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Found 16 results

  1. Campese's Trattoria is a small Italian restaurant that offers a calm ambiance and appetizing food. We strive for quality over quantity and want to make sure that each customer has the best experience possible! To do this, we need hard-working cooks and friendly servers. We're hiring indefinitely! Come for the money, stay for the community. We offer a great pay rate, flexible hours, and reliable management! Contact Diana Carlsdotter at [email protected] (forum PM) or call at 11400! If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, then please share them below this post. We will get back to you as soon as possible with a helpful answer.
  2. Giovanni's Trattoria is offering multiple job opportunities to hard workers with a passion for food! These positions range from chefs who are crafty in the kitchen to waiters who can adapt easily to our customers' needs. Experience is not required, but is highly encouraged. Waiters and waitresses will be in charge of taking orders, delivering food, and bringing customers their bills. We expect you to be kind and cordial toward every patron, even when it involves removing someone from the building. Because the customers will be paying the waiting staff for their food, you will be in charge of sharing that money with your coworkers at the end of the shift. You are allowed to keep your $4,000/hr salary AND any tips, but the cash you and your fellow waiter are given will be divided between the waiters, the chef, and the host. Cooks are expected to have a thorough knowledge of the basics of cooking. With orders flooding in, prepare to be quick on your feet! Orders will be delivered to you by the waiting staff or the person working behind the bar. Giovanni's Trattoria prioritizes quality over quantity, and we do our best to make sure the customer is fed top-quality food. Do some research on classic Italian cuisine, because our menu is a flashback to Italy! You will be cooking pastas to pizzas, so you'd better bring an apron! The pay is a basic $4,000/hr salary plus tips and the cash that the waiting staff gives you. Hosts and hostesses are in charge of greeting customers, seating them, giving them menus, and enforcing the dress code. You are expected to be welcoming and friendly to the customers as if they are your friends. However, if the customer isn't wearing the appropriate clothes, then you will be expected to notify and remove them. The job is simple, but can be quite busy! You will be paid $4,000/hr plus tips and the cash that the waiting staff give you. And last but not least, the restaurant manager. This position is crucial when it comes to organizing openings. It is a great responsibility to take on, so be wary; if you're not consistent, this may not be the job for you. The duties of a restaurant manager include: scheduling openings, hiring new staff, supervising staff, and restocking ingredients. You will be behind the counter for all of the shift, providing drinks for the orders and making sure the cook knows what to prepare. You will be paid $4,000/hr and 75% of the profits from the business bank. Apply today! Contact Paul at #281-3308 or at [email protected] ((Forum PM Gore))
  3. About us Situated on the western coast of Los Santos, Pacific Bluffs is the ideal spot to escape the city and experience the relaxation with the help of our staff, services and of course the scenic landscape. The private beach is just a couple steps away from the pool, thus allowing our guests to decide where they prefer to be spending their time, while ensuring that the Resort staff is still properly tending to their needs and wishes. Many other activities and points of interest are available as part of our Resort. Location Just off the west coast of Los Santos on the Great Ocean Highway, with a parking lot accessible for guests and members. Contact E-Mail: [email protected] (( @[email protected]@Robby )) Facebrowser Website: https://face.gta.world/pages/BeachResort Main businesses page: Pacific Bluffs - Beach Resort Hiring advertisements: Pacific Bluffs - Beach Resort - Hiring Services Down below you will find a wide variety of different services the Pacfic Bluffs Beach resort provides: Pool Bar One of the main attractions, the pool bar offers our guests the best experience anyone could get in Los Santos. The pool is large enough for X people to leisurely bathe. Also, a shallow round pool is available for those that wish to cool off and enjoy a cocktail in the sun. While the main specialization of the bar revolves around cocktails, other drinks are also available. Private Beach On the shore bordering the hotel area, a designated natural bathing area operates seasonally, depending on the weather. Several activities will be available for those enjoying a more active approach. Activities include, but are not limited to, ski jetting, enduro and quad bike tracks, seaplane tours, volleyball, contests etc. Indoor pool and spa Enjoy our indoor pool and spa area. We at the Pacific Bluffs Beach Resort also offer our wellness area for the colder months during the year. We have a massage area, alongside a relaxing and calm area for all our members and patrons during our public openings. Lounge Rest and recuperation in the middle of the facility. Plenty of seats just next to an indoor bar, for our guests to take a break and relax inside. A billiards table is available, free of charge for those willing to use it. Restaurant The best place to enjoy the ocean view along with the finest cuisine our Resort can offer. Our guests can choose between doing it outside or inside, as our restaurant is also holding a large terrace for a more direct approach to the ocean’s breeze. Outdoor Sports Along with the beach volleyball field, four tennis courts and one basketball court are available for our guests to use. Book the resort for a private event We, the Pacific Bluffs Beach resort also offer possible customers to book the resort for private events, such as weddings, cooperative events or party events. Prices are varying from season of the year, alongside multiple other factors. If you are interesting in renting the resort for your event, send an inquiry to per e-mail directly to [email protected] (( @[email protected]@Robby)) Important to note is that members who have acquired a membership, are permitted to stay throughout their membership period and may use the resort 24/7. Though if an event is booked, management will make sure to inform our guests of its time and date. Membership Membership at our resort offers a plethora of different opportunities! At a monthly rate of just $20,000 you will have access to everything the resort offers: Free drinks at both the outdoor bar & restaurants during your stay (public openings excluded). Free meals at the restaurant during openings (public openings excluded). No daily fee required when entering the resort. 24/7 free access to the outdoor sport area. 24/7 Pool and private beach access. Permission to bring a non-member as a guest, when it was cleared up with management (this shouldn't be the normality). For membership sign-ups, please fill up the following form and send it to [email protected] (( http://gg.gg/o6zuq )) In return, we'll send you the contract containing the terms and conditions for you to sign and become a member! Keep in mind that we reserve the right to select our customers. (( This applies on an OOC side just as much as the IC. A very poor record will most likely have your application denied. )) Rules We reserve the right to select our customers. Pet friendly. However, we'll ask our members to notify us before bringing their pets on our grounds. (Some may be denied.) Any age to access and use our facilities, but minors have to be accompanied by an adult (under 16). Must be 21+ however to access the drinks bar. A level of etiquette is required when at the resort, behave appropriately. Staff are also not to face harassment and their instructions are to be adhered to or there shall be consequences. Swimming while being intoxicated is strictly forbidden. Upon entering the property grounds, you automatically agree to these terms and may be subject to removal by security if they’re deemed to be broken. Hospitality (Members Only) When in possession of the Pacific Bluffs Beach Resort membership, you are also able to book a room right at our resort. $1.000 per night $5.000 per week $15.000 per month Send a form to [email protected] (( http://gg.gg/o6zv4 )) Members may invite a non-member to share the room, however they're directly reponsible for their actions. Hiring The Pacific Bluffs Beach resort is actively looking for employees. We are selecting only the best of the best, to provide the best service possible for our members throughout the week and our patrons during our public openings. You are being offered a regulary and well situated salary with regular bonuses if applicable for hard dedication to the resort. As an employee of the resort you will be reporting directly to the Chief Operating Officers which can be approached anytime. Fill out the following form: [email protected] (( http://gg.gg/o6zuz )) - if you are interested in becoming a part of our team. If you have any questions, feel free to send an e-mail directly to [email protected] (( @[email protected]@Robby)) Give us your feedback or leave a comment on our page: The Pacific Bluffs Beach Resort cares very much about everyone's feedback. Please leave us a rating as well if you are happy with our services. If there is a problem, we would be happy to find out why, so we can ensure that you, or someone else will have a much better stay within our resort. Username: Rating: (⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐) Comment:
  4. Giovanni's Trattoria is hiring hosts, servers, and chefs for its bi-weekly openings. Competitive pay and discounts available. Please email [email protected] or [email protected] to schedule an interview. ((forum PM: Mei_ or cactus | Discord Message: Mei#9377 or cactus#5116))
  5. LETTUCE BE is the ONLY vegetarian restaurant located in Del Perro. We make vegetarian only food and use only freshest of vegetables from the best local farms of Los Santos. Our staff is experienced and extremely professional. But we are still looking to expand and still HIRING. FOR MORE INFORMATION AND RESERVATIONS CONTACT: [email protected] ((Forum Pm)) Phone number: 8606762 Facebrowser
  6. The Split Kipper Fish Restaurant is hiring! Anyone wishing to dine here will be able to make reservations or walk in and be seated if there is space! We are currently looking for staff! Positions and requirements are as shown: Manager: Having prior managing experience is desirable . As a Manager your job will be to open and close the restaurant for when the owner is not available, you will be tasked with making sure everything is going how it should, and dealing with any customer complaints or requests. On top of this you will be in charge of the staff working at the time, should they have a problem it will become your problem. Chef: Preferably have experience preparing fish dishes or willing to learn, good English. As a chef you will be in the kitchen preparing the food orders, this can be a stressful job is the place becomes busy, so be aware of that. Waitress x3: Preferably customer service experience although not mandatory, good English is mandatory. As a waiter/waitress your job will be to show customers to their seats, hand out menus, take orders and payments, and to deliver food from the kitchen to the customers. If Interested in any of these roles please phone #5102217 or as an alternative email [email protected](Forum PM). An interview will be conducted, only then will pay and bonuses be discussed. The menu at the moment is as shown below.
  7. Rex's Diner Davis Quartz & Senora Way [GPS] For inquires, call ☎️3435 or email [email protected] ((forum pm @chaosone))
  8. HashMush


    Pearl's fine seafood is an upscale fine dining establishment opened in June of 2020. Our focus is to provide a memorable experience alongisde fine cuisine using locally caught fish, and utilizing nearby farms and farmers to create delectable, seasonal French-American dishes. Book your tables for our next opening [Thursday 9th of July 8:00 PM] E-mail one of our hosts at the following e-mail address; [email protected] (( @Bloodseeker )) Pearl's is a seasonal restaurant, so the Dinner Menu changes often. Our menu will not reflect future lunch/brunch menus or future seasonal changes. We locally source our ingredients and work with small farms and butchers to bring the finest dishes. This method of cycling is not only important for variety, but it is essential for our local economy.
  9. “Italian-American favorites, like mama used to make.” Joining the landscape of the Los Santos food scene is the newly opened Giovanni’s Trattoria. Located on Bay City Avenue on the corner of Sandcastle Way in Del Perro, Giovanni’s offers true Italian-American comfort food and flavors of the old country without the pressures of haute cuisine. Giovanni’s is proud to provide the community a variety of pizzas and pasta dishes that will allow you to tap into the rich tapestry of Italian-American cuisine, leaving you with a full belly, a full heart and without a three hundred dollar bill. Sourcing all ingredients from local farms/producers within the counties of Los Santos, Giovanni’s Trattoria makes supporting the food producers of our beautiful state their number one goal and mission. That, combined with incredible customer service, an entertaining atmosphere and delicious selection of menu items, promise to bring you back time and time again. Join us every Sunday for “Giovanni’s Sunday Gravy” - A bowl of handmade linguine dressed with our own tomato gravy. For inquiries about private catering and other needs, feel free to contact restaurant owner Roy Capra at 888-5877.
  10. Short description: Adding menu popups for businesses, alike the ones in /help Detailed description: For businesses that run with an RP menu, most of them have it posted over FaceBrowser and then when customers come in, they just repeat the same RP line to ensure people know what it says. I was looking over the various /help options and realised it was opening a popup webpage from the forums. There is also a similar system within the LSPD and LSFD where their badge can popup on your screen. If businesses were allowed to upload an image of their menu to display to people who come in to the building after executing the quick /pmenu command then they wouldn't have to spam the orders. As this is something that is covered by the new note system, it might get repetitive to continue creating the same item. People don't exactly go to restaurants and leave with the menus so having it as an available command for people who come inside might be more useful. This could also be something that takes up x amount of components if implemented. Commands to add: /pmenu Items to add: N/A How would your suggestion improve the server?: This is a very minor change and I don't think the change would make drastic changes to the server but it sure would make working a bar/business a whole lot easier when the traffic coming through the door is more demand than you can handle all at once. This enables people to have their own little role-play around what the business is actually offering towards people instead of people having to guess what they're asking for. This is specifically beneficial for businesses that are selling unique items as this is something they have to put across to the receiving party and can't just have them guess. Within interiors, when there is a lot going on, the chat can be flooded. Within specific businesses that have these issues, there is usually a repeated role-play line being spammed to ensure that everyone who is coming in can also see what is being offered. This can really get in the way of role-play and I think that having something that they can use and is visible to only themselves will help cut down on the spam even just a little, making it beneficial. Additional information: Example of a menu popup:
  11. RESTAURANT FOR SALE General information: Starting price: $300,000 Market price: $230,000 (does not include the extra two rooms) Weight capacity: +100,000 Current owner: Lyanna Salvatore Phone number: #3515239 For more information contact the owner via e-mail. EXTERIOR INTERIOR 1. Main Area 2. Kitchen / Staff-room 3. Office
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