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  1. All I’m gonna say regarding this matter is that people tend to think that long ass /me’s mean quality RP. Maybe in 2015.. If you’re skilled enough to make short /me’s that precisely describe what you are doing, why not? Most of the time less is more. inb4 people gonna start demanding me to rp /me breaths or /me speaks.
  2. Proper shit for a change. Keep this up
  3. NAME: Mark Lee Heilman AGE: 52 (D.O.B. March 27, 1968) MONIKER(S): Kneecap Shotgun Mark Speedball M. BACKGROUND INFORMATION: Born to an Aryan Brotherhood member, Peter "Shank" Heilman and Ashley Stewart. His father was already serving a life sentence in San Andreas' level four yard and his mother overdosed with heroin when Mark was just three years old. Raised by his uncle, Wade "Sleepy" Heilman in Vespucci's white trash community. Mark's uncle was a junkie who neglected him. Hung out with the local white supremacist gangs from a very young age embracing their culture and ideals. Got addicted to drugs by the age of 14 and dropped out of high school resorting to petty crime and local drug distribution to make a living wich eventually got him thrown in juvenile hall. Spent the following years in and out of juvenile halls. At the age of 22 got sentenced to 7 years for arson and attempted murder. While inside, Mark got his sentence prolongued for another ten years by staying true to his white supremacist ideals and getting involved in racial wars. Got released on parole by the time he was 39 years old and went through rehab to get clean. In late 2008 started working as a part time mechanic in a motorcycle's garage that was frequented by members of the Peckerwoods Motorcycle Club. Mark quickly got allured to the outlaw lifestyle and freedom. Bought his first second handed Harley Davidson and hung around a few clubs across the West Coast for the next couple of years. In the meantime he relapsed back to crystal methamphetamines and eventually heroin. Met Jazmin Walker in a local bar while she worked as waitress. After a couple of monts the two started dating and on the day Mark turned 43 the two got married. In the following years Mark and a small group of friends with the same deranged morals survived the best way they could... cutting and selling the same drugs they consumed, stealing everything from wallets to vehicles, cashing out wellfare checks, etc. Mark was arrested on drug posession with intent to sell and battery charges and did another four years sentence in San Andreas State Prison. The common denominators between his group of misfit friends was always the love for motorcycles, alchool and drugs and in early 2015 the decision to create Rotten Few Motorcycle was made and Mark was assigned as the President. ((wip))
  4. We're the rotten few we'll always stay We're street punks and pogo punks And skinheads even rudie drunks We'll survive anywhere under your nose We'll piss and puke just anywhere If you don't like my friends talk to my boot This thread follows the life of Mark "Kneecap" Heilman.
  5. Bout to show everyone how its done
  6. Klag

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