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  1. Just yesterday night Davis LTD was a TDM arena with ATVs and dirtbikes circling half a dozen bodies on the ground. It's no wonder people can't be trusted to run the place.
  2. we are the lasd

    1. kenichis


      we are the lasd

  3. I don't really mind SAPR not being an exact replica of their irl counterparts when it comes to their duties. I've had a lot of RP generated as being part of SD just because SAPR stumbled across something patroling the great empty and called for us. As for the hunting job, maybe the payout or entry cost for the job can be adjusted if it's such a big problem, but SAPR walking up to you mid hunting shouldn't be an issue. If anything it's giving more roleplay to you, eventually your character would be known in the are so you don't have to get bugged for a license everytime. Just like how frequent hunters irl would eventually know their local rangers and what not.
  4. I agree with this. I was debating making an RPQM report on someone after RPing with them and finding they went in for 5 different felonies as a 17 yo and continue RPing a minor with that kind of record. Would be nice to just have this enforced throughout.
  5. 99% sure this doesn't work. Friend of mine has the M1 and he told me he couldn't get it to work there but it worked on his older non M1 model.
  6. [16:58:51] Andre Thompson shouts: Go away! [16:58:56] Redacted girl in Elegy Retro says: Calm your tits. [16:58:57] Redacted girl in Elegy Retro says: Nigga.
  7. as a fellow person who plays at server restart times i approve.
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