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  1. Faction closed. Members have been witnessed on numerous occasions using third party clients en masse to coordinate roleplay as well as organized attacks on other players through that same medium. The conduct of this faction should be noted as being particularly egregious and behaving in a manner absolutely devoid of any legitimate conduct. It's very disheartening to witness such a flagrant violation of the rules and disruption of the flow of roleplay on the server to this extent, especially a faction that has been recently approved and had previously insisted on operating within good faith and the highest standards of roleplay. As such, members of this faction will also be subjected to a FACTION BAN as we see fit to serve as the start of a system of indication for members exhibiting particularly toxic behavior. Be aware, it's also not a good look when you bring IFM into your discord only to conveniently wipe channels prior to them joining.
  2. Faction leader has been banned for unacceptable OOC behavior. If anybody wants to resume this faction, they can PM me personally.
  3. Shut down by Faction Management. After a lengthy investigation into the faction's conduct in and outside the game, we found there was nothing redeemable about it. Not only is this faction oblivious when it comes to correct portrayal, it also suffers from a blatant disregard for server rules as evidenced by various reports and punishments. To make matters worse, we have also been made aware through an overwhelming amount of evidence that this faction and its leadership were involved in large-scale metagaming by gathering and posting detailed information about other players. As a result of this, we will be skipping faction strikes and going for an immediate shutdown. All attempts to continue with the faction by former members will be met with administrative action. We will also be issuing additional punishments as we continue to identify those responsible. If you were knowingly engaging in this behavior, you are advised to come forward before it's too late.
  4. Closed by Faction Management. After conducting a thorough investigation into the faction's activity, we found that it has been going on a downward spiral over the course of several months, to the point where we cannot allow this to continue. The combined playtime of the entire member base barely exceeds 20 hours monthly, in addition to the thread being merely kept alive artificially with sporadic posting. In light of this, we've decided to step in and force the issue, bringing the faction to an immediate close. Having a faction of this tenure is no small feat, which is why we'd like to thank @AceS| for all his contributions over the years which I'm sure many people appreciate.
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