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  1. Both look quite nice and would be good additions to the server, especially the projects. Davis Mall is quite dead and un-used, but that change would bring people and roleplay to the area. Same goes for that cul-de-sac. I think adding it in with the votes and then casting another vote after it's implementation would be good, second vote being that if people would like to keep the new additions or remove them. Gives a chance for people to test them in game on their hardware and see how it effects performance, or if people just end up changing their mind about the changes.
  2. Reply to user Username: Number1RuMa Comment: 操你个白痴
  3. Apartment for sale in Mission Row, photos provided below. Starting bid: $133,361 Bid Increase: $10,000 minimum Buyout: $300,000 ((OOC apartment info))
  4. Added - 庐山 - Mount Lu 蓝色领域 - Fields of Blue 烈日 - Scorching Sun
  5. Added - 太阳之吻 - Kiss of the Sun 大自然的馈赠 - Gift of Nature
  6. Ru Ma (茹馬) Art Collection, my grandfather’s oeuvre A self-taught artist from Fujian Province in the People’s Republic of China, Ru Ma (茹馬) spent a lifetime honing his skills to create beautiful works of art. As a young, struggling artist, my grandfather set aside his dreams of painting professionally to pursue a career that would allow him to put food on the table. He languished in artistic obscurity for many years, providing for his family as a tattooist, and has now quietly retired. Unfortunately, complications in his health have arisen, and our family is struggling to pay for his medical care. As his granddaughter, it is my responsibility to assist with his medical debt, so I am organizing the sale of his artistic estate. All of my grandfather’s works have been digitally preserved as copies, and will be full sized and framed for sale, with the originals to be auctioned off at a charity event in the future. Pieces will be delivered in person after payment has been handled. See pricing options below. Pieces are still being recovered and digitally preserved, updates will be posted showcasing new additions to the collection as we get them. Please consider buying one of my grandfather’s beautiful paintings to assist our family in repaying his medical debt. Thank you! Contact me through the following means for purchasing inquiries. Email: [email protected] ((Forum PM to https://forum.gta.world/en/profile/38381-slump/ )) Phone #: 1897 Comments are currently: Enabled Username: Comment:
  7. I say no, some people get noticeable FPS drops and it doesn’t REALLY add much besides… Trees. And a few benches. Are we really gonna be using those trees and random benches in the middle of nowhere?
  8. Username: 爱猫人 Comment: Quote, "The port was wild and fun at the same time. Had fires every other week, terrorists shooting the place up and our workers. Robberies at the local companies..." Is this what our senator thinks is wild and fun? Innocent laborers being terrorized at work with no compensation or increase of wages for the hazardous work conditions... Unfair! They're gonna start asking Laborers to bring bullet proof vests to work soon if things keep going as they are.
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