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  1. we on that mike wazowski crime ring shit boy that real icky sticky shit
  2. i will look into it eventually so long as it's not replaced by the projects, just waiting on news on that and then i'll see what i can do
  3. Username: rumanumberonefan Comment: the greatest mind of our generation, going too soon. get better ru ma
  4. Gang factions are the exception because gangs are made up of young hooligans. Illegal factions covers as a blanket term, meaning OCG factions as well.
  5. You’ll find older characters apart of illegal factions, plenty of them. A lot of legal role players (outside of GOV factions) will tend to play younger characters. It’s a matter of having something to do on your character; If you have a defined goal, you have a viable middle aged character, but if your character relies on club RP to fill time, they gravitate towards the younger characters.
  6. @harrison I thought it was just a joke? Kept it warm for you.
  7. Beautiful, large office space in the Mission Row / Textile City area for rent today! Total of four units on the second and third floor available with planned renovations for future units to be added! (Click image for more images) Commodities include letter room, board room, break room, and more! Inquire through email for more details.
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