Ralph Margana and Bobby Fattore run, not at all is this a faction thread or will be recruiting. )
  2. 56th Duluoz Avenue 56th Duluoz Avenue.. The avenue? It consists of a few members.. five-six street guys, seven-eight hangarounds. These hangarounds? Nothing but wannabe's drinking outside a social club. Your occasional street guy.. you can tell the difference but hey.. you shouldn't. Nowadays? Guy's like them shouldn't have anybody raise an eyebrow. None a' them dress fancy, they all look like your average joe.. none of them are celebrity gangsters. Noteably, Bobby Fattore.. a old timer, street guy.. wannabe wiseguy. The street guys mostly consisted of Angelo Donato, Bobby Fat
  3. firee.. take this far -- @kaneki1kingsimp
  4. congrats @MoeLSRPbeen a mentor to me, good to see you going up!
  5. shmoe.. take it far
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