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  1. Crackers Crumble, White Boys Rumble documents the life and development of Roman Dempsey. Juvenility Roman grew up in foster care. He was adopted by a dentist and his wife and grew up in Dogtown. He's a somewhat sheltered kid but growing up knowing he was adopted has given him some issues that he's still working out. He dropped out of High School following a situation where he set fire to school property, luckily the High School did not press charges after intervention from his foster father and his influence within the community. Living as a High School drop-out, Roman is wasting his days away on the boardwalk. Hanging out with other delinquents and locals within the Dogtown community. He uses recreational drugs habitually and works at Toxic Haze, a record store along the boardwalk.
  2. This thread will document the youth and life of Casey Jagielski - a teenage local of Vespucci Beach hailing from a working-class background and his adventures & misadventures around the gang and music scene of Dogtown amidst his struggle against financial crisis. SUMMARY AFTERMATH
  3. This thread follows the development of Donald “Smokey” Bateman, a white criminal from West LS. I’ll upload screens on here when I feel like it.
  4. Family Affiliated Irish Mafia The Family Affiliated Irish Mafia (FAIM) is a predominantly Irish-American, but not exclusively, peckerwood gang based in San Andreas, which was formerly used by the Aryan Brotherhood to organize street-level transactions throughout low income white neighborhoods within city boundaries of Los Santos. Although founded in Hawick-Alta, activity related to the gang has been found in Blaine County, Vespucci and Murrieta Heights. During the early days, authories say that members made a small fortune during the 1990s selling methamphetamine and investing in local businesses alongside handling problems outside of federal prison walls for members of the Aryan Brotherhood, which often included murder, drug smuggling, extortion, kidnapping. It started out as a gang banging clique to protect white gang members from black gang members with the goal to sell drugs and make money. Later on membership spread to county jails and state prisons. The gang has the permission of the Aryan Brotherhood (AB) to sport shamrock tattoos. At times FAIM have worked closely with the AB to handle work for them on the street. The founders were John Sanders, Kevin Byrne, Tony Hogan, and Eric Foley. Sanders became the most influential member out of the founders and the de facto leader. Byrne would also have influence and be the leader when Sanders was incarcerated. Members sold drugs in the Hawick-Alta area to make their money. Sander's father was a meth cook who worked with motorcycle clubs. FAIM would use violence in order to get payments and run away rival drug dealers. The gang's main source of bread from 2002 to 2005 was a methamphetamine ring which they operated in the Hawick and Alta areas. The drugs came from Juan Suarez and Eladio Suarez, two Mexican brothers who were connected to the Sinaloa Cartel as well as to Hispanic gangs in Alta. In 2004, Sanders shot and killed Christopher Munson, an Aryan Brotherhood drug dealer. Sanders and Munson were cellmates in prison in 1999. In 2005 the DEA busted the drug ring operation and arrested Sanders, as well as the Suarez brothers. Eladio Suarez became an informant in the case against Simpson and testified against him. Drugs, paraphernalia, cash and a firearm seized during a Family Affiliated Irish Mafia bust (seen above) In 2006 and early 2007, most of the FAIM leadership responsibilities fell to Byrne because Sanders was in federal custody. Sanders and Byrne began to have problems during that period which resulted in Sanders putting out a hit on Byrne in 2007. Michael Iadanza, a member of FAIM, carried out the order by attempting to shoot Byrne outside a bar in Sandy Shores. The hit was botched and it resulted in the accidental death of a bar patron. Byrne was not injured. When Sheriff Deputies showed up, Byrne was arrested on an unrelated warrant. Byrne refused to testify against the gang and Iadanza, instead trying to maintain his status as an active gang member and follow the gang code. During that time he was in jail. in 2009, Byrne agreed to testify, after FAIM members attacked him and tried to kill him while he was in jail. Sanders was convicted of conspiracy and murder charges. He was sentenced to life in prison. Final words heard from Sanders upon his conviction: "You win some, you lose some". In early 2021 the leadership of FAIM was once again shaken, as Weston "Wes" Stigers faced an indictment with suspected AB member Joseph Campbell and Roland O'Kelly. The three inmates allegedly coordinated the murder of a man in Twin Towers Correctional Facility, utilizing the visitation system to carry a message from Stigers to O'Kelly. It is alleged that O'Kelly and Campbell then stabbed the man to death in the chow hall, that Stigers is a member of the Aryan Brotherhood, and ordered the murder for the benefit of said Brotherhood. Around this same period, SADCR reported an increase in the amount of FAIM affiliated inmates in the State Corrections System. The case remains in trial.
  5. Alan Kelly This thread will follow the story of Alan Kelly, a recently paroled inmate of the State.
  6. Vespucci is a residential, commercial, and recreational beachfront neighborhood of the City of Los Santos, San Andreas. This urban region of coastal Los Santos County is known locally as the Westside. Vespucci is known for its canals, beach, and Ocean Front Walk, a two-and-a-half-mile (4.0 km) pedestrian promenade that features performers, fortune-tellers, artists, and vendors. Vespucci Beach, which receives millions of visitors a year, has been labeled "a cultural hub known for its eccentricities" and a "global tourist destination." It includes the promenade that runs parallel to the beach (also the "Ocean Front Walk" or just "the boardwalk"), Muscle Beach, and the Vespucci Beach Recreation Center with handball courts, paddle tennis courts, a Skate Dancing plaza, and numerous beach volleyball courts. It also includes a bike trail and many businesses on the Ocean Front Walk. Roaming Vespucci Beach's rows of boutique shops and artisanal brunch spots, it's inconceivable that the neighborhood once belonged to low-income suburbia, where mom-and-pop shops thrived, and meals served à la food cart. Locals knew this area as "Dogtown", the focal point of West Coast skate culture that would inspire media representation for decades. Vespucci Beach is home to a wide variety of social groups, locals, renters, gangs, and others. This thread's purpose is to showcase the roleplay that occurs within the Vespucci Beach area. Feel free to join the Dogtown Community discord at the following link: https://discord.gg/NjFt8ae
  7. Kent, class of 2004, classic vespucci boy, has always had problems since birth, his mother was a junkie and he was born premature, his face was affected, in fact his chin did not develop completely, his mother died during labor. His father who was too young to take responsibility, dumps him on his mother, so Kent, starts living with his grandmother. He begins to attend Vespucci High School, but is expelled at 15 because he called his English teacher a bastard for no other reason than that he had given him an assignment on family. He is forced to attend remedial school, and drops out at the age of 17. Today he lives on his grandmother's allowance and doing nothing all day, just riding around vespucci all day on his BMX bike. ((Edit 2021)) Kent's grandfather dies on July 12, 2021, but leaves an inheritance to his only grandchild, which is $2,000. Kent uses that money to pay for a minor operation on his chin, manages to fix it and now his face is normal.
  8. "Suh, dudes!" Kristen Gary, also known as the local 'Vespucci Witch'. Is a strange individual. Raised by catholic parents in Vespucci Beach, being taught how to read the bible and go to sunday school was not the thing for her. She instead got the influence from the streets of Dogtown and Goma during the mid-2010's. Stealing liquor, cigarettes and bikes was her way of 'fun'. Not reading a book and listening to Christian rock. Being able to smuggle in Hardcore Punk albums from the various music stores around Los Santos, she developed a full on persona for the punk lifestyle. Leaving her home at the age of 17 to live on her own around the city, until she found her way back into Vespucci Beach once more, only without her parents support or love. To her, the street punk lifestyle was everything worth living for. Taking down the corruption and the jerks ruining her neighborhood was her true calling in life. She became homeless at the age of 18. Living in various dumpsters and containers she felt comfortable around was more than enough for her. She only needed her cigarettes, her bike and her music. Being around the various gangs on VB also took a huge hit on Kristen. Especially the Dogtown punks and the Goma Street gangsters. She could literally hang around anyone and be comfortable, except obvious outsiders, or as they call them, "Tourists". 19 years of age, Kristen felt more and more lonely. She didn't feel worthy enough of being around such an area like Vespucci. She figured, "Hell, I'm getting a damn dog!". And so, she went to the local shelter and adopted her trusty pooch 'Fat-Bastard". They've been together ever since. So what does Kristen do, exactly? She just lives there. Vespucci is her home, and she knows it. She loves every local in there, criminal or not. To her, Vespucci is life. Stay Punk, Kristen Gary. (This will follow the life of the Gutter Punk known as Kristen Gary! Follow her while she drinks, bikes and mischiefs around Vespucci! Get to meet her local friends, and the pesky outsiders! There will be screenshots everyday of her adventures! Let's rock!)
  9. They're all crooked motherfuckers and it ain't gonna stop, So hold your ground down, Run your own town. -- Blake Larson Dogtown Local
  10. This will follow the backstory and character development of Paisley "Lee" Fraser.
  11. Looking to sell my ice cream shop, comes fully stocked and ready to run. Located right across from the skate park in Vespucci. (Interior - https://imgur.com/a/SL2vP0s) Sold to someone who doesn't own 5 super cars.
  12. Duke Kirkman The following thread will showcase the life of Duke Kirkman. "He's a punk, he'll never be anybody!" Find the rest of Duke's Dirty dealings on the unoffical faction thread
  13. This thread follows the life of Drew "Triple D" Porter.
  14. Left (Daniel "Gizmo" Araya) Right (Thomas "Turbo" Montoya)
  15. This thread will follow the life of Irish-American teenager Wade Kelly
  16. Public Enemy No. 1 (abbreviated as PENI), also known as PENI Death Squad (or PDS) Public Enemy No.1 is a west side Los Santos prison/street gang. The history of the gang dates back to the early eighties, emerging from the hard rock scene in Vespucci Beach. PENI is a criminal skinhead element within the Vespucci Beach area that are known as foot soldiers for the Aryan Brotherhood (The Brand) within the state’s penitentiary system, as well as the streets. PENI primarily recruits from “latchkey kids,” a child who returns to an empty home after school, or a child who is often left at home with no supervision, because their parents are away at work. Who are left to their own devices. Above: PENI Skins personal group photo The origins of PENI lie at the margins of South San Andreas youth culture. By the mid-1980s skinhead gangs were forming across the region, all influenced by hardcore punk rock. PENI was a small number of youths living in Vespucci, active in the punk scene, adopted the name PENI, after British punk rock band, Rudimentary PENI. The formation of this gang came from the youths' shared interest in the music. Soon enough, the phrase “PENI” was being tagged on various spots across Los Santos County. PENI’s goal was relatively simple, to develop a reputation on the street, and provide white youths with defense from other gangs encroaching on the Vespucci area. At the same time PENI was forming, there were various other political skinhead movements forming in the Los Santos area. However, PENI typically avoided the political aspects, focusing on street orientation. The gang was never involved in the political aspects of skinhead culture, though, they were welcomed by their political counterparts. Despite the lack of political activism, the gang was centered around explicit racism with a belief in white supremacy. Despite encouragement from other skinhead groups, PENI remained largely focused on local issues, eg. conflict with other local punk and street gangs, petty theft, and drug distribution. During the late 1980s, various members of the gang were facing charges and getting arrested for various crimes, to include: drug charges, burglary, and robbery. Once incarcerated, PENI members began creating a relationship with the Aryan Brotherhood, the most powerful white prison gang in the United States, who display racial pride with the use of shamrocks, swastikas and “Aryan battle warriors.” As The Brand was removed from the mainline, they expanded their inmate workforce by aligning PENI underneath the white umbrella; as The Brand saw PENI as useful due to their mutual interest in white supremacy, and using them as middlemen to continue running their criminal enterprise within and outside the prison system’s walls. PENI’s street origins prevent them from being classified as a prison gang by SADCR, thus minimizing the level of confinement available to prison officials. PENI’s connections to The Brand have helped them strengthen their own gang leadership. Learning from The Brand and modeling their gang after theirs, thus making them more organized and effective. This led to PENI’s development into a hybrid gang, operating under the auspices of The Brand on both the yards of the state penitentiary system and the streets of Los Santos. While traditional skinheads have often held an anti-drug stance, PENI is completely opposite. Members have been known to use methamphetamine and heroin. This leads to the gang’s crimes being violent in nature due to the introduction of hard drugs. PENI’s involvement in the drug trade only expanded after developing ties with The Brand. The use and small-scale distribution of meth that characterized the gang’s early formation had gradually developed into a central role in the methamphetamine trade. The involvement in the meth trade also allowed PENI to branch out to further clientele to include motorcycle gangs. Above: Members of PENI during a meth crazed house party. In modern history, PENI continues to have a close relationship with The Brand. Allegedly being a part of a large pipeline throughout the state. The modern day gang stays close to their roots, however they continue to focus on money as motive, engaging in armed robberies, extortion, drug dealing, arms trafficking, murder for hire, and credit card scams. The gang has been involved in various conflicts throughout the last year, primarily with Jamestown Mafia and Gravedwellers Motorcycle Club. (GDMC) The conflict with GDMC was spurred due to the allegations from members of PENI that the MC refused to pay protection money for their members in the state prison system. Due to growing tensions and disputes from sharing such a close proximity to another, coupled with the lack of protection being paid, The Brand ordered PENI to take action. This resulted in a months long, city wide conflict with GDMC. This left various members of the MC dead and members of PENI incarcerated. PENI has been known to “annex” smaller white and punk gangs and bring them into the fold. “White Boyz 88,” a now defunct El Burro Heights-based white supremacist gang fell victim to this in mid-2019. PENI dismantled the gang and forced members into their own organization, only solidifying their position as a powerhouse for The Brand. The Hawick “Satanic Skins” fell under the purview of PENI quickly after. Females are an integral part of PENI, passing messages between members and running the gang’s credit fraud operations while members of the hybrid gang are incarcerated. These members are colloquially known as “Skynbirds,” usually a member’s significant other. It is unknown who “calls the shots” for the gang, as high ranking members (Shot Callers), Francis Kilgore (Inmate #89474) and Harold Hudson (Inmate #03148) are imprisoned at Bolingbroke State Penitentiary with life sentences. Authorities have noticed a resurgence in the hybrid prison-street gang in the last few months near the Vespucci Beach area and within Twin Towers Correctional Facility. This faction intends to realistically portray the prison-street gang, Public Enemy No.1. While the gang is racist in nature, OOC racism will not be tolerated in this faction. Portrayal is our priority, only second to roleplay quality. Members of this faction are expected to act within the purview of the server’s rules. Play your character realistically and you won’t have any issues. Please reference this guide to brush up the cultures surrounding the faction: (credits to @Bospy) For any questions, comments, or concerns, please PM @mother_superior Credit for the artwork goes to @Netsrac
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