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  1. Auction has ended. Buyer please get in contact to arrange the exchange.
  2. Buyout: $150,000 Current Offer: $135,000
  3. *Username: SayMyName *Rating (( 1-5 stars)): 5 all the way *Comment: I absolutely love this shop. The service is great and the products are even better! You need a gift for a friend or a cheeky treat for yourself, hit this place!
  4. Short description: Add the ability to block phone numbers from your phone Detailed description: Using any kind of phone, it would be great if you could have the ability to block texts or calls from a phone number that may be harassing you. Of course if you lose access to that phone number you have blocked others from, it doesn't apply until you block them again. If you are blocked by a number, then it returns a message saying 'Blocked Call', instantly returns a 'Call Disconnected' message or just keeps dialling until the caller gives up. Either way, the person receiving the phone call doesn't need to know about the attempted call. Either that, or the player can choose a setting on whether they want to know about calls from blocked numbers or not. Commands to add: /blocknumber (add the ability to block the number from the call logs app on the smartphone) Items to add: N/A How would your suggestion improve the server? This can severely reduce trolling and it just adds a level of realism as this is a very basic function for phones in real life. Additional information:
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