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Found 2 results

  1. Short description: Admin-forced /vscrap on street racer/negligent driver's character's vehicles or a cooldown timer (thanks charles + the others for that idea!) if they're involved in a major MVA (beyond repair) that's due to their own driving. Detailed description: An enforced rule or precedent set that would see to negligent drivers being actually punished for negligent driving beyond having to /vpark their vehicle for a day and /vget it when the people involved in the accident aren't around later. Essentially, if someone is street racing, speeding, or otherwise driving like a complete maniac without regard for their own life, they should at least stand to lose their precious 'maxed out' street-rod they're so apt to brakeboost through town in. With the implementation of 1.1, excuses such as 'you weren't there on my screen' or 'desync' are becoming less feasible, meaning this suggestion might actually be do-able. (Yes I'm aware there are still sync issues. Never claimed it was flawless!) Commands to add: N/A. Items to add: N/A. How would your suggestion improve the server? Actually give players who have seven cars and one million in the bank something to consider when they mash W through town driving like the server's GTA Online. If players were held to the standard that there were, indeed, repercussions to slamming their vehicle into someone else's, a wall, a pole, or any other solid object not agreeable they might opt to race in more realistic locations and drive more carefully. Unfortunately, many of the players who engage in this sort of activity aren't here for character development, they're here to flaunt their assets. Issuing them a forced injury or even a CK would be ineffectual, as they'd simply timeskip or namechange to continue the same sort of behavior. Therefore, I think totaling out their car either permanently or for a few days as a form of IC repercussions for their actions is appropriate and could be more effective. Additional information: Not really needed.
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