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Found 4 results

  1. Torian Mcclain also known as SK The Gunman. Picture of CPL. Yazmin Graham; Camp Pendleton OSD, aged 21 (Left) ~ Picture of United States Corps Marine Veteran Yazmin Graham; Chamberlain Hills Village SLS, aged 23 (Right)
  2. Consuela De La Cruz (daughter of an immigrant and a 3rd generation Mexican American) This girl is born & raised in Chamberlain Hills in a strict two-parent (formerly) household. Consuela's mother **(Jasmyn De La Cruz-Tamayo)** is from Juarez, Mexico while her father **(Moises De La Hoya; deceased)** was a 3rd generation Mexican-American. Jasmyn De La Cruz was a teacher back in Mexico for 2 years before meeting Consuela's father. Her parents met in Mexico City after Moises went back to Mexico to visit family. Ever since they met, the two stuck together and eventually married in Mexico before moving back to the United States. Jasmyn managed to obtain naturalized citizenship in the U.S. through marriage, her husband would often teach her English. Jasmyn managed to pass the demonstration exam by the skin of her teeth, she still struggles with speaking the language to this day, but understands it clearly. Growing up in a household with a native Mexican (Paisa) mother and a Mexican-American father was confusing for Consuela. Her father used to try and teach Consuela's mother English while working a full time job in construction. Consuela's father's work hours caused a strain on his quality time with her, so she often learned from her mother. Consuela entered the public school system in Kindergarten and took the ESL (English as a Second Language) classes up until 5th grade. **This is why Consuela talks in Spanish more than English.** After 5th grade, Consuela would leave the public school system after she was kicked out for having a knife in school. This caused Consuela's family to start home schooling her. Jasmine De La Cruz went from Consuela's mother to her teacher. During home school, her mother would often teach Consuela in Spanish majority of the time, however, the presence of the internet, Rosetta Stone and other devices taught her how to read & write in English. Most of the words she pronounces in English sound odd due to the accent she picked up from her mother, she often rolls her R's in English words. Consuela's father did a brief stint in jail for motorized assault on a man who was declared a sexual predator by the neighborhood. He died in his jail cell from a heart attack.
  3. Samuel. There is no rain. You are merely dreaming. Remember, Samuel, you're already dead. Did you forget how you died so quickly? Come, let me remind you. Your story wasn't always happy, it had a sad start, didn't it? From that one day when you wished it would rain. They say rain is gloomy, but what of the gloominess that comes without rain? The gloominess that creeps up and steals all the beauty that a morning sky can have. That makes you hate mornings. That makes you wish it was raining so they wouldn't steal mornings from you. What difference does it make, to die, when you're already dead? They don't scare me. They're dead, and I'm next. I know I'm next. I'm scared. I don't know why I'm scared. Work. Work harder. Do more. I have to prove it to myself that this world's all messed up. I can fix everything. I can change anyone. I can't let anyone see these thoughts. They'll think I'm crazy. I can't trust them. My parents were wrong, I know they were wrong, don't I? I shouldn't be hurting like this. Who's hurting me? School, that's right. I'll focus on school. I'll get good grades. I'll graduate and be A surgeon or doctor or anything that will get me out of here. Am I dying? Should I be feeling this happy? Do I deserve to feel anything, anyway? Love. What does that even mean? Why does it feel so good? The sun crept its way into the room, finding its way to her naked body, on the bed from millions of years away just to illuminate you. _____________________________________________________ (( I was really planning on not leaving any sort of footer, but it feels like this would seem too random for the average reader. The story of Samuel is not a simple story of "gang banging", or criminal activity. It's the story of psychological illness that goes by unnoticed in the heart of ghettos and slums. We all hear of the shooters and victims, but what makes a man a killer is rarely ever discussed. This is an attempt to accurately portray the manifestation of psychological illness in a healthy teenager that lives in the ghettos, and to follow the life of this man, perhaps for the better, or the worst. ))
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