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  • Los Santos Golf Club's Brooks Koepka wins 2019 PGA Championship

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Found 13 results

  1. About us Situated on the western coast of Los Santos, Pacific Bluffs is the ideal spot to escape the city and experience the relaxation with the help of our staff, services and of course the scenic landscape. The private beach is just a couple steps away from the pool, thus allowing our guests to decide where they prefer to be spending their time, while ensuring that the Resort staff is still properly tending to their needs and wishes. Many other activities and points of interest are available as part of our Resort. Location Just off the west coast of Los Santo
  2. LETTUCE BE is the ONLY vegetarian restaurant located in Del Perro. We make vegetarian only food and use only freshest of vegetables from the best local farms of Los Santos. Our staff is experienced and extremely professional. But we are still looking to expand and still HIRING. FOR MORE INFORMATION AND RESERVATIONS CONTACT: [email protected] ((Forum Pm)) Phone number: 8606762 Facebrowser
  3. The Split Kipper Fish Restaurant is hiring! Anyone wishing to dine here will be able to make reservations or walk in and be seated if there is space! We are currently looking for staff! Positions and requirements are as shown: Manager: Having prior managing experience is desirable . As a Manager your job will be to open and close the restaurant for when the owner is not available, you will be tasked with making sure everything is going how it should, and dealing with any customer complaints or requests. On top of this you will be in charg
  4. Rex's Diner Davis Quartz & Senora Way [GPS] For inquires, call ☎️3435 or email [email protected] ((forum pm @chaosone))
  5. HashMush


    Pearl's fine seafood is an upscale fine dining establishment opened in June of 2020. Our focus is to provide a memorable experience alongisde fine cuisine using locally caught fish, and utilizing nearby farms and farmers to create delectable, seasonal French-American dishes. Book your tables for our next opening [Thursday 9th of July 8:00 PM] E-mail one of our hosts at the following e-mail address; [email protected] (( @Bloodseeker )) Pearl's is a seasonal restaurant, so the Dinner Menu changes often. Our menu will not reflect future lunch/brunch men
  6. “Italian-American favorites, like mama used to make.” Joining the landscape of the Los Santos food scene is the newly opened Giovanni’s Trattoria. Located on Bay City Avenue on the corner of Sandcastle Way in Del Perro, Giovanni’s offers true Italian-American comfort food and flavors of the old country without the pressures of haute cuisine. Giovanni’s is proud to provide the community a variety of pizzas and pasta dishes that will allow you to tap into the rich tapestry of Italian-American cuisine, leaving you with a full belly, a full heart and without a
  7. Short description: Adding menu popups for businesses, alike the ones in /help Detailed description: For businesses that run with an RP menu, most of them have it posted over FaceBrowser and then when customers come in, they just repeat the same RP line to ensure people know what it says. I was looking over the various /help options and realised it was opening a popup webpage from the forums. There is also a similar system within the LSPD and LSFD where their badge can popup on your screen. If businesses were allowed to upload an image of their menu to display to people who come in to t
  8. RESTAURANT FOR SALE General information: Starting price: $300,000 Market price: $230,000 (does not include the extra two rooms) Weight capacity: +100,000 Current owner: Lyanna Salvatore Phone number: #3515239 For more information contact the owner via e-mail. EXTERIOR INTERIOR 1. Main Area 2. Kitchen / Staff-room 3. Office
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