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  1. I’m Cesar Chavez, what you don’t recognize me?
  2. You can’t incentivize good RP and it’s obvious that 90 percent of SD can care less about jail. I remember when they added bonuses for deputies to do extra jail hours and while that may seem like a good idea, it doesn’t work in the long run because all you have to do is AFK or sit in the bubble all day instead of providing actual RP. I can’t say I blame deputies for not wanting to provide jail rp, because it’s a niche and they would rather be a detective, tactical team member, etc than work a county jail. It’s never going to be engaging for them because they could give a shit less either way. If there were no jail hours, a high majority of deputies would never set foot in jail. SD has however gotten better in recent times under Stephen, and the newer CAs like @Sim and @sixtyeight amongst others provide near daily events in jail. Will a corrections faction be super active? Definitely not. But I fail to see how it can be any worse activity wise than SD historically or right now, because the few people in it would actually care solely about custody RP. Jail is also sporadically active and goes through peaks and down periods. If SAPR was added to police a mostly inactive state park and the county after the hunting update, a small but dedicated faction dedicating to the niche of jail rp would be doable if the right people and circumstances permitted.
  3. As someone who has spent hundreds of hours RPing in jail as both an inmate and a CA, I believe that change is needed to the current custody scene and how it is managed. I think we need Bolingbroke as a prison at this point because SD is a mostly patrol based faction. If new LEO factions were added for the tasks of SFM and SAPR, I can’t see how a corrections faction isn’t viable. Even with inactivity, it can’t be much worse than it already is.
  4. Newborn Baby (Goods) x1
  5. We’re usually active in jail at around 8-12 server time on weekdays but it usually depends on how active the pod is on a given day. I’d recommend pming one of the faction leaders for a discord invite.
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