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Found 14 results

  1. The Excellence Designs For Interior Designing The Excellence Designs is an interior design company that aims to give the best interior experience to their customers all over San Andreas. Taking your interior from scratch and working on it until it fits your style and request. Every design is customized with every detail to be a true reflection of its owner. Every design has a secret, every corner has a professional touch, every project is a new challenge, and every new client is a pleasure. The main advantage of being a customer of the company, is that it's all about the customer, the company is aiming to fulfill customer's request precisely and puts it's customers in the center, which eventually leads to an effective service. Combining the designer's creativity, ideas and customer's requests, The Excellence Designs guarantees pleasing and the most comfortable, reliable and creative interior design service you can find in San Andreas. We accept all type of projects, whatever the size and the and purpose, we are ready to deliver; • Apartments • Penthouses • Houses • Mansions • Businesses with all types Our Portfolio: The Excellence Designs has completed 21 Projects. 13 = Apartment 2 = Penthouse 4 = House 0 = Mansion 2 = Business Completed Projects List: 01- Excellence Apartment 02- Javier Carvallo's Apartment 03- Rei's Apartment 04- Jacob Seung's Apartment 05- Mia Cortell's Apartment 06- Jon Anderson's Apartment 07- Excellence Penthouse 08- Dua Morino's Apartment 09- Alessia Bianco's Apartment 10- Frank Dooely's House 11- Madison Aldrich's House 12- Melina Jones' Apartment 13- Luna Latvian Café 14- Daniel Sterling's Lounge 15- Chantelle Knight's Apartment 16- Excellence Tinsel Apartment 17- Frank Watson's Apartment 18- Logan M's House 19- Phi Kappa Sigma Fraternity House (1st Floor) 20- Tassia Lowe's Apartment 21- SM | Motors (Used Car Dealership) 01- Excellence Apartment Size: Small Location: Alta Street Style: Modern 02- Javier Carvallo's Apartment Size: Small Location: Vespucci Blvd Style: Modern/Classic 03- Rei's Apartment Size: Medium Location: Vespucci Blvd Style: Modern 04- Jacob Seung's Apartment Size: Small Location: Little Seoul Style: Modern 05- Mia Cortell's Apartment Size: Medium Location: Vinewood Style: Modern 06- Jon Anderson's Apartment Size: Medium Location: Style: Modern/Classic 07- Excellence Penthouse Size: Large Location: Style: Modern 08- Dua Morino's Apartment Size: Medium Location: Style: Modern 09- Alessia Bianco's Apartment Size: Small Location: Style: Modern 10- Frank Dooely's House Size: Small Location: Paleto Bay Style: Classic 11- Madison Aldrich's House Size: Medium-Large Location: Style: Modern 12- Milena Jones' Apartment Size: Small Location: Vespucci Blvd Style: Modern 13- Luna Latvian Café Size: Small Location: Vespucci Blvd Style: Modern 14- Daniel Sterling's Lounge Size: Medium-Large Location: Strawberry Avenue Style: Modern-Classic 15- Chantelle Knight's Apartment Size: Small-Medium Location: Power Street Style: Classic-Modern 16- Excellence Tinsel Apartment Size: Large Location: Tinsel Tower Style: Classic-Modern 17- Frank Watson's Apartment Size: Small Location: Imagination Court Style: Modern 18- Logan M's House Size: Small-Medium Location: Roy Lowenstein Blvd Style: Classic-Modern 19- Phi Kappa Sigma Fraternity House (1st Floor) Size: Large Location: Richman Style: Modern-Classic 20- Tassia Lowe's Apartment Size: Small Location: Vesspuci Avenue Style: Classic-Modern 21- SM | Motors (Used Car Dealership) Size: Medium-Large Location: Rockford Hills Style: Modern-Classic The Excellence Designs; For your Excellency
  2. Currently Not Taking projects. Need help with your place? Either is a business, apartment, mansion or a trailer call us! Contact us via: Email: [email protected] ((forum PM)) Phone: 270689 **Comment option enabled by the owner of the website www.MendezHomeDesign.com**
  3. Currently Not Taking projects. Need help with your place? Either is a business, apartment, mansion or a trailer call us! Contact us via: Email: [email protected] ((forum PM)) Phone: 270689
  4. Management Global Network is a greatly respected company that specializes in businesses and residential work. Founded in Los Santos by Marcus Nadler Gorlenko in 2019, the practice creates individual interiors inspired by the culture and nature of the location, by the travels of the team and by the artisans with whom they work. Since our launch in 2019, MGN has completed a unique roll call of interiors projects around the city, from luxurious businesses through to one off residential properties. Led by MGN's founder, Marcus Nadler Gorlenko, our professional team brings together a wealth of design and project management experience. From our base in Israel ork with international clients who range from developers and operators to discerning private owners. What they each have in common is that they share our commitment to the very highest standards and our vision for fresh, exciting, intelligent design. (( https://discord.gg/A3he9Yby Join us for more information. )) We are visionary Our vision is ambitious, far-ranging and constantly innovating. Guided by clear style principles yet unfettered by a house ‘style’, we always see beyond the bounds of a brief to discover surprising and inspiring possibilities. We create inspiring experiences Our spaces are transformative. By going beyond trend we design environments that are original and timeless and which spark all the senses. We understand the ultimate essence of a project, which unlocks the authentic design story. The result is a unique, immersive experience that is exactly right for the place and the people within it. We are collaborators When we work together, exciting things happen. On every project, we collaborate with our clients and with each other to arrive at a unique and tailored solution. It elevates every project beyond even the greatest individual conception. It’s the best and most enjoyable way we know of bringing our vision to life. Our services We provide a full range of interior design services and prefer to be included in the project team from the earliest stage. - Design brief advisory - Concept creation - Space planning - Programme development - Schematic design - Design development - Contract documentation production - Purchasing - Installation supervision / Site inspection Type of Rooms in a house. We provide a big range of room options and prefer if the client will be the one picking them with our advisory. Type of Styles
  5. ABOUT US D. Sweeney is a interior design company started in the summer of 2021 by Drew Sweeney. The company's focus is to offer creative, groundbreaking and sustainable design & architectural solutions to it's clients. Both in residental and commercial areas. CONTACT US PHONE - 888-1250 / E-mail - [email protected] All inquiries will be answered within 24 hours. PORTFOLIO RESIDENTAL PROJECTS Tinsel Tower Apartment Hawick Avenue Apartment COMMERICAL PROJECTS Kanpeki
  6. [WEBSITE] [ Click here to view our website and portfolio, or to request our services. ] [ Click here to view our website and portfolio, or to request our services. ] [ Click here to view our website and portfolio, or to request our services. ]
  7. Lucia

    Weber LLC

    Domain reservation Copyright © 2020 Weber LLC. All rights reserved.
  8. PlayerX

    Decker Designs

    Est. 2016 - Contact# 991199 No Detail is Too Small Those are the words Brian Decker lives by. He has always had a creative mind, with a unique ability to think outside the box. From when he was a little boy, drawing pictures of houses to last year when decided to take on renovating his own home, It just clicked. Everything came natural to him. He realized then that he could turn his passion for art and creativity into a business. From that day, he spent all his free time researching all the intricacies that are Los Santos City Ordinances- specifically the ones that relate to property construction and remodeling. Today, he feels confident enough to make it official, and show the world what he can do! Our Portfolio
  9. Interior Motives Design Sick and tired of contractors charging a fortune? Here at Interior Motives, we try to give you the best bang for your buck. We know times are tough in Los Santos and we're willing to negotiate with you. Our contractors do all types of work. From tile work, painting, or sheet rock. We do it all! With our team we are able to complete the job faster than the competition because we hire a crew of workers to help lay down the foundation! We are willing to do commercial businesses, private homes, and anything else that you can think of! We will beat the competitors prices! We offer consultations and estimates on what you want done to fit your budget! Our down payment plan makes it easy and affordable so you can have the house you've always wanted at an affordable price! Take a look at our professional portfolio! Satisfaction guaranteed or we will give you your money back! Recent Work Contact Us Email: [email protected] ((FORUM PM))
  10. Bespoken. Eclectic. Tailored. Reign is an interior design company that puts the sceptre within your power to create a space that is unique and meaningful to you or your business. Faithful to your desires, we strive to make every endeavour to meet each need, entreaty or wish that is asked of us. No boundaries are put upon your sovereignty, we review all requests submitted and treat every client as an individual. We will always customise our terms, prices and time to be best suited to you. If you have any enquires, please do not hesitate to get in touch by contacting 62201500 or by sending an email to [email protected]. (( @jessica )) COMMISSIONS CLOSED. For more information about our commissions, please click HERE. RECRUITMENT CURRENTLY CLOSED. For more information about working for us, please click HERE. If you are interested in hiring us or working for us then we encourage you to turn on email notifications to be informed when our commissions or recruitment opens. You can subscribe to these emails by commenting the following on this forum: Email: Allow email notifications for: Commissions: YES/NO Recruitment: YES/NO Comments: Email: Comment: Website Entries: ENTRY 1 - NOT FOUND ENTRY 2 - NOT FOUND --------------------------------------
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