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  1. You've won the bidding. Contact methrough Email to arrange the sale((Forum PM))
  2. Noted Bidding ends in 12 hours
  3. Noted Will close this in 24 hours if no other offers are posted
  4. Selling my Forum Drive Apartment. It is located inside the Casa Christina Complex Drop your offers below or email me ((Forum PM)) ((MP: 35k FP: 0k, with a max buyout of $105,000))
  5. TomRom97

    [4SALE] Comet

    Selling my Comet. Price: 180k Negotiable No offers under 160k. OOC info: Pictures:
  6. This 100% shhould be a feature. I don't know why it isn't one yet, and why such a simple task needs admin intervention.
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