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  1. This would probably only work if both sides agree to roleplay a RICO bust. Otherwise, both sides will be fighting to the death to save themselves. Even smaller scale investigations into OCGs by law enforcement factions have resulted in OOC tension between the two because both try too hard to outplay the other. I can't imagine the amount of voids, reports, etc. that's gonna happen if a RICO bust was about to go down. Myself personally, I wouldn't bother investigating if the faction being investigated isn't invested/doesn't see the worth in the RP. And as everyone else already said, SD Detective Division isn't meant to force these guys to take Ls, if the RP isn't meaningful don't bother.
  2. Operation Genghis Khan January 08 2022, start: 1430 hours end: 1830 hours Davis Station Detective Bureau, Los Santos County Sheriff's Department Sergeant Nathaniel Ramirez, Narcotics Enforcement Team Sergeant Jack Cardone, Career Offenders Team Lieutenant William Hayes, Special Enforcement Bureau
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  4. The truth is simple


    Free Cortez


    Or else



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