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Found 10 results

  1. This thread will follow the development of Calvin Morton, a troubled youth from Fudge Lane, El Burro.
  2. Events of Pascual "Looney" Fonseca life will be posted to this thread. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  3. This thread will follow the story of Robert Hanek, affectionately known as "Brain" or "Red" to his friends as he transitions into adulthood. This thread will deal with the very real issue of Homelessness of 17-19 year olds trying to balance studies and aspirations of a future along with the struggles of poverty and gang culture.
  4. This thread will follow Mitchell Kennedy in trying to make something of himself in East Los Santos, a predominantly Hispanic dominated area, where a White teenager's identity may easily be lost.
  5. This thread will the follow the story and development of Malcolm Sullivan a local of Mirror Park on the lower-middle class spectrum as gentrification makes the cost of living more intense being raised by a single mother and holding the pressure of being the older sibling of two. Will this fact push him to make drastic decisions down the line? Or, will he keep his head up as he remains almost on the brink of poverty for now trying to use Boxing, and Education as a method to escape, whilst maintaining a habit with the use of Marijuana. Despite the efforts of gentrification the suburb does seem to still have a slight gang presence with the surrounding areas have a even bigger margin sometimes passing through the area to conduct their activities. This thread will also show the lives and development of other locals in a similar situation often coping with use of soft drugs, or petty crimes with the possible formation of a crew trying to emulate the lifestyles of those living south of the Suburb.
  6. About San An Taqueria Everything on the menu at San An Taqueria represents authentic Mexican food carefully selected by our team of cooks. Prepared daily from scratch with the freshest ingredients, our dishes include a variety of recipes and cocktails that are sure to make for a perfect night out or an ideal meal at home. FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT SAN AN TAQUERIA, CHECK OUR NEW SITE! Email: [email protected] Page: www.sanantaqueria.com.us ((Join our discord for information and more: https://discord.gg/HEKDJkrAxs))
  7. Street Racing Epidemic In El Burro Heights February 25, 2023 19:12 Written by Robert Gray El Burro Heights, Los Santos - Residents of El Burro Heights have raised concerns over the recent influx in illegal street racing taking place in their city. Large crowds of people are gathering late at night to participate in drag racing on the empty and wide-lane industrial roads. According to reports, the illegal street racing is happening on a regular basis, and the crowds are getting bigger every week. Local residents have reported loud engines, screeching tires, and honking horns, disturbing the peace and causing safety concerns. The Los Santos Sheriff's Department has acknowledged the issue and has stepped up patrols in the area. They have also called on the community to report any suspicious activity they may witness. "We take illegal street racing seriously, and we want to make sure that our community is safe," said a Los Santos Sherriff's Deputy. "We have increased patrols in the area and have been working closely with neighboring law enforcement agencies to address the issue." In addition to the noise and safety concerns, the illegal street racing is also damaging the roads and causing environmental issues. Burnouts and other reckless driving behaviors are causing damage to the asphalt, which is costly to repair. The Los Santos City Council has also expressed their concern over the issue and is considering implementing new measures to combat the problem. Possible solutions include installing speed bumps or rumble strips on the affected roads, increasing fines for illegal street racing, and using technology such as license plate readers to identify and track offenders. "We are committed to finding a solution to this issue," said El Burro Heights Community Representative Mike Gramby. "We will continue to work with the Sherriff's department and the community to ensure that our city remains a safe and peaceful place to live." Residents of El Burro Heights, Cypress Flats and Murrieta Heights are urged to report any suspicious activity related to illegal street racing to the police department. Anyone caught participating in illegal street racing could face fines, vehicle impoundment, and even criminal charges. FOLLOW US ONLINE FOR LIVE UPDATES: HTTPS://SOSANSENTINEL.ORG/LIVE-UPDATES CLICK HERE TO COMMENT BELOW, TELL US HOW YOU FEEL! USERNAME: COMMENT:
  8. Justine Harlow is a 19 year old born and raised by a single mother in El Burro Heights. At 16 her mother married a Mormon widow and moved to Mirror Park. Justine finished high school there, leaving LS for college. She failed out her sophomore year due to attendance and returned to Los Santos seeking refugee with her family.
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