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  1. Short description: Let us check our activity in the last 15/30 days via UCP. Detailed description: Let us check our activity in the last 15/30 days on a character via the UCP. Would be nice to quickly get an overview of your activity, and also allows us to see if a character's at risk of getting an inactivity wipe. If possible, perhaps add warnings we can opt in/out of that'll warn us like X days before we get wiped? Items to add: A subsection in stats which shows our activity in the last 15/30 days, maybe even with a little graph and a counter which tells us in how many days we're getting wiped. How would your suggestion improve the server? Magic 3 letters: QoL
  2. It'd be lovely to be able to move not just all furniture, but selections of furniture as well. Just the other day I helped my friend out with a bit of furnishing and we figured out one of our walls was not a 90 degree angle. It would've been very nice if we were able to move this wall all at once. Though, I can see some problems arising with trying to mass rotate objects... Eitherway support to the original suggestion.
  3. Was scrolling through the forums and asked myself why these two sections were buried at the bottom of the forum, whilst both of them are quite important. Therefore, I suggest moving these sections into the OOC section as the following sub-sections: -Reports (Player reports, RPQM reports) -appeals (Ban appeals, CK appeals) -requests (Refund requests, Asset transfer requests, House requests, Wiki editor rights requests) -bug reports (Game bugs, Web bugs, Discord bugs?)
  4. Didn't know that. I just figured I'd show how easy it would be to implement this considering people appeared to be worried about this taking time away from other projects. But if the code already exists and the community would be in favour of this, then it wouldn't be an issue, and a mod wouldn't be needed.
  5. I'm gonna support this. The time it'd take to script this is quite frankly trivial. All you'd have to do is this: [Command("covertattoo")] public void SettingTattoo(Client player, String zone) { int tattoozone; switch(zone) { case "left arm" tattoozone = 0; //Continue this for all the options and actually link the correct zone. } if(player.getDecoration(tattoozone)!="whatever the 'no tattoo' option is") { player.SetDecoration("invisible tattoo"); } else { check which tattoo the player has on the designated zone and store it; if(this tattoo is the invisible tattoo) { NAPI.Chat.SendMessageToPlayer(player, "There is no tattoo to cover/uncover here."); } else { player.setDecoration(the tattoo that is meant to be there); } } } Of course this is pseudocode but you get the general idea I'm going for.
  6. Can tell you right now it's impossible without adding the items in via mods. Males and females have their own seperate ID lists assigned to them and therefore you simply cannot select female clothes for the male model and vice versa. It simply cannot happen.
  7. Let us take a moment to step back, look at the interior we're roleplaying inside of and think of the amazing people who spent hours designing them for us to enjoy. Thank you, mappers.
  8. Discovered today that this was partially implemented. You can now use /gps to easily navigate to businesses and standalone houses. It's not possible to navigate to complexes yet, but it's already much better than it was.
  9. RoadTrain_

    /gloves off

    Short description: /gloves off Detailed description: Add an option to the /gloves command to 'take off' gloves and show your bare hands, something you cannot do on outfits which you saved with gloves on. Commands to add: /gloves off Items to add: N/A How would your suggestion improve the server? Allows players to take off gloves if they save an outfit with gloves on. Additional information: I wonder why this wasn't thought of when /gloves was added.
  10. Yes please my god. Though to prevent the menu from getting completely cluttered, only list standalone properties. Complexes (e.g. 3 Alta Street) Should show up in the GPS as the following: 3 Alta Street (complex). Make it work for businesses as well because I know for a fact that there are some businesses with the exact same name (e.g. Al Dente's, there's 1 in the Alta/Burton esque area near the big shopping centre, and one in Del Perro which is named Al Dente's Del Perro). Of course, if the script can only find 1 GPS address you input it should of course navigate there immediately. And make it work just if you have a smart phone because c'mon it's 2021 who uses a friggen external GPS. In fact who buys one for every car they have.
  11. Make-up helps a TON with getting a more feminine look. /makeup, you need 250$ for it.
  12. RoadTrain_


    Short description: Add /q Detailed description: Give us a command to quit the game via a command. I'm sure most people who came from SA-MP will be able to back me up here when I say that I still at times try to leave the game via typing /q. Commands to add: /q Items to add: N/A How would your suggestion improve the server? /q was so easy. EDIT: Also, it would probably allow for a custom leaving message to indicate people that they intentionally left as opposed to now where you have to guess. Additional information: Just let me /q again like in SAMP. It was one of the very few things SAMP did better than rage. Just type in the command and you're gone.
  13. Can't think of a better way to reward them. Supported.
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