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  1. Nightclubs open mostly on peak time. As of right now we have 800-900 players average during peak time with most of them having 'bar hopping' as their hobby. I don't think it kills RP, nightclubs now just need to have a 'schtick' so to say that would encourage people to come.
  2. Civilian and legal, when creating a character, aren't mutually exclusive imo.
  3. same goes for hood characters, most the time they aren't marksmen, but we let the video game take over from there and u see 20 people bodied in a neighborhood by pistols
  4. Eh... people play this game to escape real life. I don't think actual office work will be much fun to Roleplay even though it's realistic and all. More of an office-life RP could potentially work? Or if the actual 'work' RP are just usage of /me and not actual paperworks?
  5. I’d suggest every female characters to be RPQM’ed once a month.
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