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Mieszkowski Organized Crime Group


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LSPD officers block off the scene of a shooting that left two men dead, believed to be a hit carried out by Mieszkowski enforcers against a rival distribution group.


By 2021 most of Simon Mieszkowski’s associates had gone underground. Many headquartered their operations in Los Santos neighborhoods long associated with organized crime—most prominently, Hawick Avenue. That’s not to say, however, that Mieszkowski lacks control elsewhere in the city; there are, for example, reports of his lieutenants setting up shop in Morningwood and South Central. The sudden growth in the organization’s operational territory, along with the recent arrests of some of the group's known associates and business partners, leads detectives to believe that Mieszkowski's gang has evolved into a bonafide organized crime group.



San Andreas State Police display firearms seized from a suspected Mieszkowski associate, likely collected from multiple out of state strawmen.


Though law enforcement officials believe that Mieszkowski is still calling the shots, sightings of the man have decreased significantly. His second in command, Ernest Mosley, handles much of the organization's day to day business. Hoping to avoid arousing suspicion with interstate travel, Mieszkowski sent a delegate from his operation to Nevada in early January to reconnect with an out of state crew primarily comprised of old school OC figures. The trip was a success; in the spring, Sebastian Tamayo returned to Los Santos with Nevada's support. This ushered the group into a new era—one that would make or break them. It was undeniable, though, that they had established a solid foothold in the West Coast's organized crime scene.



LSPD officers search a suspected stash house allegedly linked to the Mieszkowski organization.


Anthony Rudnik and his pornographic enterprise, Naughty Saints, represent Mieszkowski and his upper echelon's chief money laundering scheme. Rudnik’s arrival from the East Coast and apparent reconciliation with Mieszkowski granted him access to the funds he needed for his venture into the highly lucrative sex industry. Rumors of Rudnik’s promotion are prevalent in federal law enforcement circles, though hard evidence is scant.



Courtroom artist's rendering of Mieszkowski's long time defense attorney, Aleksandra Maksimović, representing him in a grand larceny case in which he was later acquitted.


The private legal practice of Aleksandra Maksimović has been the go-to for many of Los Santos' underworld figures for years. A talented young criminal defense attorney and political fixer, Maksimović was an easy choice for Mieszkowski, who—like any recidivist—frequently found himself wanting for the services of a dedicated legal professional. Maksimović's track record in court, along with her own connections to the underworld figures in Los Santos, made her an easy pick.


The young organization is poised for success. Some say that the group won't be able to maintain its momentum, while others still suggest that diverse organizations like Mieszkowski's represent the future of organized crime in America. Everybody agrees, however, that they're worth keeping an eye on.



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