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  1. Spent some time doing so called "go fasts" loaded up, d/w it pays good.
  2. Already posted but ive got 2019 superb thats got everything but LK and panoramic roof, im waiting on a new one facelift superb 2.0 4x4 style plus now and thinking about buying audi a4 quattro designer 2016 from the firm cause they want to sell it. https://i.imgur.com/6FGISR9.jpg
  3. Dopli

    Heat Map

    Honestly, if you all are gonna be trying to find ways to hack things or trynna find excuses, you will never come up with anything new. I think it would be nice to have something that would somehow show newcomers where is the most RP going on.
  4. You should remove it as you can make more than enough money with one run of Mule without that bonus as well.
  5. How am I gonna open my business?
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