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Found 7 results

  1. ELENA LUMIERE Appearance Personality Traits -White -Stubborn -Female -Kind -Red hair -Humble -Brown eyes -Ambitious -160lbs -Gentle -Medium Fit -Critical & Analysing Character background Elena Lumiere, daughter of a nurse and a surgeon. The girl who found herself in Los Santos as a student that was sinking in college loan, homeless and studying under a light at the PD station. Her story begins in Paris, France 2010. That year was the year that shaped her forever. A terrorist attack led by a terrorist organization, left her without family. It was the year she was supposed to go to high school. The only family she had left was her uncle in Japan. He took her in during the three years of her high school. She then was offered a scholarship in LS, from the ULSA, to study Psychology. Thinking that a rising opportunity she accepted it. After the first year, she started spending what she had planned to last for 6 years. Well here is the problem. She was not even close to what she thought living in LS would cost her. At the end of the 2nd year of BA, she was completely dry and forced to take student loans. Yet she thought it’s fine. “I can work a job or two, and survive” she told herself. Well no! It was more like three or four jobs. Nobody would give a student full payment. In game events. Career Elena was close to finish her studies for Phd in Psyhcology, and all needed was on last push. Lucky for her, the restaurant owner she worked at, knew a person who would hire Elena. That person is doctor Shalimar Joy, owner of Hope Health Clinic. Elena worked there as an intern until she finished studies, and after that she had begun to work full time. Having all her sacrifices pay out, Elena finally had a stable job as a psychologist at the clinic. Didn't take long before she become one of the most valuable and productive members of the team. She devoted her life to helping people who struggled with mental health issues. After being witness to so many people in need for mental health counseling she thought of having more assistance and work on a big project. One month later she applied for a vacancy in the government as psychologist. She was the lucky one out of many people who applied for the job position and get accepted. When everyone else failed the application she successfully nailed it. To this day she is yet the only Psychologist who was successful in the government application, probably due to her outstanding performance or setting the bar too high for anyone else who wishes to join. Anyway, after successfully joining the government she immediately jumped into action. She began developing a campaign to raise awarness for mental health. With the assistance of Hope Health Clinic, and also with the help of the government she launched her campaign. She is now granted permission to use the Western District Hall to hold seminars. She is holding classes and inviting people on an open doors meeting with the community, where she educates and informs people about mental health, and helps them overcome their problem at the best of her abilities. Lately the government has been in a dormant state and it's starting to worry Elena for her future a little bit. Personal life, Friends and Family After finally having a stable career, she had some time to spare for herself. During her time working for the government, she met with a guy from the finance department called Marcus Cambridge. They've spent a lot of time together these past months and only recently, Elena moved in to live with Marcus at his house in Mirror Park. They are currently in love and looking towards the future. One of her best friends turned out to be the woman who hired her, Shalimar Joy. They're both quite busy with work, but never lose sight of each other, trying to find ways to spend more time out of work together with more and more friends. Another friend she treasures is Daquan and also his girlfriend Tracy. Despite being like a third wheel when around those two, she never felt like one. They're really kind and care for each other. The future of this character will be posted in the form of screenshots but the text will updated.
  2. --Mikhail Kostomarov-- Name: Mikhail Lastname: Kostomarov Birthdate: 1994-03-25 Birthplace: Russia - Yekaterinburg Hobbies: Fishing, shooting, hunting. Interests: Business, politics, cars, city-life, illegal business. Strengths: Shows little emotions, focused on his future, humble, strong, straight forward. Weakness: Family, his past haunting him, anger managment issues. Height: 6''3 ft. Weight: 205 lbs. --STORY-- I was born in Russia, probably the most controversial country in the whole world. My life started in the slums and apartament blocks of Yekaterinburg, my early life was fun and enjoyable, I played outside and had many friends, although having my parents fight and bicker everyday didn't help me. When I grew up and went to school I was an angry and depressed child, I pushed away any friends and relationships that was there for me and decided to stay alone in my life, family was the number one thing for me. Being angry pushed me to things I'm not happy or proud to remember. In school I got into many fights and arguments with other students, got kicked out of two schools and my parents didn't know what to do with me. My father beated me and whipped me with a belt to make me more responsible and respect authority. That didn't help, that made me lash out more in my social life and have more problems. High-school was the worst time in my life, my anger issues and arguments carried over to high-school where people were bigger, older and stronger than me. I got bullied, beaten and destroyed mentally in and out of school, I never got invited to many parties, never got called to go out in malls to do shopping. I turned to alochol and smoking at a young age, because at that time I thought that would help me. At this age, my family got really concered for me because I wouldn't go to classes, would sit at home and do nothing all day. One day my father realized, his aggresive demeanor didn't help me and brought me down even more. One night before sleep, he came into my room and brought a bottle of whiskey, placed it down and said to me come drink with me and talk. I was shy and scared to drink with my father, I was scared I would get beaten and shouted at. My dad grabbed my arm and sat me down next to him and poured me a drink. He said ,,Son, I know you've been drinking and smoking, ruining your life, I was in the same place when I was young, my life wasn't good, I didn't have a father that would help me or put me in my place, I wanted to talk to you because I want you to trust your family and tell your problems to me, we'll help and you'll fix yourself." That was the moment which thought me family is everything, family is the only thing you can trust and seek for help. After that, I told my father what is going on, he introduced me to his friends which were powerful men in our city and had a job and a future for me. They were a part of the Russian Mafia, they brought me in, thought me business and how it should be done, I dropped out of high-school, went into work with the mafia and became a trusted man for them. I drived them around, looked out for the police. But one day, I saw something that was always hidden from me, it was how they made money, what they done every single day of their lives. I saw prostitution, homicide, drugs and that draw me further away from them. They noticed that and started to get rid of me from their business, knowing what can happen to me I decided to run and got all the money I could get and flew to Canada, from there I drove through the border, got lucky and didn't get checked and here was United States of America. My english was bad, it was hard for me to fit in, I found a job as a bartender and lived of it in my small rotten apartament in Michigan. I couldn't live like this, I decided to bring all the learning I got from the mafia and started to sell drugs around the city, established connections and friends around the city. Eventually after I got money and stood on my feet, got a nice house and a car, clothes that could bring attention to me, I was introduced to a woman of my dreams. She was an beautiful american and she made me go mad for her, I wanted her attention her love and just her. We went out to dates, kissed and had a time of our lives. We became girlfriend and boyfriend, we moved in together and started to live for us and not others. Life was beautiful but it was soon to change. One day after work, I drove back to my house, to notice the door unlocked, I entered my home, quiet beacause that's how I am. I was shocked to see other male shoes and clothes all around our house, I slowly walked through the house and made it to our bedroom door. I opened and saw the love of my life, having sex with an another man, that broke me, I went to the kitchen and grabbed my baseball bat, went back up to our bedroom and started beating the man. He screamed and cried for help, I've beaten him to a pulp, he wasn't breathing or moving anymore. My hands were shaking and then I turned to the girl. I looked at her with an ice cold face, sweat dripping down my nose, I tossed the bat straight into her face and ran out the house. The same day I rushed out the city and just drove for two days straight, didn't stop. I stopped at an airport and got a flight to a random location on the board. The location was LOS SANTOS.
  3. Height 5 '10" Weight 147.1lb Body Type Ectomorph with a bit of mesomorph. (Slim with a bit of muscle to the body) Hair Brown Eyes Light brown Race Caucasian Birthplace Paleto Bay, San Andreas DOB April 22, 1987 Nationality American Alias John, Johnny, Jon, or J Past Occupations Independent Real Estate Agent, Miner, business owner, Interior Architect/Designer. Past businesses The Mighty Bush, The Doppler Cinema, Pitchers... Ups Deep thinker, motivated individual that can organize and set goals, financial experience, consistent sometimes, decent communication, calm in some situations. Downs Issues with trusting people, depressing or even suicide thoughts, emotionally soft or unstable sometimes. Backstory Episode Log
  4. "My heroes are those who risk their lives every day to protect our world and make it a better place - police, firefighters and members of our armed forces." "If you think people are inherently good, you get rid of the police for 24 hours - see what happens." "Police officers put the badge on every morning, not knowing for sure if they'll come home at night to take it off."
  5. Name: Lazzaro Giuseppe Corvotti Age: Thirty-eight (38) Date of Birth: 15th of March, 1979 Place of Birth: Valentia, Calabria, Italy Nationality: White – Italian-American Criminal Convictions: Loan Sharking, Assault & Battery. Criminal Charges: Racketeering & Attempted Murder. Date of Sentence: 13th of August, 2008 Sentence began: 13th of August, 2008 Parole date: October, 2017 Lazzaro Giuseppe Corvotti was born on the 15th of March, 1979 in Italy, the city of Valentia. Both of his parents were of Italian origin, although his father worked on freighters and often traveled to America. By the time Lazzaro finished primary school in 1992, his mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, which proved to be fatal. At the age of 13, this would go on to twist Lazzaro's sense of morality at a young age. That same year, Lazzaro lost his mother. Lazzaro and his father came to the United States that year, to visit their American relatives in Chicago after the tragedy, but new opportunities rose for Lazzaro’s father. Cipriano got into contact with members of the Chicago outfit. Lazzaro's new Americanized name started to catch, people started to call him "Little Larry." Everyone knew "Little Larry" as Cirpriano's kid. His father's decision to stay in America and get involved with the criminal enterprise was for Larry's well-being. He choose to stay in the United States for a long period of time. Although he started out as a trusted accomplice to the mobsters, Cipriano became a gambling addict, and wasted most of the family’s money. This destroyed Lazzaro’s future education, and they lost so much money that they couldn’t afford to go back to the home country. Haunted by depression, his gambling addiction and fear of consequence, Cipriano committed suicide, leaving his barely adult son alone to fend for himself. "Little Larry" was now an Italian American orphan at the age of 18, in Chicago. The language barrier made Lazzaro disconnected from morality. Only 5 years into what seemed to be a new life, turned into a living breathing Hell for young Larry. And when it came time to pay the Piper, Lazzaro was staring in the eyes of the men who drove his father to commit the dastardly act of suicide. They were sympathetic, but Lazzaro did not connect with that. They were genuinely sad for Lazzaro, and many men offered to take him in as an adopted son in their family. Lazzaro refused. The cliché sorrow was short lived in Lazzaro's world, as his entire sense of security was now destroyed. He had instead made a different decision. While being faced with sorrow and sympathy, he took it upon himself at the age of 18 to demand to know who his father worked with. After making room, members of the Chicago outfit were able to get young Larry introduced to the soldier his father owed money to and earned for at the same time. Larry looked this man in the face, the embodiment of rage in the flesh. With a sneer and a sourpuss, Lazzaro demanded a job from the man, with what little English he spoke. A translator gave Lazzaro instructions translated into Italian. At the age of 18, young orphaned Larry was now an associate in the Chicago outfit. Only 3 years went by... Lazzaro turned 21. Lazzaro would collect payments from local businessmen who have been extorted around the area. He was also given money to lay beatdowns on people in the neighborhood who have wronged the family or tried the family's patience. Lazzaro developed the attitude of a withdrawn, angry young man. A very frightening and angry young adult, working for the ruthless and infamous Chicago outfit. By the time Larry turned 21, he was called upon by the soldier to do a hit. Lazzaro was told if he does this, he won't ever have to do it again. A local robber had stole drug money from his soldier, and he was tasked with making an example out of the robber. As anyone could imagine and as everyone would expect, Larry carried out that order with magnificence. Too much magnificence, while we're on the topic. Lazzaro murdered this robber so brutally and so gruesomely, when the feds found the body there was a news report that this could be the start of a new serial killer Saga, and they were convinced there was a new serial killer on the loose. Lazzaro Corvotti ripped the man's eyeballs out of his head. Lazzaro cut off the man's ears. And Lazzaro also cut out the man's tongue, after he had done his worst. Lazzaro left the man's corpse in a very open, very public area in Chicago. The Chicago Children's Museum. While the job was completed, this terrified the soldier who told Lazzaro to do the job. He paid Lazzaro for his services and instructed him to leave Chicago. It turns out that the murder was far too high profile for his liking, and he will not punish Lazzaro for his sick gruesome kill. But instead, he referred him to an old contact that went by the name of Martin Langella, a captain in the Luppino Crime Organization in Nebraska. Lazzaro understood and made his way down to Nebraska to be officially taken in, by reference. When he got there, it was the year 2000. Lazzaro was able to meet Martin Langella. He was introduced to Leonard Cicciarello when he was a soldier, and was told that he will be reporting to Leonard for the next coming years. That very same year, Martin Langella was struck and killed by an intoxicated driver on methamphetamine. The ranks were reformed and Leonard was promoted to "captain" on behalf of the recent news. Lazzaro treated Leonard with a passive aggressive attitude, and Leonard paid it no mind. Without learning his story he expected his kick up every week and sort of treated Lazzaro like a lesser being. Lazzaro was already clouded with too much anger of his own to let something that petty bother him. So after being redirected to a new soldier who occupied Leonard's new crew, Lazzaro got back to work. 8 years under the Cicciarello crew. Lazzaro would attempt to forget his life in Italy and his life in Chicago, and all it would do is turn him into an even sourer person. Lazzaro began to engage in Loansharking in 2000, and made a serious name for himself over the course of 8 years. He turned the $3,000 his father left behind in 1997, into a solid $340k by the end of that quarter in 2008. As a result of this, Lazzaro was inducted at a young age into the Luppino Crime Family, 29 years old. It was a good eight years, for Lazzaro, until one day a man under Larry's thumb decided to tell him to go fuck himself because he had some newfound Irish friends in Omaha. Federal authorities caught onto Lazzaro's antics and it wasn't long before they had ears on him. Lazzaro was caught on wiretaps threatening to kill the man on his landline phone. A few weeks into the feds jotting down charges on Lazzaro, they get a call from the local police department, informing them that they have just arrested Lazzaro Corvotti at the victim's house. The man's face was burned to a second degree and was a victim of a horrible facial beatdown. Investigators and medical professionals say that the beating was so bad, it would certainly earn the man a court settlement. During the trial, it has been uncovered that Lazzaro held the man's head in his own sink, filled with hot water, nearly drowning and killing the man. The victim would go on to explain how Lazzaro was a member of the Italian Mafia in Omaha, and has been giving people loans with the mafia's money for years now, since he's arrived. New charges were filed during the court case, attempted murder & racketeering. Lazzaro's life seemed over at this very point in time, he was facing up to 65 years in prison if all the charges stuck, which is essentially a life sentence. Even then, the look on his face remained the same. After the trial, Lazzaro was given one last offer by the district attorneys. One last chance to surrender and come clean. He was offered a plea deal on attempted murder and racketeering charges if he plead guilty to Assault and Battery in the first degree and loansharking. He accepted the offer and was convicted on both charges. He was sentenced to 9 years in prison and hauled off to Nebraska State Penitentiary where he'd go on to spend the next 9 years of his life. In 2012, Leonard Cicciarello was reunited with Lazzaro in Nebraska State Penitentiary, after Leonard was convicted on Money Laundering and Fraud charges. Though Nebraska State was a medium to low level security prison, there was still drama. By this time, Larry had already spent 4 years inside, and had established a name for himself as a bad man. But on the bright side, Lazzaro picked up the Bible and started to morally rebuild himself as a man in a rehabilitative correctional facility. Lazzaro swore an oath to protect all members of the family before he was put away, and Leonard was no exception although he was his superior. But now, Lazzaro took the reigns. Lazzaro welcomed Leonard with open arms but there were rules. Lazzaro told Cici that while they were "inside," he was the one who ran the show. Larry stared into Leonard's eyes, with that old, shark eyed gaze he's been known to have. Without any argument, Leonard agreed. Leonard became his old associate's "bitch" for lack of a better term for the next five years, but was extended the courtesy any made man would deserve. Lazzaro did not ever hurt Leonard or encroach on Leonard's personal space or endeavors. Although Leonard was considered an inferior to Lazzaro on the inside, they got along like equals. For the first time in his life, Lazzaro started to know Leonard as a humble man. He didn't fight over rank on the inside, and Lazzaro truly respected the passiveness. Over the course of the next 5 years, they would go on to survive Nebraska State Penitentiary and leave unscathed thanks to Lazzaro's leadership. They were released just a month apart from each other in 2017. After Lazzaro was finally released in October, he was a free man, back on the streets of Omaha. While they were on the inside, rumors of their bosses and board members have been that they are withering away, and losing a very serious covert war with the Biase organization. He came home to nothing, couldn't even find Leonard. After asking old friends and following breadcrumbs for a short week, Larry learned that Leonard had moved to Los Santos to start a new life. What Larry learned when he got to Los Santos was, what Leonard was actually up to. He got in contact with Leonard and they met up in a local bar around the way in Mirror Park. He would come to learn that while he was inside, the people who accepted Lazzaro into the family have been incarcerated for life. He would not be inside to protect them and he will be forced to start a new life. Until Leonard made clear that there was a new boss in town. Sure enough, Lazzaro's protectorate was now the boss of the Luppino Crime Family. He was immediately praised for his hospitality in Nebraska State Penitentiary and was immediately offered a job as captain. Leonard promised to have Lazzaro's back on the outside as he would've before the prison issues. But this time, Larry's much higher up on the food chain. "The Luppino Family will rise once more" he said, in his broken English dialect. The duo shook hands and took to the streets as partners once more. Today, Lazzaro Corvotti is a captain in the broken down Luppino Crime Family, helping Leonard Cicciarello reorganize and re-established in Los Santos. Lazzaro has a less angry and more mysterious behavior now, after 9 years in prison. And nobody knows him as the man he once was. He goes on to live his life with his demons, but has decided to keep them silent for now in the most crucial time for the family. The new beginning.
  6. serah


    The sky was dark, and broken. Just like the world it covered. Nobody ever thinks of death, not really. We imagine it as just something that happens to other people, something distant and far away. Mass shootings, car accidents, racially motivated crimes. These are just items on the news; something to distract us while we eat our bleeter burgers. It was a cold morning when she died. The sun couldn't have been bothered to keep her warm while she expired on the pavement. We like to imaging our deaths as something we have a say in,-- something we get to decide. The truth is, Jane had no more idea this was going to happen than she knew what to get for lunch. Death waits for nobody. Death is not a luxury, or a gift. Death is a thief in the night, stealing currency we know not how to spend. Late into the night, Jane was working a case. Not unusual for her, as she had pushed any inkling of a social life away along with her fiance when she accepted her promotion. "This will change everything for you, Jane." The words ringed in her head for months afterwards; her Director had barely spoken to her during her entire four years in that agency outside of half hearted 'hello's and weekly meetings, but was suddenly interested in promoting her to special agent. A part of her, the part that doesn't allow anything altruistic to exist in her world, weighed the possibility that her promotion may have just been a stunt to add diveristy. She ignored it, because it conflicted with her forced sense of self confidence and duty. Besides, none of the usual boxes were ticked; Her mother was only half Japanese and there was already a woman in that department. She pulled into the lot, her Bravado Buffalo rumbling quietly as she brought it to heel in the gravel space close to the road next to the house. The old structure was shaped like an arrow head, though the vagrants no doubt occupying it were anything but sharp. The many exterior windows appeared boarded up, across all three floors, using cheap particle board and trash bags, the sign of a real classy establishment. Jane took hold of her car door handle, keeping her eyes fixed on the front of the building. This was bound to be just the latest in a series of false leads into the kidnapping of an Army Officer's infant, Jessica Taylor. Since the media began spinning their own nonsense about the case, dozens of false leads pour in every day. All we really had was a missing baby, some worthless CCTV footage, and a rightfully hysterical mother. Usually with these cases before you can say 'Sibling Father Mother Aunt Uncle Grandparent Neighbor', you've found your kidnapper.-- But this one was different. A true crime of opportunity; snatched in broad daylight by an unknown woman in a shopping centre. This being the second year since she started working the case, it was beginning to occur to Jane that she may have been assigned it as a cruel form of punishment, forced to pursue leads that go nowhere for the rest of her career. The thought was pushed to the back of her mind, pulling the door handle and pushing the door away from her with a firm thrust. The door creaked quietly in protest, as if a quiet screaming reminder that her long nights pursuing leads have prevented her from routine maintenance. Her boots dug into the gravel as she stepped out of the safety of her steel horse. Her gaze remained on the building. She approached the door, making sure to check the surrounding windows one more time before she reached out with two fingers towards the broken object barely resembling an entry way; she pushed on the door, it letting out a wooden whine as the old boards gave way to her minimal effort. The moon flooded into the large space, illuminating the room as the only source of light cast on the sea of trash and building debris. Jane quickly scanned the room, drawing her pistol from her hip and flicking off the safety. Her boots clacking against the old tile as she took a few uneasy steps towards the other side of the room. Her biggest mistake was not reaching her flashlight instead; she'd have seen the shadow of the creature stalking her from behind the door. Before she knew what was happening, Jane was struck over the head with a baseball bat; rendering her completely powerless in a matter of moments. As the tile rushed up to meet her, Jane tensed up and squeezed the trigger. A round erupted into the room, the muzzle becoming a spotlight for her attacker, revealing the wretched woman, and the bullet an elusive set piece missing it's mark. Her body rendered paralyzed from the blow to her head. A simple mistake was going to cost her everything. Jane blinked, and it was as if the earth moved underneath her. She was now outside, being dragged into her car. She craned her throbbing head upwards, trying to steal a glimpse of her attacker as she hauled her into the backseat of her vehicle like a postal worker does a cheap package. Again, she blinked. This time, the woman was circling around towards the road to get to the driver's seat. She looked down, her hands bound with her own pair of hancuffs. Before she could feel sorry for herself, a loud 'THWUMP' and the sound of tires screaming off into the night broke her train of thought. She slowly raised her head above the window, squinting into the early morning darkness. Her would-be attacker's lifeless body lay sprawled in the middle of the street, her face gently illuminated by the dim light of a rising sun; broken and twisted beautifully, as if painted by the hand of death himself. The sound akin only to a wounded animal's last breaths emitting quietly from the mangled mess. A driver hadn't seen them as they stepped into the road, and they paid the price. She had evaded federal agents for over two years, only to be struck down by an inattentive driver. The sky was dark, and broken. Just like the world it covered. Nobody ever thinks of death, not really. We imagine it as just something that happens to other people, something distant and far away. It was a cold morning when she died. The sun couldn't have been bothered to keep her warm while she expired on the pavement.
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