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  1. I think this is one of few issues that can't really be helped without settling with unnecessary OOC restrictions and/or sinking either party's boat. I believe that as long as the roleplay that comes from both parties is of quality; there should be no issue.
  2. Using a VPN is fine, in all honesty. Advertisements regarding VPNs are all over the internet, and as a user previously mentioned; they even come with browsers. It's when people start becoming cyber-geniuses that can keep their identity hidden, or as per your oversaturated example, be able to see through everything in the world to avoid potential consequences for their actions that it becomes an issue.
  3. Oh, you're Doris? LOL I genuinely love your roleplay, and appreciate the soup! Was insanely fun sharing an encounter with you. Keep up the great work.
  4. Still going great. Truly a pleasure sharing encounters with members of the faction.
  5. On Steam: Using certain animations just freezes yout character, of which specifically for me /ravedance32/33/34
  6. Lovely effort. So far, aside from a lot of bugs, I think 1.1 is really nice.
  7. Eine

    Project Zomboid

    Me and my friends used to play on a roleplay server on PZ. Holy hell it was so fun. Here's a few snippets of us couping some group of survivors we joined:
  8. Also being a member of the LSPD, though of much lower a rank, I have come to appreciate a lot of the recent changes in regard to realism. It's effectively taking the faction into the right direction for all to enjoy. I, myself, have been trying to give it my all in assisting wherever I can, specifically by just doing my best and roleplaying to the best of my ability. To me, though, in all honesty, as Sam's mentioned, I think the process behind everything that took place wasn't the way to go about it. That's just my personal opinion though. Oh well, for what it's worth,
  9. If someone survives with a headshot in their damages, it'd be better to be roleplayed as grazing the skull, or something to the lines of that. The skull's surprisingly tough, anyways. It doesn't make sense for someone who can walk and do whatever to be roleplaying dead cause they so happened to be shot in the head. Simply don't roleplay being dead unless you're actually in a downed state as Wirbel's mentioned. And if this goes against any FD material, I believe it needs to be revised depending on and according to the conclusion to be based off of this thread, I reckon
  10. @Dawn, @Wirbelwind, and @Selena if i may pick favourites
  11. ^ This, minus the Mecovy thing... maybe. Lately had the chance to interact with several paramedics on-duty as well(FOR THE RECORD, I DID NOT GET SHOT AGAIN). Super lovely!
  12. I don't get the purpose of this thread anymore. Is it to constantly nag about the usage of airships, or is it to actually answer the original poster's rhetoric? Regardless, I don't like the hypocritical viewpoints being asserted by some. Of which specifically the hyperbole ones. You're not productively contributing in any way by repeatedly paraphrasing another user over and over again, and quite frankly? I don't see anything coming of it, anyhow. On topic though, if it hasn't been pointed out enough by now; most, if not all official legal factions have a budget. As by
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