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  1. The way the current Penal Code is written is very realistic. Does that mean it's good? No. This isn't a court house and it is almost without a doubt that nobody here is a lawyer (and if you are one I think you can agree on saying you don't want to have the same complex legal jargon you face already). Anyways, without trying to muck up the Penal Code I suggest that it be properly formatted and perhaps toss in some colors. Definitions and examples of situations can be in spoilers. The problem is, and I'm saying this from experience, it is very difficult to create a nice format on this type of forum. It's not PHPBB so it becomes much harder to properly format your text.
  2. It's like Civilization V but more action and emphasis on military strategy. Very interesting.
  3. Ah, I have CEF disabled for in-game and I've never had to log into my UCP again after creating it. My bad.
  4. When apps have a small error that's not worth denying over we don't just want to accept them and not say anything. I'd like to suggest that we be able to add a "reason" under "Accept" so in the case the player made a small error on their app (e.g. they did not use commas where they should have) they're able to know what that error is without having to be denied. It's a small thing, I have done this in the past on another server and I saw other testers do the same.
  5. Except from my understanding it says "Email address" and not "Username / Email address" so some people may not know to actually use the Username (especially if they forgot it and can't find it).
  6. WhiteShadow


    So if I'm not mistaken it's apparently not possible to see what your own username is for the UCP. I believe we should be able to see our own username on the UCP (maybe on "User Profile" it can show our username where it says "User Profile Menu") and perhaps be able to login with this username rather than our email address (or be able to log in with either one).
  7. You misunderstood me, I don't expect players to be put back in. I was saying the heli should be frozen and then respawned so that when it's respawned it won't bounce around or anything.
  8. Surely it's not going to be hard to freeze a helicopter/plane that is in the air and then after a minute have it respawn, right? Maybe there could be a way so that helicopters/planes don't suffer damage when they're unoccupied like in SAMP? As for the second suggestion that would be pretty tricky because then the server is going to need to know you were flying so perhaps if you crash in the air say X meters from the ground (X being whatever the devs decide) that you re-spawn at your faction spawn (which by the way we're going to need) or you could just be re-spawned on the ground.
  9. Right now yes. Later you can only buy them IG with the IG currency, from what I heard you can also design your own ships and put them up on the market and you get a cut of the sales so if it sells really well you could make a lot.
  10. WhiteShadow


    I'm also from LSRP, a large amount of the PD now is from LSRP. Got the same name, only really did stuff in the PD. It was a great time until things started going sideways.
  11. Except the mask is an ugly-looking three hole ski mask when it could be something else. I'm sure we could benefit from good looking ski masks and bandannas.
  12. So if you have a hat or helmet set to a certain outfit it seems to sometimes just vanish or not come back on which is upsetting. I'd like to suggest that it be possible to take off and put on the hat or helmet assigned to the outfit with a command like /hat or something like that.
  13. I really want to see X-3. X-2 was pretty stupid compared to how serious X was but the good (and true) ending for X-2 was very satisfying to see.
  14. Uh no there's no ranks, you generally will have to comply with orders from your squad leader (and the company leader if there is one) though. Not to avoid punishment but more because of teamwork and such. You are free though to put your rank as part of your name (e.g. I put my name as "Captain_Darnell") but that's all it'll be, a name. I do believe they have tournaments and clans though on their forums but I'm not too sure. If you're looking for something with a rank system and punishments for insubordination Altis Life on Arma might be of interest to you but I'm not certain how popular it is (and Arma itself is already quite a bit complicated).
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