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  1. Tank

    Weapon recoil.

    I'd like to see this added. Whether you like it or not, shooting is a huge part of the game and can bring character's lives to an end as well as factions. IFM has facilitated crazy gun fights in the middle of a, supposedly, dense city and I welcome any deterrent to the usage of assault rifles in conflicts. They should be harder to handle. As it is right now, it's simply too easy.
  2. I see a few problems with this approach. If the admin team decided that it was going to snow in San Andreas why was there a poll in the first place? I don't think snow should have been added if the decision was entirely on management's shoulders. If the poll was taken into account, perhaps I'm misremembering it but it only ran for a few hours. It should have been voted on the forums or in-game, weeks in advance to give everyone a chance to chime in. I personally don't care about snow but I wouldn't add it either. Firstly because it raises concerns about continuity and secondly because it snows inside interiors. Features shouldn't ship with bugs as visible / detectable as this.
  3. Nice to see you back in the MC scene, Fergie. Have fun!
  4. A good run in spite of everything that happened to the faction. Much love.
  5. This is actually a quite realistic and pleasant approach to MC role-play.
  6. If there was a map extension, such as Liberty City, what would management plan to do with it? Anything at all? Seeing as the map is large as it is.
  7. I may have not explained exactly what I'm suggesting so I'll rephrase it. I am not asking for admins to be more lenient or for them not to dish out punishment. I am however, suggesting that the concept of an admin jail is dated, persisting throughout multiple role-play servers for years. Bans sound terrible but what I am suggesting is admin jails are removed and replaced with suspensions aka temporary bans. In theory an admin jail and a temporary suspension have no real difference. One forces you to stay in-game and I ask you, what for? What is the purpose of forcing a community member to sit through an admin jail where they literally do not do anything productive? If the norm in online games are suspensions, why can't role-play servers employ the same methods? Sitting in-game, frozen, unable to do anything is definitely more personal and feels more like real and unnecessary punishment than being unable to play. I am aware admins aren't out here trying to punish people. I was an admin on LS-RP and I was the receiver of abuse at times from disgruntled players who didn't agree with my decisions. That happens and will always happen. It's always negative for a person to receive punishment, it's just how it is. Nobody likes to be reprimanded. Administrating a game like this is hard. Role-play isn't black and white. Regardless of all that, revoking a player's access to the game is a much better solution than forcing them to be online staring at nothing. You're not teaching the player anything by forcing this upon them. The players know or should know the rules. If they break these rules, warn them, suspend them and ban them if necessary.
  8. They employ suspensions in MMOs and shooters, not admin jails. That's what we're talking about. The concept behind an a-jail and how forcing someone to be online and do absolutely nothing productive is bad.
  9. A suspension should deter future offenses all the same. Time off the game allows people to think about what they've done as well. Except you don't have to literally waste time in-game and thus not extend the punishment outside the game. I get the point of an a-jail is to punish. I just think that's the wrong way to go about it.
  10. What point are you trying to make? What you've said is true but I don't see how it correlates to a-jails and punishment or how it answers Fergie's question.
  11. You don't see no issues with it. How do you know the system works fine? Why isn't that the norm then? Why are suspensions favored over the concept of admin jails in other online games? It's easy to say "don't fuck up" until it happens to you. I have never been punished on this server and I still think it's a dumb concept to force people to sit in a-jail staring at nothing. You don't need to teach people how to behave with punishment. If they don't behave you show them out, simple as.
  12. Why not? Player breaks a small rule? Issue a verbal or script warning (one that stays on their record). Player had a poor reason to kill? Issue a few hour / day suspension based on what happened. Player outright deathmatched? Issue a long term or permanent ban. Isn't a suspension taking away your fun too? Can't play GTAW for a specific period of time. Why must people sit in-game, frozen and stare at nothing?
  13. All the counter arguments I've read so far make one thing clear: a-jails should remain to make people suffer or feel the consequences. Does nobody see anything wrong with that sentence? Forcing people to be online to wait out their punishment doesn't sit right with me. The argument that people must feel the punishment is weak. If people want to break rules, they will and they will be punished again and again which will lead to a ban. Like Fergie said, there's no other online game that uses a-jails. For short sentences such as a 30 minute a-jail why not issue warnings? It must not be so bad to warrant punishment for such a short period of time.
  14. So you are forced if you want to play again? That didn't make much sense.
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