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Found 3 results

  1. This thread will be two in one. So, two in one means that it will be the character development of Alexei Vasilevsky, a Russian male who left Los Santos in 2013, and he returned back to start a fresh star. Also, it will be a diary of the character and it will be a reminder for the development of where I stopped so I can continue his development further.
  2. The Odessa Gruppa Era In the city of Los Santos, San Andreas, a new era had dawned for the Odessa Gruppa. Avaraham Gerchikov, a long-time member of the group, had finally received the green light from Vladislav Borzilov to form his own crew. With Borzilov's blessing, Gerchikov set about assembling a team of his own. Gerchikov's crew was unlike any other in the Odessa Gruppa. Instead of focusing solely on traditional criminal enterprises like gambling and protection rackets, Gerchikov's crew had a more diversified portfolio. They made most of their money through drug trafficking, extortion, and car thefts. The crew's success was due in large part to Gerchikov's leadership. He was a shrewd businessman with an eye for opportunity. He knew how to spot profitable ventures and how to exploit them to the fullest. Under his guidance, the crew quickly became one of the most successful in the Odessa Gruppa. The crew's operations in Los Santos were carefully planned and executed. They had a network of contacts throughout the city, which helped them to move drugs and stolen vehicles without attracting too much attention from law enforcement. They also had a strong presence in the city's criminal underworld, which allowed them to collect protection money and extort businesses with relative ease.Despite their success, the crew was always careful to avoid drawing too much attention to themselves. They operated discreetly, using false identities and encrypted communication to keep their activities hidden from prying eyes. As the crew continued to grow and expand their operations, they began to recruit more and more young men from the post-Soviet Union countries. These recruits were often desperate for money and willing to take risks to make a name for themselves in the criminal underworld. Gerchikov saw this as an opportunity to build a loyal and dedicated team of soldiers who would be willing to do whatever it takes to succeed. To ensure that his recruits were up to the task, they taught the young men everything they needed to know about drug trafficking, from the mechanics of smuggling drugs to how to avoid getting caught by law enforcement. they also emphasized the importance of loyalty and discipline, ensuring that the recruits would be committed to the crew's mission. The crew became known for their use of advanced technology, including encrypted communication and high-tech surveillance equipment. Despite the risks, Gerchikov's crew continued to thrive in the criminal underworld of Los Santos. With their innovative tactics and strategic approach to business, they had become one of the most successful crews in the Odessa Gruppa. And with Gerchikov at the helm, they showed no signs of slowing down. Eurasian Organized Crime Era Avi was a small-time criminal with a group of loyal followers who were always looking for the next big score. They had been operating in their hometown for years, but they knew they needed to expand their operations to make any significant progress. That's when they heard about the Eurasian Organized Crime, a powerful criminal organization with connections all over the world. At first, Avi was hesitant to approach the organization. He had heard rumors about their ruthlessness and feared that they would take over his crew completely. But eventually, Avi and his closest associates decided to take the risk and approached the organization's leader, Ben. Ben was impressed by Avi's reputation and saw potential in his crew. He offered to bring them under his flag and help them expand their operations. In return, Avi and his crew would have to swear allegiance to the organization and follow Ben's orders. Avi was hesitant at first, but he knew that this was an opportunity that he couldn't afford to miss. He accepted the offer, and his crew became a part of the Eurasian Organized Crime. Avi had always been fascinated by the world of organized crime. Growing up in Tel Aviv, he saw firsthand the power and respect that came with being part of a criminal organization. So when he heard about a new player making waves in the underworld in Los Santos, he knew he had to be a part of it. He had heard about Ben from a friend in Tel Aviv named Oshri. Oshri was a small-time crook who had done a few jobs for Ben in the past, and he spoke highly of him. So Avi reached out to Oshri, and soon enough, he was introduced to Ben. Ben's crew was made up of Eurasian criminals, and they all operated under the wing of The Mosley Crime Family. The Mosleys were a powerful organization that controlled much of the criminal activity in Los Santos. They gave Ben's crew protection and resources, and in return, they expected loyalty and obedience. New era of leadership Avraham Gerchikov had been the leader of the Gerchikov crew for over 3 years. He had built a reputation as a tough but fair leader, someone who would protect his crew at all costs. But one day, that all changed. Two assassins had been hired to take out Avraham Gerchikov. They had been tracking his movements for weeks, waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike. And one day, they got it. Avraham Gerchikov was walking alone to his car after a meeting with one of his suppliers when the assassins made their move. They approached him from behind and quickly overpowered him. Before he could even react, they had shot him several times and fled the scene. News of Avraham Gerchikov's murder spread quickly throughout the criminal underworld. Some speculated that it was his old ship. Shamil Tsakaev and Lior Gerchikov, Avraham's brother, were quick to act. They knew that the crew needed a strong leader to survive, and they were determined to take over. With the help of a few trusted lieutenants, they staged a coup and took control of the crew. At first, there was some resistance from within the crew. Some members were loyal to Avraham Gerchikov and didn't want to see his brother take over. But Shamil and Lior were able to quash any dissent quickly and establish their authority. Under their leadership, the Gerchikov crew continued to thrive. They expanded their territory and their influence, becoming one of the most powerful criminal organizations in the city. And while some still mourned the loss of Avraham Gerchikov, the crew moved forward, determined to honor his legacy while building their own. In a recent crackdown on drug trafficking in Vespucci Beach, Los Santos, law enforcement officers arrested two men for the possession of controlled substances. The operation was carried out in a joint effort between the Los Santos Police Department and the Drug Enforcement Agency, and resulted in the seizure of a large quantity of drugs. According to official reports, the two men were taken into custody after a routine traffic stop in the early hours of the morning. Upon searching their vehicle, officers discovered several bags of illegal drugs, including cocaine, marijuana, and prescription pills. The suspects, whose names have not been released to the public, are believed to be part of a larger drug trafficking ring operating in the area. They are facing multiple charges, including possession with intent to distribute and conspiracy to commit drug offenses. In a statement to the press, a spokesperson for the Los Santos Police Department emphasized the importance of cracking down on drug trafficking in the city. "Drug trafficking is a serious crime that has a devastating impact on our communities," the spokesperson said. "We will continue to work tirelessly to identify and apprehend those responsible for bringing these dangerous substances into our city." The seizure of the drugs is being hailed as a significant victory in the fight against drug trafficking in Vespucci Beach. The confiscated substances are estimated to have a street value of several hundred thousand dollars, and their removal from circulation will undoubtedly have a positive impact on the local community. The suspects are currently being held in custody and will face trial in the coming weeks. In the meantime, law enforcement agencies are continuing to investigate the drug trafficking ring, with the aim of dismantling it entirely and bringing all those responsible to justice. The arrest and seizure serve as a reminder of the ongoing battle against drug trafficking in Los Santos, and the importance of remaining vigilant and proactive in the fight against this serious crime. Out of Character Info Our crew belongs to Eurasian Organized Crime, and we strive to create a truly authentic portrayal of a group operating under their wing. To achieve this, we expect our members to fully develop their characters and realistically roleplay their financial status. Our recruitment process occurs in-game and is fully immersive, but you can also join our Discord group and ask for the crew role to stay updated on our activities. We pride ourselves on providing a welcoming and inclusive environment for new members who are interested in joining Eurasian Organized Crime. For any questions you can PM @Outlaw Tales.
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