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  1. Kindly, Leave your contact details. Will get in touch with you.
  2. All bids should be stated publicly. If there is no bid found in the next 24 hrs. The auction will be closed and she's staying home. The price of the Marquis at the Marina is $450,000. The way, I see it. $325,000 as starting and $370,000 as buyout are reasonable and Just.
  3. Offer withdrawn, Starting Bid stays at $325,000.
  4. She's a beauty to behold. Presenting you Marquis a beautiful Yacht named Empress. Starting Bid:- $325,000. Buyout at maximum value:- $370,000. https://imgur.com/a/fTk6jv9 Contact:- [email protected] (Forum Pm) Bids are to be placed publicly, Thanking you.
  5. I had a bad experience here, the bartender was reluctant on paying attention to what was requested. And more interested in loose talk. Despite the fact that, I was willing to help with their interior trouble. Regardless, I hope going forward they would have a better way of interacting with their customers. I wish them good fortune. The Jazz vibe and the place is beautiful and soothing, definitely will recommend visiting them for the place and jazz vibe.
  6. This is fire,Take it far, 💯🔥
  7. @Frezemis I want to appreciate. Frezemis for genuinely helping me out, from the past two years. Ever since, I joined GTA W. Respect for resolving the crazy things, I ask out of the blue and always guiding me to the right direction. @Adv For genuinely putting his 💯 % into helping me out. I really appreciate you, My friend. @Selena for taking her time out and reviewing something I felt was wrongly done to me, Huge respect. Thanking all of you from the bottom of my heart. @Nervous For being there, when ever I fuck up an online payment or when my international cards don't process things, that has to be processed. And the most funny moment was telling me to remove the damn Screenshot of the card details from the discord, before someone hacks it. It's an open secret, that I am not good at tech stuff. But thanks for being there. Taking all of your time out from your busy schedules and helping this noob tribal dinosaur out.
  8. Looking forward to buy a private garage, Price does not matter, should be spacious.
  9. Offering $28,000. PH:- 01907538
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