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Found 3 results

  1. So...let's begin. As I seen on another PD this and PD that thread. Let us address few things, that kinda stand out. Highways are never empty. They are packed in real life and would be also in the game if we had NPCs, we don't have NPCs cause they take up player slots. But they are not empty. Then traffic lights are synced yes it's not an excuse anymore. If I have green I go, if you have red you stay put. And this sadly happens everytime. I always stop at lights and wait for the go. But in general the traffic on the server is quite sad. Also remember people you are not roleplaying in empty world, but rather one of busiest cities in US. Take that into consideration, that normally the beach is packed, normally the highways are packed. Normally every PD station is active, even that on the pier. Yes on the server it is not as it should be cause limitations. But just because your character doesn't die if you don't eat for a month, does that mean you shouldn't buy food? You don't have to, but in that case it's not realistic.
  2. Short description: Ability to go into cruise control/auto drive. A lot like auto-pilot Detailed description: Essentially when you press a certain button, the car maintains drive at the current speed without having to hold your finger on the accelerator. So for example; if you're going 10mph, and you press a button such as 'Z' you'd maintain a speed of 10mph without having to hold down accelerate, if you press the button again it will turn off cruise control and you will slow down until you press accelerate again At any point while cruise control is enabled you can still accelerate or de-accelerate to prevent you colliding on corners, but if you let go of the button the script will resume the speed you set cruise control at You can of course still steer while in cruise control, also enabling you to avoid colliding. Commands to add: A key-bind such as 'Z' Possibly /cruisecontrol (if you wish to do it via command) Items to add: A text alert to tell you when you've entered cruise control A text alert to tell you when you've left cruise control How would your suggestion improve the server? It'd give you the ability to type in the chat while driving, as in real life you'd be able to speak and drive You wouldn't slow down each time you wish to type, potentially stopping and causing a collision Particularly useful for organisations who use vehicle radios, allowing them to type and still drive e.g. Fire Department responding to an emergency Maintain the same speed while in convoy e.g. Fire Department motorcades It'd vary from speedlimiter, as with speedlimiter you have to hold the accelerator to maintain your speed Additional information: Other servers had this feature and it worked very well for Motorcycle Clubs, emergency services and VIP convoys I'm surprised no one else suggested this, but it's possible it got deleted in the rollback. Similar example:
  3. Short description: Speed radar Detailed description: Would be wonderful to have a new speed-radar system. Commands to add: /radar [on/off] [Speed Limit] Items to add: N/a How would your suggestion improve the server?: Our system is pretty out-dated and bad. We need to be able to see the plates, as modern law enforcement vehicles are equipped with plate scanners - Automatic number-plate recognition (ANPR) - so when a vehicle would run through the radar, we'd have a plate. Also, none of that /radar [DISTANCE] [Speed Limit] - no distance, it hardly works. Instead, once the radar is activate, it'd cover 40-50 meter radios (covering the 3-4 lane-highway. So each vehicle that'd drive infront of us, would get caught speeding with its plate showing. [Speed Radar: Vehicle going 95 - Licenses plates: COP205] Additionnal information: None
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