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Found 5 results

  1. As the title says, what is your favourite experience in a faction or with a faction?
  2. the title pretty much says it all but, what faction do you love to interact with the most, or what faction did u enjoy rping in the most? let's get some positive vibes going, don't faction bash or anything like dat, just give credit 2 ur favorites and all of that stuff.
  3. tl;dr An official .gta.world tool for all factions to use in order to generate I posted this on the SD forums but was directed to post it here, since it's more of an official, server-wide project than a faction-specific one. I and many others would like to see some sort of official website or hub to aid us with filing the paperwork required by most (if not all) of the legal factions. Each of these factions has some sort of administrative forum work, some more than others, that we're all required to do in order to keep everything organized and up-and-running and it would be nice to have an official and dynamic system in place. This is why I believe this to not only be extremely relevant and important but also urgent. I have put together a sketch of what the website could look like. I think that an experienced web developer (and we have a bunch) can do this in a short matter of time. It doesn't have to be anything fancy as it can be updated regularly, in time. The system would be similar to the MDC. A simple, straight-forward explanation of the functionality: User enters their badge number and UCP password, then they're taken to their faction's page. If they're in multiple factions, to a screen where they can choose. On their faction's page, they select the category/division and are taken to the relevant forms. They select one of them, fill in the form and generate the either the BBCode or HTML (for the MDC) - something set by the form's creator. They then post it on the forum or on the MDC. We currently have some tools but none of them are official. One which was has been discontinued, as far as I know, and was seriously lacking (only ~3-4 functions). For SD only, there's a ton of different unofficial websites and tools made by kind people but it's hard to keep track, neither of them are official and if something happens and they go down, we're left to filling the BBCode or HTML in ourselves (in some cases it's fine but in others, trust me, it's not). The tool would be dynamic. Forms will be added, removed and modified directly by the factions themselves, without needing a web developer to do so (like our current versions). There would be 3 roles. User (default), moderator (can add divisions and forms within those divisions - supervisors within each faction) and administrators (faction leaders, staff members - they add the moderators and can see everything). The website would save the form's contents (to prevent accidentally closing the browser and losing everything) and the only way to clear it would be by clicking the 'Clear' button. It would automatically-fill the static details (Name, Badge number, date and time etc.). Why? Besides the reasons above, which are current and urgent, we have to look towards the future. The server was almost empty, undeveloped and sometimes unplayable a few years ago. Right now, there's 780 players online at the same time. Factions are numerous, developing and branching out continuously. This tool will not only be useful now but will adapt together with the server. Otherwise we'll (inevitably) reach a point when it will be overwhelming to keep track of everything. How? The tool would work similar to BBCode.rip (for who is familiar). The moderator posts the BBCode, links the form's fields to their place in the BBCode and that's how it would be filled. That also makes it dynamic (since different forums use different codes and such) and it's also fairly easy. For the HTML formats, it would work just like the MDC panel. Some screens I made on the go. Please don't bash my clear lack of talent.
  4. Before the recent update to the factions area of the UCP we were able to see the faction bank balance that we can no longer see. The faction bank section is no longer there when looking at the faction page, I'm not sure if this was done on purpose or if was it taken out by accident. However it would be much better if we had a separate tab for the faction bank that allows us to see transaction history, which would be extremely helpful.
  5. BACKGROUND Chamberlain Hills has not had a particularly well off history. In fact, it is known for its poverty and crime rich history. The Enterprise started off as a trap that thought, "We could make more money selling drugs and prostitutes together than we ever could alone." From that day forward, the 'Enterprise' was born. They didn't start off as the Chamberlain Hills Enterprise though, originally they were the Westblock Enterprise. It was named because they originally trapped out of apartment 107 on facing the LS river. Once more of Chamberlain was invited however, they changed their name to the Chamberlain Hills Enterprise. MODERN DAY Now the Enterprise has enforcers watching the corners of Forum/Carson, Forum/Davis, and Forum/Strawberry. The heart of the empire is Crystal Heights. Their territory has Expanded to include the majority of Forum Drive. Notable locations include BJ Smith recreation center, All Swell Apartments, and Crystal Heights. HOW TO JOIN Contact me on discord @elgroucho, same name on the forums. There's no interview or anything I guess just give me your contact info for in-game and you'll be in.
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