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  1. Damn, its like a comic book here - every day another chapter. Keep up the great work dudes, loving the concept.
  2. You can either get another protection group, that's a lot tougher than the current one or speak to police and help them to do a sting-operation and bus the extortion dudes, but you'll probably face consequence of death and all that..bottom line is, eitherway..you can end up dead or gonna lose cash, that's one worry of owning a business, and to be frank..you make waaaaaaay more cash than what you lose for extortion.
  3. FBI - proper one, that would handle organized crime investigations and all that federal stuff.
  4. Good old memories. Wonderful media guys, keep up the groundbreakign work. -One and only, Karl Hoover.
  5. Sexy media boys and girls. Real nice seeing EUP and other modifications being part of the community, probably one hella of an gameplay. Keep up the great work. Can't wait when 114 gonna pop off with their stuff.
  6. Would be dope if GTA: World could get a new moving-object tool for furniture system, to make things a lot easier for move. Similar to what SA:MP moving tool used to be, hehe.. Plus, somebody already released the moving tool publicly on Rage:MP , at least showing the possibility that it can be done. This would be probably a huge life-saver for everyone, as this tool can be used for scene-object placement, road blocks, yellow tapes, interiors and etc...making things 100 times easier. Maybe get modding team together and create new drug-related-objects, packages and e
  7. Law Enforcement is one of my strongest suits, and than any kind of criminal role-play. My main focus always been to inspire people and show them whole passion in it. And it usually works and people around me end up taking things bit more serious and enjoy the whole fun in RP. My weaknesses, well..none role-play related, I used to get over my head with staff during some situation, that..well used to be my only weakness, silly head of mine, hehe.
  8. Thanks, man. Not gonna lie, was a complete headache to figure whole object tie up and expansion out, hehe..but yea, worth it in a way.
  9. Depends on definition of fun. Usually on heavy roleplay communities, realism at its finest is the whole fun of it. You may have to do some research if you'll be doing some sort of role-play, but that's pretty educational if you ask me. Either its criminal mind related, or legal stuff. You actually end up reading up a lot of stuff and facts, and bringing it over to a virtual world is pretty neat, as you get to express some of the events that you can't pull off in reality, as its may be extremely risky and well, life-causing. But we all enjoy it, great story and follow up through development.
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