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  1. Slump's reign is over. Good luck to those carrying on the thread and faction, hope it comes back.
  2. Offering 250, would like to see in person if possible.
  3. OOC Section This faction aims to portray a realistic Chinese-American criminal organization and community-based in Chinatown/Mission Row. Though the primary focus is on Chinese members, other Asian ethnicities are welcome to roleplay with the group. We encourage even focus on legal and illegal roleplay in the faction and community, as both play main parts in all character development and portrayal. All recruitment and involvement with the group is done IC, however those aspiring to join can reach out for a discord invite and help regarding character creation and the groups concept. As a faction, we will reserve the right to Character Kill any member who plans on partaking in the illegal activities of the group. Any inquiries should be forwarded to myself and Doosty via forum PM or Discord. (#slump9999, Doosty®#1337, @slump @Doosty)
  4. https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/864629127474053130/875529381592858675/download.gif Could always buy them a namechange.
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