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  1. A Sad Day For Weight Loss Wilfred Casciano, October 4, 2020 "This guy saw me jogging and trying to exercise, as usual I'm a fatty again. If only he fucking knew... these guys aren't as tough as they think. I eat turkey legs the size of you fucks!"
  2. Wilfred Casciano, circa 2019 "One of the many reasons I want to lose weight is because everyone feels the need to pick on the 'fat' guy. I never forget either and I'll land the last punch in the end."
  3. For those who may be interested in seeing the role play done.
  4. Unemployment Fraud EDD minor error: "without being asked for documents" - you'll know when you see it.
  5. Wilfred Casciano, circa 2016 Wilfred Casciano looks exactly how you would imagine, an obese, white male who suffers from the insecurities of his shameful body. Short and fat are the two primary descriptions of Wilfred, considering the rarity of his unnatural size. The Casciano surname ensures he is of Italian descent, however he strays far from looking like your average Italian. Upon his first moments of regaining consciousness after his only peaceful times in his entire life, a refreshing eleven hours of depressing sleep ends only to remind him that his belly continues to surpass
  6. In depth role play screenshots of this scene will be updated on character's own thread.
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