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Found 2 results

  1. Content Warning: Audrey's Diaries are not for the sensitive natured or faint of heart and might be considered offensive or upsetting to some audiences due to her life and the choices she makes through her progression such as stripping, prostitution, and other various illegal and illicit activities, with that being said, viewer discretion is advised! ? Audrey "Delirious Drama" Fox ? AGE: 22 Height: 5'5 (Without heels on ??) Weight: 135 Pounds (On and off ??) Eye Color: Green (Depending on her mood ?️?️) Hair Color: Natural Brunette (Always switches it up with wigs ?‍♀️?) Ethnicity: White Caucasian with Cherokee, Armenian, Irish, Romanichal Heritage (Extremely Exotic ?❣️) Likes: Money, Luxuries, Vacations, Shopping, Toy-Chihuahua's, Men (In that order ??️?) Dislikes: Drama, Pimps, Competition, and is allergic to pufferfish (Seafood allergy ?☠️) ?A Little Backstory ?: Audrey "Delirious Drama" Fox was born Barbara Ann Hinkley-Rosenblacht on December 12th, 1997 at the Pillbox Hill Medical center, doctor's said it was a medical miracle she survived due to her mother's lifestyle as a crack addicted prostitute. Growing up, Audrey's mother taught her to do what the girls in Playboy Magazine ? do. During Audrey's upbringing she was exposed to lots of drugs, amphetamines, exotic illegal animals, and firearms???. Her mother had a different man in bed every day of the week except Sunday's, Audrey's mother made sure to put on a facade at church to hide the bruises and tears on Audrey's face, as well as her own ?⛪. Over the years Audrey developed alcoholism at the age of Eleven, the same year her mother passed away due to lung cancer and emphysema unfortunately. After Audrey's mother passed away she went to live with her traditional travelling Irish Romanichal Gypsy Grandmother, Gram-Gram Rita. ? Gram-Gram Rita expcted Audrey to drop out of Middle-School and devote her time to perfecting the male gaze and cleaning glass table-tops to satisfy future suitors and potential husbands, per modern-Romanichal traditions. Audrey grew delirious and weary of this lifestyle, feeling confined to her grandma's lifestyles much like her deceased mother probably felt aswell, Audrey knew she had to run away and she ran from her home in Mission Row and started renting from local pimps and dealers to survive and get by. After years of abuse and horrible experiences at the hands of thugs, abusers, drug addicts, other prostitutes, pimps, and many other various hooligans and street rats, Audrey had enough and got out of the grasps of the slippery and slimey pimps that riddle the Strawberry? and Davis area's she found refuge, asylum, and danger, at... ?️? .... After time heals her physical and some of the mental wounds, Audrey turns her life around, she is now "Delirious Drama", also changing her name from Barbara to "Audrey Fox" to escape all ties from her past life... She named herself after the "Delirious", charming, and mystical/mysterious effect Audrey exudes. The "Drama" is simply for her dramatic dancer, makeup, and whimsy, effect. ?? ! Thus, the birth of Delirious Drama emerges from the depths of Davis on a cool Saturday afternoon after her heroin addicted pimp mentally and physically abused her to the point of severe trauma and pain, after she decided to leave, she was rebirthed, reborn, old life forever behind her as she lay, dizzied and dazzled on the corner, her diary continues on with the chronicles she endure's, alongside her mynky street/club companion, Lola Star? whom she met after a late night alcoholic episode relapse, and later found a life-long friend, amongst more to come... ? TO BE CONTINUED! ? Delirious's Theme Song
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