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  1. Long as he ain’t insinuating that everyone who roleplays a skinhead is white and a neonazi irl, that would actually be racist and profiling.
  2. Oh, I thought this dude was just assuming everyone who rp’d being a skinhead were all white irl, just confused what he meant.
  3. How can I be racist? If I rp a skinhead I’m automatically white?
  4. I’m not from the US, I’ll see you where Ohio is but I don’t think they’re overrated either really, LCN and Legal rp seems a little overrated though. Like PD and the fire department. you think people who rp skinheads are all like that?
  5. Okay 🙂 There’s just not enough to say that they’re overdone, at least not like Crip, Blood, or Sureno gangs is all.
  6. You know, a good place to bitch about white people is Twitter or Reddit here’s a link:
  7. Would you be up for something more like this? I agree it is hard and profitable but the problem still remains that sometimes the lists do not make sense. When I say don’t make sense, I mean that there are vehicles on there that no one from Paleto all the way down to Vespucci or La Puerta own. So it’s more of a snipe hunt if you’re in this type of business. I get it’s supposed to be hard and as a dude who loves the roleplay aspects of car theft I like that, but at least add more to the list each day or make it more open.
  8. It was brought up that employees can run the shop which was something I did not know at the time. So I may edit it to say something different because this is what probably may get a few people turning their heads away from it because it’s already a thing that other people who are hired to work at a chop shop can. But I am happy you support it nonetheless.
  9. See I was confused about the first part because I was told that employees couldn’t handle it. At least that’s what me and a couple other people were told. But yeah everything is spot on. Or at least what I wanted to convey.
  10. Okay, so respectfully this is what I have to say. You already have a cooldown and currently you have a limit of how many cars you can steal before you are considered a chain robber and get in trouble for it. This will have the civilians in GTA World want to invest in more security for the car, I don't think people realize you can put trackers on the vehicle, get more difficult locks, and get security upgrades that can have the cops out to your vehicle in no time. GTA World has all the tools to prevent robbery out in plain sight. Chain robbery is a problem with trolls and it makes people have a unchangeable mind when it comes to this issue, but I do need to say that people leaving their vehicles across the map with no security and the car costs around $200,000 dollars is an easy steal left extremely unattended and out of sight. Consider this too: 4 cars an hour is the limit before it is considered a chain robbery. You have a three minute timer in between. You are supposed to roleplay out breaking into the vehicle. Should be easier to stop the criminal breaking into your vehicle by having your vehicle decked out with security no matter how minor, especially if you can jack them up like this. I also want you to see what Robyn had to say and something I actually support. Would you consider this rather than an fully open list?
  11. Short description: A revamp to the chop shops. Have chop shops remain separate from mechanic shops, stop randomizing the lists and have a list of any vehicle for the chop shop, and allow multiple owners for the chop shop. Detailed description: At the moment I roleplay a man that is really good with locks, specifically vehicle locks as well as hotwiring. I roleplay scoping out the vehicles, I make sure no one is around to ID my dude, and I roleplay picking the lock before getting in and start roleplaying the hotwiring as well. I wanted to say this, because I think I speak for most of illegal rpers, car theft is the most profitable. Especially when compared to the messed up drug system and the hoops that you got to go through to do atm skimming or from what I have seen, but even with this, the system can be improved upon. I will never criticize, unless I have a resolution. The main problems right now is the fact that chop shops are attached to mechanic shops when in reality they should be separate. Mechanic shops being one thing and chop shops being a completely separate thing. What would qualify for a chop shop? Scrapyards, garages, or any building that can be modified so you can store vehicles in there and chop them. That is what I recommend in regards to that. Another thing I want to bring up before talking about the most controversial thing on my list of suggestions for this revamp is, allowing multiple owners or, if faction owned, the whole faction could use the chop shop. It is annoying when you have a connection on the server who has dudes working with him and you got a car for him, but he is offline and the chop shop cannot operate because he is not on and the people who work with that connection cannot use the chop shop. I suggest implementing a way to share ownership of the chop shop with others like you would a property or car. If nothing else, it should be the most simple thing to implement. The last suggestion that may be the most hated one on here is removing a randomized list and just having a list for any vehicle. Chop shops are not picky and they for any vehicle they see. Case and point, New York City, Detroit, Chicago, Boston, and Los Angeles are notorious for walking chop shops that go after vehicles that they see is alone and left unattended. You can be gone for ten minutes, come back, and your vehicle has been chopped. My point, it is irritating having to wait for a list to come in and get on the server only to see none of those vehicles on the server. I get that the people who just did deliveries with no character development who did those box deliveries so that they can buy a $200,000 vehicle do not actually want to worry about their vehicle being stolen may not like this idea, but I offer some middle ground. Either give all the cars on that list so we can actually rp our profession, or make the list based on who's on the server and what cars on the server. That is as much middle ground I am willing to give, nothing less out of this. All three of these things are what came to mind when I was making this suggestion about revamping chop shops because the best thing for criminals, who are doing illegal roleplay in a faction, is car theft and chop shops at the moment. So I hope this suggestion goes through and gets some support. Commands to add: /givechopperm /revokechopperm Items to add: n/a How would your suggestion improve the server? Gives more rp opportunities for both legal and illegal roleplayers, being able to chop cars when the "owner" is not online, and something that actually works as a source of income for illegal rpers. Additional information: n/a
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