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  1. SD, White Car, Little Tokyo, Aurum, and Eme. Also liking what the new PBS faction and the Tongva Nation are putting out.
  2. was better with hair
  3. I’m pretty sure they open it based on need rather than set times.
  4. RIP, had nothing but good interactions with this faction in Ashland Ave connection. Good luck with whatever comes next.
  5. Redneck/hillbilly RP. This server is based on California, not Georgia.
  6. I don't think you seem to understand that "crimegrinders" are generally blatant rulebreakers who aren't even apart of quality illegal factions. This behavior isn't encouraged by any good faction. Trolls aren't even worth RPing with at all and it makes no since to kill every chain robber and robocriminal. I've roleplayed a lot in TTCF and shanking every troll that comes in has never been a working solution. There's no monolithic illegal presence on this server who CKs everyone that's scammed a mallrat and there won't ever be.
  7. Loving the screens and RP, keep this up.
  8. As someone who's played on servers with hunger/thirst systems, I'm gonna have to say no. It sounds like a great idea on paper, but it's a pain in the ass to start starving to death in the middle of an RP situation.
  9. Had some great RP with Matt Graham and Roger Stanfield today. Keep it up
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