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  1. Just gonna share some of my favourite menyoo's that I've done, or just random screens, or pictures for friends. Gonna update the topic as time goes on.
  2. New coilovers in the front in and lowering springs in the back, exhaust almost done, waiting for a friend to fab up some fat tips. Also got a surprise, the guy that did my custom remap had cooked up a version II, has a bit less fuel, but more boost. I hated the amount of black smoke it was spewing out. Still needs spacers though, thinking of 15mm in the front and 10mm in the back.
  3. Work as a client consultant in a bank. Been working for the last 4 years.
  4. New wheels! Putting on lowering springs and new coilovers in the front this week + a custom exhaust.
  5. Still running strong, installing some TA Technix coilovers in the front and eibach lowering springs in the back in two weeks. E39 club Latvia season opening meet..
  6. Interested to trade for a modified Blista Kanjo?
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