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  1. ?Dear Delirious Diary,? The night was young, much like Delirious' botox-ridden face ?, she decided to strut her shit on the boulevard in hopes of bagging herself a man for the night to pay for her wigs and for her dinner ?. While walking, Delirious ran into a local prostitute and thought it'd be polite to say "Hi" and show her how the girls shake their asses on the avenue now-a-days ??. The girl introduced herself as some fake alias hooker name that was forgotten and Delirious proudly invited her to be one of the girls, to which the woman respectfully declined, most likely as a result of thirsty, blood-sucking, pimps, latching onto these poor girls like a meal-ticket ?️?? ! Just as Delirious is about to be on her way, suddenly a wild police officer appears and begins to harass her on the basis of a "Prostitution Check", Delirious never heard of this ordinance and quickly demanded for names and badge numbers, being the Karen archetype that she is ??‍♂️? ! Ambience Music Below ?‍♀️?POOL PARTY??‍♀️ ??????????? Since things got a little crazy over in the hood ? Delirious needed to spice ?️? things up and show off her body, and she heard a pool party was happening in Del Perro! ? The men and paprazzi were dying to see Delirious, she debuted, showing off her bosoms and derriere to the crowd ??? ! The women looked extremely envious of Delirious and her breasts, but Delirious paid them no mind as she showed up to win attention, and it definitely did not include female attention ??‍♀️ . After lounging on the pool floatie Delirious grew delirious and weary of sitting and looking ?/FABULOUS/? and ?/DROP DEAD GORGEOUS/? , she got out of the pool and called up ?Lola STAR?. Lola made her debut at the pool party and bantered with Delirious and looked sexy but Delirious quickly got overwhelmed by calls and went to go meet up with some clientel in exchange for monetary value in exchange for personal favors ??. NSFW ADULT BLURRED IMAGES RELATED TO STORY IN SPOILER ??Another day, another dollar?? Delirious considers herself the "Hood Mona Lisa" ?️?️??️?She parts ways with the John in a fast pace due to her disgust and coming to the realization she's trash ♻️. Delirious hooks up with Lola again, of course, because they're best friends and rivals ☠️?‍♀️. While hanging out the two girls meet two fabulous hookers prowling the Davis and Strawberry streets, strutting their shit like there's no tomorrow in hopes of getting a John, Delirious related to the struggle and offered to do business with them. ? The gazelle in leopard announces herself as Nia, to which the girls named her "Nay-Nay" ?. The blonde bombshell is a stripper named Amanda, dubbed "Mandy" by the squad of prostitutes that have eachothers back like a tight sisterhood, established without boundaries or conditions ?? Lola and Delirious take the hooker and the hoe to the bar ? to show off and look glamorous, many women stared with jealousy ? The girls quickly grew tired ? of the bar due to the lack of men and left, but not before making a dramatic exit and loudly voicing their opinions in a negative way to the bar, to which they got sass back ??. ?Magnolia Records/Messy Records? The girls get brought to Magnolia Records, Lola's fling/sugar daddy "BZ" is some sort of rapper who produces here??‍♀️ The girls are told to behave but are in no such mood ??. The girls are frisky and hungry for attention and fun ??. Because the girls were desperate for attention they began to twerk and shake their lumpy asses in the office/waiting room of Magnolia Records then began to act obnoxious and messy, nobody was phased though as this was how the girls behaved on a GOOD day ??️. After getting tuckered out like pre-schoolers, the girls demand apple juice ? and receive it, but they have the attention span of a goldfish so ended up getting distracted from their bordeom and left ?. GOODNIGHT GIRL FRIEND ?? The girls get driven back to Delirious and Lola's hood to have a slumber party ???‍♀️. Delirious finally feels like she has people to call her own, her own little group of skanks to keep her company, family. Nay-Nay and Mandy rest in Delirious' spare guest room as they all slip into temporary coma's due to the intense dancing they all performed early that evening ?. BIG PROBLEM. DELIRIOUS IS SUDDENLY FEELING . . . VENOMOUS ? TO BE CONTINUED . . . . ! ? Tonights Theme Song
  2. THE DIARY SPIRALS OUT OF CONTROL, DELIRIOUSLY! ? Audrey gets picked up ? by her two bottom bitches who were loyal since day 1, Lola Star? and Riri Badbitch ? ! Lola, disappointed in Delirious' poor party planning, decided to take it upon herself to find a party, they ventured up into the Vinewood Hills to entice rich ? men and go to a party, the girls, being the nervous gazelles that they are, decided to formulate a plan to stick together since their sex appeal is both a gift and a curse ?☠️! Audrey changes into an extremely slutty? ensemble in the car, changing mid-drive right in the open due to the fact that she has no shame and the fact that she is addicted to changing her outfits to impress, seduce, and entice unsuspecting John's ?? . . . BACON IN THE MIDST OF ROYALTY ? ?‍♂️ ? ? ? ? ~♥~♥~♥~? ~♥~♥~♥~ The girls show up to the party to a whole group of people flooding out the door in a scene only Delirious and her girls could witness ?️??️ ⁉️ After some debate, the girls decide to proceed, Delirious wanted to show off her breasts and outfit to the party as they are her best and most insured asset ?. She giggles and jiggles around the party, bantering and showing off her body and blonde wig, being the socialite that she is, when suddenly, the police show up about six minutes into being at the party ? . . . Since Delirious is allergic to police activity and it gives her extreme anxiety, she and the girls decided to dip out on account of Delirious' allergic reaction beginning to make her break out in hives and bed bug bites ? randomly (at least that's what Audrey thought!), the girls dipped out and did not hesitate, Delirious nearly left her slipper like Cinderella did at the ball ? ?️ In a last ditch effort to get attention, Delirious foolishly threw herself down a hill before leaving the party, unfortunately for her, it was for nothing, as nobody paid attention. She wiped her tears ?? and grass ? stains off her face and went back to find her friends. Unfortunately she also ripped her fishnets too! ? The girls collect a pathetic Delirious in an inebriated state, almost hybernation/inebriation-like ?. The poor Delirious deliriously wobbles to the car and gets brought to Lola's house where things get hazy ? for Delirious from there, all she remembers after that is dancing ? the strenuous amounts of Oxycodone pills ? out of her system then passing out on Lola's couch. Delirious is going down hill faster then those stocks she ignorantly invested in?! What next will become of Delirious ?Cherry? Drama? Will it be pregnancy or a new infection diagnosis ?? Stay tuned . . . ?TO BE CONTINUED!!!!! ? Tonights Theme Song . . .
  3. ???The Diary Continues . . . ! ? Delirious makes her way to work in a pill induced stupor ??, feeling the effects of multiple Oxycodone pills being crushed up and snorted ⚪??! She kept her cool and her job as she went to work intoxicated, her boss with the white pants on who she forgets his name but flirts with regularly ?? told her to keep an eye on the two "C Grade" hunks that happened to be working that night, and she definitely did. Delirious wasted no time in dropping it like it's hot and showing the boys what she's working with ?? ! The boys were both shocked, confused, intrigued, and bewildered. All of this happened when the bosses back was turned luckily ? ! Belly-dancing and selling the "Arabian Nights" illusion! ?‍♂️? Delirious was quite professional at Smoky Dots despite her intoxication and drug addiction ??. Delirious was excited to move like a snake and slither around in the Hookah Lounge in her belly-dancing uniform, going from booth, to booth, to booth, to booth, hustling like all the women in her family did, just like grandma taught her ???‍♀️. Delirious' Hips Don't Lie as she Belly-Dances for the clout and money! ☁️? At the end of the night Delirious made quite a shiny penny at this swanky yet mysterious hookah lounge that is very reputable. She left making her impression, however, her best friend, co-star, sister, neighbor, and god-daughter (in Audrey's mind) is coming back, so a surprise party is of course in store for Lola Star ⭐?. Delirious unfortunately got drunk and outrageous and had to take a brief nap but when she returns, her best friend Lola comes back from either a cheese fair or fashion week, but Delirious can't remember ??? . . . . . . ! ?To Be Dramatically Continued! ??
  4. ? Dear Delirious Diary, ? ~♥~ ??? The day starts off like any other day, Delirious wakes up and finds she has none of her Oxycodone pills left and she simply cannot perform with out them! ? She quickly heads to the Hope Clinic, her less favored clinic that grows supicious with her with each visit, in hopes of getting her Oxycodone prescription filled! ??‍⚕️ After a long time of waiting in line and hearing some hussy complain and mope about the clinic in an unfashionable way, it was Delirious' turn to explain the nature of her debut in the clinic. She explained she had pain! ? And restlessness! ?And the clunky receptionist told Delirious to take a seat and wait after Delirious exchanged her private contact information! ?? An Awkward Talk ? After waiting with what fealt like an eternity ⏳ Delirious was finally told to come back, things couldn't get more awkward when Delirious noticed she was having several outfit malfunctions! ? Luckily the doctor did not see or notice over the desk and her glasses ? . . . The two talked about some stuff Delirious forgot about and Delirious continued to fake her illness in order to use and abuse drugs like men do to her ? ? ? . . . Despite being exposed and disposed of ♻️ Delirious still got her prescription, showcasing her wonderful actress talents yet again as she puts on an Oscar winning ? worthy performance in Hope Clinic. She walks out of the clinic, kissing her script ??, as she gets a sudden phone call from her Hookah Lounge ? job, requesting she come A.S.A.P to belly-dance her ass off! ?? TO BE CONTINUED . . . . . . . ! ?? Tonights Theme Song!
  5. Blondie


    I smoke like a chimney, You're only young and beautiful once, might as well enjoy it and do what you want until your looks dry up! ?
  6. I couldnt pick one Any more ladies ? ?
  7. Oh thats disappointing the online chars are so wide shouldered well okay I'll report the bug thanks. (UPDATE: I made a bug report ?)
  8. You guys should try to find a mod that make the women GTAonline chars look feminine like a body mod
  9. We have many times and we are met with "just use a GTAonline skin" so at this point I dont know what to do.
  10. Okay but can we ever get ped skins fixed?
  12. ◘DRAMA◘ A Deliriously Pleasant Diary Entry _-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_ After a brief hiatus of Delirious faking an illness to get out of jury duty ?‍⚖️ as well as going to both Hope and Infinity health clinic to get prescribed a low dose of Oxycodone ?, Delirious A.K.A , Audrey, is ready to get back to work in her delirious stupor and state ?, along with fighting off a nasal infection and a lip injection infection ?... ?? Getting Ready ? After Delirious finished powdering her face and applies a thick layer of gloss ? and mascara she checked her phone ? to see the gigs for today, she forgot about having to work The Meteor Gentleman's Club tonight at 10 PM so she heads to the club to wait and sit with one of her bosses and whore friends, Ava, who runs the strip joint. ? Her heels echo loudly in the desolate and near-empty strip club as they await for the hounds to flood in! ?? ( Oh, and Delirious changed her shirt to something more sexual and tacky before leaving the house, for the clout!☁️ ) Ava greets Delirious upon her entrance, locating Ava in the back as they converse and meet up like two old hags in a whore house ?️??️ ! Ava asks Delirious if she'd like a drink to which she politely obliges, asking for a diet coke so she can watch her figure due to the alcohol making her break out in infectious hives for an unknown reason ? . . . . The two converse about how untrustworthy men are and how Delirious' dream is to find and marry a rich man that is unfraithful in order to divorce him for his assets on the grounds of infedelity, Ava hesitantly yet curiously probed questions, ending up agreeing with Delirious on the basis of men being cheating dogs (from experience escorting with various married judges, cops, lawyers, and clowns) ! ?? NSFW ADULT BLURRED IMAGES RELATED TO STORY IN SPOILER Delirious shakes & performs throughout the night, fakely bantering and trying to put her name out there in hopes of becoming Los Santos' biggest star ?? ! Delirious made a pretty penny and had at least two local stalkers come in to see her perform, she loved the attention and thanked the convicted criminals profusely in hopes of getting their tip money and in hopes of not being assaulted in the parking lot! ? ?? All in all, Delirious ended up having an okay night, although she still feels bloated and sick from yesterdays date and a little bit sea sick from him too! ? !!!!! Delirious says goodbye to her friend Riri who happened to be dancing there that night as well, with a little Asian persuasian, to Audrey, anything is possible! ? ! ? ! Riri seems nervous for Delirious after Delirious reveals her boss from "The Gypsy Oracle" was seen texting her threatening messages to which Riri walks a nervous and paranoid Delirious out to her car, not to be seen for a few days until she recovers her bones and breasts after an extremely long nights service at The Meteor Gentleman's Club! ?? ? TO BE CONTINUED.......! ? Tonights Episodes Theme Song . . . ! ?
  13. I've had someone say I couldnt use my skin at a job IC because "my ped skin wasn't detailed enough" (Which I couldn't disagree more with, I find ped skins 10x more detailed and unique). Also, I could spend the time making a GTAonline character, It's not about laziness it's about personal taste, that's not gonna negate the fact I'm unsatisfied with the customization options and the fact that there's no body sliders, I don't want my character to have football player shoulders and a flat chest, I get that you roleplay those assets, but it's both an aesthetic and personal choice I make and I'm happy to see some people agreeing with that because I personally don't find it lazy not to spend an hour on a character that will look ugly either way.
  14. Yeah I don't see what's wrong with "Doink" myself either, never roleplayed with them, but what is making people so upset about a man roleplaying as a muscley weight-lifter who goes into businesses topless? Those people exist in real life... If you want realism you must accept diversity and variety otherwise the server will get bland and stale real fast. As long as you're roleplaying and following the rules I don't see a problem with the way someone presents their character, that's just me.
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