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Found 7 results

  1. This thread will follow the development of Jayden Han, a seventeen year old stoner loser that barely passed highschool, getting a D- average.
  2. * Mark Shou is a young adult of the age of twenty, he resides in mission row in a minuscule, minimalistic dormitory with both his parents as he has no stable income to provide for himself yet. Mark's parents have both been emigrated from China to America for better living conditions and work, Mark was born and raised in America and has attended school here, as child Mark was always struggling to congruously communicate with his parents as they marginally verbalized any English but that was the only language that was being edified to him on school. Mark was much of a troublemaker throughout his years, not taking school as earnestly as he should, diverted as his mind was fixated on other things. * Growing up in penuriousness and instability Mark was very insecure about an abundance of factors throughout his entire life, his goal being now to do better than his parents did, proving to them that the American dream is possible to achieve. Money through any means is what's on his mind, he'll strive for a reputation, and money, as that's what he thinks, can solve everything.
  3. LOS SANTOS COUNTY SHERIFF'S DEPARTMENT — A TRADITION OF SERVICE SINCE 1850 Deputy Sheriff Dennis Alfredo Salonga Chua ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— PERSONAL INFORMATION Alias(es): Denny, Chua Date of Birth: 03/DEC/1994 Ethnicity: Filipino-Chinese Nationality: American Weight: 165lbs Height: 5'8" (1.77m) Likes: Tsingtao Beer, Beef Lo Mein, Wonton Soup, and polite individuals. Dislikes: Ma Po Tofu, Football, paperwork, and dating applications. Hobbies: Basketball, airsoft activities, and visiting the shooting range. EDUCATION INFORMATION Bachelor of Science in Criminology September 2013 — June 2017 San Andreas State College CAREER INFORMATION Rank: Deputy Sheriff Badge Number: #49240 Primary Assignment: Paleto Bay Station (Patrol Deputy) Service Weapons: Beretta M9A3, Colt AR-15 & Colt M4 Carbine CAREER TIMELINE Deputy Sheriff Trainee January 2021 — January 2021 Patrol Deputy, Paleto Bay Sheriff's Station Deputy Sheriff January 2021 — Present Patrol Deputy, Paleto Bay Sheriff's Station Deputy Sheriff (Bonus I) February 2021 — Present Parole Field Staff, Parole Enforcement Task Force March 2021 — Present SWT Team Member, Special Enforcement Detail Canine Handler, Canine Services Detail Deputy Sheriff (Bonus II) March 2021 — Present Senior Line Deputy, Twin Towers Correctional Facility
  4. Louie Mo-fan Luk (born December 8th 19**), known as Lucky Louie is a prominent criminal figure within Little Seoul’s Chinese underworld with ties to the now defunct Golden Tiger Gang, and is believed to be the acting liaison between the Hip Sing Association (Tong) and the Chinese street gangs. Personal life Louie was raised in Little Seoul’s Palomino Avenue above the popular restaurant chain The Peking Duck by parents Nicky and April Chu up until the age of eight when Nicky Luk brutally wounded April Chu over an escalated row in 2002. Nicky Luk was later charged with assault and served six months in the Twin Towers Correctional Facility and fined $1,000. Louie Luk’s father, Nicky Luk, was a notable figure in Little Seoul’s underworld that, at the time, was predominantly Hispanic and Korean heavy in regards to racket control between the 1980s and late 1990s. Nicky Luk pioneered a “taxing ring” made up of exclusively local Chinese thieves that would rob from the local Korean drug dealers and then sell to the Big Circle Gang, a Triad operating largely out of Canada. This caught the attention of Peter Chong - an organized crime figure who was leading the infamous Wo Hop To takeover. Chong’s goal was to tie all Asian gangs under one umbrella across North America and Los Santos was under his radar. The uproar within Little Seoul created by Nicky Luk to defend his Chinese counterparts from the growing Korean influence was gaining reputation, and thus Chong wished to ally with Nicky Luk’s crew. Nicky, already establishing connections with the Big Circle Gang, refused, to Chong’s discontent. In 1993, August 3rd at approximately 11:30PM, an assassination attempt on Nicky Luk was conducted where two gunmen discharged at Nicky’s vehicle. April Chu was in the passenger and pregnant with Louie. Nicky was able to drive away whilst the gunfire rained on the vehicle, however Nicky was struck in the neck and twice in the chest whilst April suffered gunshot wounds to her shoulder and leg. Nicky raced the two of them to the hospital and both were immediately treated. April miraculously recovered, dubbing the unborn Louie Luk “Lucky Louie”, however Nicky suffered from a crushed larynx which meant he was bound to an electrolarynx - a medical device about the size of a small electric razor used to produce clearer speech by those people who have lost their voice box. After Nicky assaulted April the pair separated whilst Nicky was incarcerated, all while Nicky was facing indictments for involvement in organized crime. Louie’s mother entertained the underworld and accepted the royalties that came from the infamous tale of the 1993 assassination attempt. Attractive and young, April was twelve years Nicky’s senior - she fell for the charm and flattery of other criminal figures within Little Seoul after her split with Nicky. Louie was unwelcoming to the wave of men that visited their home, carrying a sour taste after what had happened with his father, resenting him for the assault. Louie spent a lot of time with the Chinese youth gangs to stay away from his home, one in particular gave Louie the opportunity to become a “blood brother”, an initiated member of the Golden Tiger Gang when he was twelve years old. Criminal activity At the age of 18, Louie was sentenced to three years for gang related crimes in 2011. While incarcerated, Louie hooked up with a Ghee Kung Tong (a San Fierro criminally influenced association) enforcer Eugene Kwok who dubbed Louie as “The Poser” upon their first interaction. Offended by the remark, as well as confining it to prison culture, Louie quickly reacted and fought Kwok in the mess hall. Afterwards the pair became close friends and joined up with the Hispanic cliques who welcomed the outcast Asians so long as they did their bidding. At the bottom of the pecking order both Louie and Eugene would aid the Hispanic prison gangs in smuggling various items into the prison itself. Louie was released in 2014. In 2019 Louie was under investigation for the murder of three Chinese underworld figures including Teddy Wong, Ralph Jyun and Victor Ly in what was believed to be retaliation to the murder of Benjamin Huang. The FBI suspects that Huang was murdered by Wong’s outfit as a part of a takeover engineered by Wong himself. Louie Luk was under suspicion due to his known affiliation with Eugene Kwok who operated under Huang. The investigation against Louie Luk was dropped in 2020 and the case remains unsolved.
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