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  1. You are bringing up German law, but the exact law you are bringing up is 1) outdated in the case of video games and 2) irrelevant for players. https://www.google.com/search?q=verfassungsfeindliche+symbole+in+videospielen&client=opera-gx&hs=5Zp&sxsrf=APq-WBsvsj2i1lhYjH2Tfe1D5qQEb6sEaA%3A1649015848475&ei=KPxJYsDKHOeo9u8Pls6RwA4&oq=verfassungsfeindliche+symbole+in+v&gs_lcp=Cgdnd3Mtd2l6EAMYADIGCAAQFhAeMgYIABAWEB46BAgjECc6CwguEIAEELEDEIMBOgsIABCABBCxAxCDAToLCC4QsQMQgwEQ1AI6DgguEIAEELEDEMcBENEDOhEILhCABBCxAxCDARDHARDRAzoICC4QsQMQgwE6BAgAEEM6DggAEIAEELEDEIMBEMkDOgUIABCABDoFCAAQsQM6CAgAELEDEIMBOgcIABCxAxBDOggIABCABBCxAzoKCAAQsQMQgwEQCkoECEEYAEoECEYYAFAAWJouYOY0aABwAHgAgAHlAYgB6wiSAQYxMS4wLjGYAQCgAQHAAQE&sclient=gws-wiz
  2. Please contact 21323757 for viewing times.
  3. Offering buyout pending viewing. Please contact 21323757 for viewing times.
  4. Alright... I think a few things need to be said here. This clothing update has been planned and been worked on for months. In these months, everyone on this server had a chance to suggest mods to be added to the server. Especially on the male side of things, we were lacking the good mod suggestions. The reason for this is simple: There is a lack of them. Whenever we had the chance to grab some up, we did. Whenever we could take a mod and optimize it to a point they were deemed acceptable, we did. Whatever we could add, we did. We do not have more. Did females get more stuff? Yes. Why? There is more. Would you rather have us add less things? @Jennie collected a ton of mods and we had to cut away a ton of her suggestions, which was a shame but just a reality. We can not create a whole bunch of "normal clothing" or specific needs you might have, out of nowhere. It just is not a thing in the world of GTA Modding. I am sure if anyone had an actual mod they could have added in this update, they would have posted it in the past 6 pages. 12,651. That is the amount of different clothing files that are on this server right now. It is a shit ton. Looking at the comments here, that is still not enough? People want more, and more, and more. We are reaching and pushing limits here. Personally I would give you all of the mods in the world. Have you add your own mods for all I care. Reality is though, that just is not possible or feasible. We got to optimize, try, test, and do it all over again. There are files that are simply too big.
  5. Still limited by RAGE and GTA fue to a hard coded limit. RAGE needs to hook into it in order for us to add new guns and bring in the glock, sig and m&p 9 again.
  6. nervous is correct here. way back we had 4k textures loading at a close distance, else 2k. Those 4k textures have been gone for a while now. Sure, the additions are a lot, but at the end of the day, as others are saying, we are dealing with an engine that was never meant to deal with the amount of players we deal with right now. Whenever we do additions, we try to optimize them as well as we can to have minimal impact on players and their overall performance. The issues we are facing would also happen if we used purely vanilla vehicles. It is the amount of vehicles and player models spawned at a given time, that make the difference here.
  7. Feel free to send me your contact info.
  8. 114 Meteor Street, Downtown Vinewood, Los Santos https://imgur.com/a/TfVExHJ 1-bed room apartment in Downtown VinewoodCommunal pool right outsideLarge kitchen and living areaRecently renovated $250,000 buyout
  9. very good read from a legal player i do appreciate the transparency in this and would love if LFM did something similiar at some point, to both take feedback and address issues.
  10. GTA WORLD - MODDING TEAM APPLICATION Are you interested in modding GTA V and making your game experience more interesting? Do you like creating your own clothing line ups for your single-player game? Do you just love editing cars and seeing your own vision in the game? GTA World's modding team is looking for additional members to help improve our existing mods on the server, implement new modifications, fixing bugs, creating documentation and guides of existing mods and much more. Here is what we are looking for in people trying to join the team: Knowledge of clientside GTA V modding (Weapons, vehicles, objects, maps, clothing / skins or other) Experience in creating / editing GTA related models in Autodesk 3ds Max Experience in creating / editing GTA related models in Zmodeler Experience in creating / editing textures in Photoshop Creative ideas as to how you could improve the server Teamwork mindset If you see yourself as someone who can provide any of the above, feel free to send a FORUM PM to me including the following: What do you have experience in? What do you bring to the table? What ideas do you have? Pictures of some of your previous work. Why do you want to join the team? I look forward to hearing from you!
  11. There is a massive difference between injecting objects into the game compared to streaming objects by placing them with the furniture system. One is controlled by RAGE, the other controlled by GTA V itself. We have not added grass, they are tree objects. There is a difference between adding additional vegetation and trees.
  12. We can remove misplaced things. That is not the biggest of issues. Same goes for hot dog stands.
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