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  1. Would you like to enforce how many characters people type in /me too while you're at it? If you're curious, ask in /do. He probably did it like that because not everyone recognizes the ink of every single gang in the city and he doesn't want to spoonfeed metagaming material to half the server. If you think your character would know, by all means, go ahead. And only then if he tells you to get out of his /do's, report him. Simple as that. I honestly don't see what the fuss is all about here.
  2. I joined LSRP in December 2009 and had my fair share of experience, so let's see... Legal roleplay, so many more opportunities here. I've always enjoyed portraying fully legal characters (preferably having zero involvement with guns too, except for two characters) and I felt quite limited on LSRP. For a time, I did my best to promote it, but ehhh. The average player, seems to be a lot nicer and more level-headed here. Same point above, goes to staff too. I'm pretty sure every single one of us has at least a few unfortunate experiences or grievances with LSRP's staff. And of course, administration itself. I have so many negative adjectives to associate with LSRP's admin team that I fear I would be unwelcome here... I honestly didn't intend to leave the server, especially after having spent so much time in there, until otter came up with the brilliant idea to dissolve the city government. It was the nail in the coffin for me. I loved that faction and invested so much of my time into it, and seeing it get taken away because a developer said so, really broke my heart and made me lose my patience, my sympathy and loyalty to the server. It was very, very good, and very satisfying to invest my time into, while it lasted. But in its later years, the server was a mere shadow of its former glory. And now, it is apparently dead with 30~ players. I'm not sorry at all. A well deserved turn of events. It seems they finally ran out of players to mistreat, ban or threaten with banning. To all our fortune, the successor is even better than the predecessor. _________________________Nervous appreciation line begins here_________________________
  3. Everyone you don't know, who also don't happen to know you, no matter how relevant the two of you may seem, adds you as a friend on social media.
  4. Average relationship lasts 3 minutes or something Most of the people you know end up dying or disappearing within a year You can go anywhere in the state in 5 minutes Fuel consumption is extremely low
  5. Name: Ava Comment: I had my nails done by Ella. She's quite possibly the friendliest person on earth; both the service and the aftercare are incredible. I'm definitely considering more visits for other operations, and would recommend to anyone else considering a visit for themselves. Thank you, Ella, for the amazing experience! Rating:⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  6. What a long, exhausting journey it has been! I (finally) graduated from computer engineering in september 2020, somehow managed to find my first job in a week which happened to be in the testing sector. There, as a test automation engineer, I (obviously) constructed test automations. I got a new job just last month at the start of May, still in the testing sector, but this time as a quality assurance expert; which involves a lot of imagining/writing test scenarios and manually executing them, planning a test approach, ensuring that the project is up to certain standards... I like it so far. I absolutely loathe coding and aside from network/cybersecurity (which is what I actually wanted a career in) and testing, I don't know what else I'd do.
  7. coat/jacket too while we're at it, because why not
  8. There is no justice in this world, not unless we make it –
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