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  1. The Pearl's Restaurant is not only looking to offer you the finest food in the town along with the beautiful view, in our servicing practice we have recently implemented a new project of "Music Nights". From now on, you will be able to enjoy your dinner with a nice, live music mixed with the sound of sea waves. Both Alina Emmens, the guitarist and singer, and Yui Mikata, the pianist, will for sure make you feel more relaxed than ever with their heart touching musical performance.
  2. https://sites.google.com/view/pearlseafood/home The Pearl's Seafood Restaurant, located in Del Perro Pier, Los Santos, if offering you the tastiest and finest experience in whole Los Santos when it comes to restaurants. Surrounded by beautiful shore on one side and huge waves on the other, The Pearl's is one of those places that naturally enhances romantic aura! First time this lovely establishment was mentioned in the records of Los Santos city is considered officially to be 1925. However, the rumor has it, that exactly this location is one of the oldest Los Santos monuments that witness the earliest development of the city. According to the stories of locals, The Pearl's Restaurant, more precisely - the building that stood there, initially served as an immi- grant center in early 1720's. For immigrants in search of a better life, the building it self was not a simple receive center, but rather a symbol of an ultimate destination on their journey to the happiness. Over the years, "La Perla" - the immigrant center, supposedly started becoming more and more useless in this function due to the dev- elopment of the modern's day transportation and eventually became a quiet wooden witness of once vibrant Los Santos past. In 1925, a rich Ashkenazi investor from Europe revived the image and reputation of this once heart-warming place. On this exact same location, Ezra Goldman initiated the reconstruction of not only "La Perla" but also of the entire Del Perro pier, significantly enlarging it and making it a publicly opened area. Over the years, "La Perla" became "The Pearl's" and started operating as "fish house" - main spot for fishing. In the late 90's, The Pearl's saw yet another reconstruction and it stands that way till today. The building currently operates as a sea food restaurant being supplied by local fishers. The Pearl's Restaurant is offering you a diverse menu of seafood. Our food is made of fresh and healthy ocean seafood and skillfully prepared by one of the finest city's chefs. Most of our recipes are of an authentic Italian and Greek origins, furthermore, you will get the feeling as if you were having your meal in the middle of the Mediterranean's. The Pearl's team is growing every day. At the moment we are proud to say we have 21 member in our team but we are always ready to recruit more people and have them on board. We're hiring on multiple job positions: - Waiters ( 4000 $ per hour + bonus (2-4 thousand $) - Hosts ( 4000 $ per hour + bonus (2-4 thousand $) - Chefs ( 4000 $ per hour + bonus (2-4 thousand $) - Baristas ( 4000 $ per hour + bonus (2-4 thousand $)
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