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  1. The real Tuff Fellas 💪
  2. I could picture these items working well for RP, it could even allow for drug paraphernalia charges with syringes and pipes for example. Its not necessary, but it definitely doesn't hurt.
  3. I think he means that a lot of PD characters are alt characters of players. They aren't the main focus of the player, and as such, aren't as high quality as their other characters. Correct me if I'm incorrect though.
  4. Ooh, what about the arcade games that were added as furniture being playable, with highscores on machines and stuff (if possible). Arcades could become a valid business, it could be kinda cool I think.
  5. For sure, if we introduce this, I feel it should be all around, not just one specific sect of factions. It would create such uniqueness, and opt for more roleplay before faction threads are created in order to have a good starting post. Also yeah, they comin' with dracos.
  6. Ehh, I don't think we should RP GTA gangs or real ones, but rather unique ones. But to each their own, yeah?
  7. So I doubt street gangs such as Bloods, Crips, Gangster Disciples hold any copyright, however would this carry over to those as well, or are we just targeting MC's here? I agree 100% with this topic, but would this translate to the rest of the factions for name use/art use/etc?
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