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  1. Considering how long it takes for ck appeals, staff reports, player reports, etc can take to be answered, I don’t think that an additional burden should be added to the staff team in order to rp a basic character that’s essential to gang rp and development.
  2. I’d definitely recommend joining a faction at first to help introduce you to other players both IC and OOC who can show you the ropes to the server. Many illegal factions are welcoming to new players, and I assume a lot of legal ones are too. Most LEO/government factions require a minimum amount of hours on the server. When you’re just starting off, I’d recommend staying mostly away from grinding script jobs like fishing and trucking and just focus on roleplaying. Welcome and good luck!
  3. I don’t even know what in particular you’re referring to, but some things will obviously be unrealistic on a small level to do this being a video game. What you’re suggesting is something that literally makes no sense. You’re completely ignorant to how gang rp works if you think that banning underage characters is a good idea.
  4. Just start the process at 18 instead, won't kill you, unlike a 14 year old gangbanger. Yeah bro, gangs don’t work like that.
  5. Like many people have said, it’s literally not that simple. People are supposed to develop into gangs not just start off as a fully initiated gang member.
  6. There’s a lot of characters/entire factions that are just throwaways and poorly portray gangs. This won’t change no matter what the age is. The idea of a teenage gang member committing a murder is far from being unrealistic in itself, but I do agree it’s sometimes very poorly portrayed. However, straight up getting rid of younger characters is a bad way to go about it when there’s the report section and RPQM/IFM.
  7. Maybe punish people trying to ERP underage characters then instead of banning underage characters themselves.
  8. Not that simple. You're supposed to actually develop into joining a gang instead of just starting off as an 18 year old put on member. That's the point of under aged characters.
  9. I could see the argument to ban characters under 15/16 but if you advocate banning all under 18 characters you’re going to kill gang rp. 9.5/10 street gangs recruit 12-16 year olds. Entire cliques of gangs are made up of minors. There’s a shit ton of people that do it wrong but there’s many that do it right. Banning underage characters won’t make the people playing them poorly be any less of a DMer or a power gamer and it’ll only punish people that are doing it right.
  10. It’s really not overblown at all. There’s three skinhead gangs currently on the server with various independent skins in and out of jail. These gangs, at least in theory, are motivated almost entirely by money and racism is more of a recruitment tool and is always second to money. It’s more about portraying a meth addicted criminal who believes in a crude and ignorant ideology than some serious national socialism. I’ve been doing white rp on this server for a couple of months now and I’ve probably only seen maybe one person who are truly projecting some sort of ideology OOCly through their rp. Literally no white faction on the server is into harboring ooc neo nazis/white supremacists.
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