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  1. If they're going to enforce the usage of the marriage script I'd like to see the legal age required to perform a marriage be lowered to 18. I started RP'ing here with someone else as an already married couple, but if this suggestion becomes reality I'd be forced to age my character up to comply with the rules as the /marry age is 21 for some weird reason. Otherwise, I see no issue with these rules.
  2. It's really simple, either move the settings link to the left dropdown, or add it there and leave it in the right dropdown accessed by clicking your account name. Might just be me but whenever I'm navigating the UCP, my brain 'expects' the settings page to be in the left, under 'navigation'. Because well, it quite clearly says 'navigation' so naturally I'd expect to be able to navigate to my settings page. What I also noticed is that currently the settings option in the top right dropdown is broken as it takes you to the same page as clicking 'my profile' does, so giving it functionality would
  3. @Geo.found an issue that I believe you're not covering. I got the R* version of the game and for some reason if I launch RAGEMP it'll load GTA as normal instead, started happening after the most recent GTA update. Had the issue before it aswell but then I managed to fix it by installing RAGE in C, but this isn't working anymore.
  4. Because not everyone enjoys being added/followed by people they've literally never met before.
  5. I've heard something about the rockstar version of the game not working with this feature as of now. Haven't entirely tested it myself tho.
  6. Me. Guess that makes introducing myself easy.
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