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Found 6 results

  1. Crystal Empire on the rise The number of domestic lab incidents is increasing at a significant rate in the United States, with the largest increases in the South and Midwest. In March 2009, there were 966 meth lab incidents nationwide, compared to 756 incidents in March 2008 and 596 incidents in March 2007. In the South, meth lab incidents for Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida show an increase of 254% from 63 in March 2007 to 223 in March 2009. Methamphetamine labs cost State and local governments significant tax dollars and other resources that could be better spent elsewhere. A study conducted by the independent Rand Corporation in 2009, based on data from 2005, estimated the economic cost to society of methamphetamine use at between $16.2 billion and $48.3 billion. The study found that most of the expenses due to meth use are a result of the “intangible burden that addiction places on dependent users and their premature mortality and from crime and criminal justice costs.” Meth Lab Incidents Nationwide in 2009 Meth use and meth labs also cause injuries or death to children and public service officials. Environmentally toxic dump sites created by meth labs deflate property values and overwhelm medical services, often as a result of uninsured individuals seeking medical help. There are many ingredients used to make methamphetamine, most of which are easily available. One essential ingredient, used by both large and small-scale labs, is pseudoephedrine, found in many cold medications. In 2005, Congress passed the Combat Methamphetamine Epidemic Act (CMEA), which required that pseudoephedrine (PSE), ephedrine, and phenylpropanolamine5 be placed “behind the counter” and that transaction logs account for sales of these substances from retail outlets. Ephedrine and PSE are precursor chemicals used in the production of methamphetamine. Number of Labs Increasing Despite passage of the CMEA, the number of domestic clandestine meth labs has recently been increasing. Traffickers have adapted to the CMEA and found ways to circumvent the retail sales provisions of the law. Because the CMEA had no provision requiring log books to be electronically connected, traffickers began sending multiple individuals to several retail outlets throughout the day to make single purchases up to the daily limit. This process, known to law enforcement as “smurfing,” allows criminal groups to obtain large quantities of PSE for methamphetamine manufacturing. Smurfers can purchase multiple packs of PSE for between $7 and $10, then sell the products to lab operators for up to $50 per package. As with many drugs, there are regional variations in the prevalence of methamphetamine manufacture, distribution, and abuse. Data from the Office of National Drug Control Policy’s Arrestee Drug Abuse Monitoring (ADAM) program show that the percentage of arrestees testing positive for meth is highest in the western region of the country. And San Andreas has experienced an increase in “super” labs in recent years, from 10 in 2020 to 15 in 2021 and 17 in 2022. On Feb. 22, 2021, state and local law enforcement agencies got a scary message from the feds: The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) could no longer pay to clean up methamphetamine labs, which had risen to near-record levels in recent years. By that time, most jurisdictions had already written their budgets, which didn’t include picking up the federal government’s tab for cleaning up meth labs. The feds’ money, however -- roughly $10 million under the Community Oriented Policing Services program -- had ran out just halfway through the fiscal year. “To say that it opened up Pandora’s box is an understatement,” says Tommy Farmer, director of the San Andreas Meth and Pharmaceutical Task Force, which had the nation’s highest number of meth lab seizures in 2021. “All of a sudden, the state and local agencies were faced with this bill. We didn’t know what to do.” Skyrocketing Use These organizations have also diversified their precursor chemical use, shifting among suppliers and chemicals to keep authorities off balance. The criminal groups produce most of the methamphetamine using what is known as phenyl-2-propanone, or P2P. There are two main methods to produce P2P, and the criminal groups have oscillated between them, investigators say. It’s also unclear where these groups are getting the chemicals to make P2P. The most recent seizure data from 2018 from the International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) cited China as the source of some of the largest recent seizures of precursors, and Mexico as the place where the largest seizures took place. The DEA's 2020 Drug Threat Assessment also cited China and India as sources for precursors, but counterdrug officials contacted by InSight Crime said the chemicals were coming from many other places as well, including Germany. The explosion of methamphetamine also appears to be another marketing triumph for the criminal groups, which seem to be learning from other experiments with drugs such as fentanyl. The potent synthetic opioid is regularly camouflaged in fake OxyContin, Xanax or Percocet pills. The pills are a softer entry point for users, who prefer the prescription drugs and are unaware they are even taking fentanyl. The deception plays a role in skyrocketing use of the drug, as well as startling number of overdoses it causes. But methamphetamine is catching up. In 2019, the last year for which there is data, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) chronicled 16,167 methamphetamine overdose deaths -- up from the 3,627 overdoses related to the drug in 2013. Adderall is used in the United States to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), but is widely abused. Often referred to as “the study buddy,” as many as five million people take Adderall annually without a prescription, according to the US Department of Health and Human Services. The potential for growth, in other words, is huge. Indeed, the criminal groups marketing methamphetamine appear to be tapping into numerous markets, including the opioid market, and using the same well-established distribution networks to deliver their goods, counterdrug agents say.
  2. This is the story of Josephine Pineda, a sixteen year old drug addict from the Jamestown Projects.
  3. Enter the audience and spectate the life of David Oneil, a skinhead in his early thirties. David Oneil grew up in El Burro and has lived there his entire life even to this point. Never racist by design, he was pulled in to the lifestyle of drugs, poverty and violence because of his father, an El Burro local skinhead who had ties to the local skinhead culture and gangs, who David lived with as his mother had left them when David was only six. David would had spent his early twenties and teenage years abusing methamphetamine and marijuana to numb the childhood trauma's what we're inflicted on him by his rough start in life. David would be constantly getting into trouble. David looked up to his father and the gangster lifestyle and decided to become a part of it as he wasn't brought up to do anything more valuable with his life. David has just gotten out of prison from an assault charge and is fresh off the tier on parole. He resides back in his old neighbourhood, El Burro. David has gotten work from the nearby tattoo shop called "East Los Ink" which is owned by a local hispanic gang, hillside 13. El Burro Heights has a huge population of hispanics, easily the biggest ethnicity in the area. This means that the whites and hispanics co-exist there, both gangwise and for ordinary people. It isn't uncommon for a white person to have a hispanic partner, and vice versa. As history shows, skins and surenos have had their share of clashes with eachother, but have been able to share the Valley with eachother for a while now. David is almost 30 years old and is trying to strive to and make a name out of himself and his clique by beginning to cook methamphetamine with his homeboy Oscar Mueller, who is also apart of this local clique of skinheads called El Burro Skinheads, or EBSH for short. David would acquire said items to produce methamphetamine by getting Starting fluid and instant cold packs from various hardware stores around Los Santos, water. And Nasal Decongestant (or any other pharmaceutical) which would contain Pseudophedrine what is found in these cold tablets (or any other valiable pharmaceutical for this reason). He would also obtain Lithium from lithium batteries and Ammonia nitrate from the instant cold packs or fertilizer sticks. He would then use these to create cheaply produced methamphetamine for the locals around El Burro Heights for easy money, but most importantly for himself to smoke and abuse. David would later get sentenced to federal prison for armed robbery he committed with his clique on 21th of december in 2019, he was convicted of the following charges: 211. Robbery is the felonious taking of personal property in the possession of another, from his person or immediate presence, and against his will, accomplished by means of force or fear. 1203. Parole Violation, the court has the authority to revoke, modify, or change its order of suspension or execution of your sentence if you are found guilty of violating your probation. At the conclusion of your probation revocation hearing, you will appear before the court for sentencing. (https://forum.gta.world/en/index.php?/topic/18111-el-burro-skinheads/&)
  4. Short Description: This suggestion outlines the various ways players can manufacture and procure methamphetamine. Props to @iAMTemple for coming up with the Crack Cocaine/ Addiction System overhaul guide as it was the inspiration to this suggestion. Methamphetamine (Meth) is a man-made (synthetic) chemical unlike marijuana which grows in the ground. Manufacturing meth is an art form in itself; injury and death during the “cooking” process is common. Impurities and foreign substances can not only ruin your product it can kill you and your operation in a flash. Consisting of a variety of household chemicals, over the counter cold medicine, and other readily available materials the low cost; high potency high; attracts people from far and wide. Formulas consist of upwards of thirty-two different chemicals used to make a unique blend. Forms and Usage Powdered Meth - Often less potent form of meth it's ground up for the purpose of being snorted or injected. Usually off white-yellow in color. Crystal Meth - Solid, glassy translucent form of the drug that is formed upon dissolving the powder in solvent. Generally higher quality/potency than powder forms. Crystal meth is typically smoked or injected. Meth Tablet - RESERVED - WIP Liquid Methamphetamine - RESERVED - WIP Cooking Methods & Potency Shake-n-Bake Also known as one-pot meth; it's produced using a bottle and a few chemicals readily available. Can be made on the go with little to no setup. Users often make this as they travel or drive. Your typical meth lab requires hundreds of pseudoscience pills, stoves, beakers, and other equipment, none which are needed here. Sacrificing quantity and safety this method is typically used for personal consumption. Requires no expensive equipment and can be made rapidly. ITEMS - 2 x Water Bottle + Cold or Diet Pills + Option A [Ammonia and Lithium] or Option B [Phosphorous and Iodine] + Solvent. INGREDIENTS - Water + Wood Ash + Lithium & Ammonia or Phosphorous & Iodine + Cold/Diet Pills + Gasoline/Lighter Fluid Produces Powdered Methamphetamine ~ Shortened high when compared to Crystal meth; Health and other bonuses slightly reduced in both potency and time duration. Affect duration and TIME WIP S-N-B Process (Total Time ~ 3 to 6 Hours) Combine ingredients into Water Bottles and shake. No heating is necessary as the chemical reaction does most of the work. Individuals must monitor and shake as needed. Players do not need to sit and wait idle; movement is encouraged as it's one of the benefits of the small scale operations. Your entire setup is within the plastic bottle. Higher risk for player damage and failure due to lack of proper equipment. Thoughts and concerns While it doesn't require a burner the cook is required to /shakebottle frequently after combining all ingredients. If not done properly you risk ruining the end product and ending up with nothing or having it cause serious bodily harm. Success yields a set number of powdered meth based on the level of your cultivating skill. Player is required to /shakebottle every 6-8 seconds during the cooking procedure which lasts 1 Minute 30 seconds or PRE-determined time Because of the simplicity with this model your yield is never large and often unpredictable. Mixing and matching ingredients sets will cause a failure, Example - Mixing Lithium and Phosphorous will not create meth. Failure to do so yields a failed batch(losing all materials) and physical damage. Lab (Small/Large) Your tried and tested setup for producing methamphetamine. These include hardware that is not easy to move and hazardous in itself. Consisting of equipment similar to an industrial kitchen or brewery you'll need to get yourself situated gear wise before you even consider cooking your first batch. These range from small to fully integrated large scale multi-million dollar setups. Larger, more laborious setup, yields higher when cooking properly. REQUIREMENTS- Iron Pot + Mixing Bucket + Blue Barrel + Burner + Propane tank INGREDIENTS - Water + Wood Ash + Lithium & Ammonia or Phosphorous & Iodine + Cold/Diet Pills + Gasoline/Lighter Fluid Produces Crystal Methamphetamine ~ Strong, addictive high that affects the central nervous system. Health and other bonuses take immediate effect but are short lived. Users face a very high probability of becoming addicted rapidly. Lab Process (Total Time ~ 48 to 72 Hours) Combine Cold/Diet Pills in a Mixing bucket with your solvent, (gasoline (Gas can) or lighter fluid) - Mixture must be heated so your propane and Iron Pot now come into play. - Heating properly with a burner and Propane produces Unprocessed Meth Base. Taking your newly acquired Meth Base you must now combine it in a blue barrel with Wood Ash to neutralize the remaining acids. After a period of time the mixture binds and allows you to separate the liquid from the end product. Processed Meth Base is formed after X amount of time. Take Processed Meth Base and combine with Solvent (Gas or Lighter Fluid) in another blue barrel. A - This mixture is left so the solid crystals can form and separate from the remaining liquid methamphetamine. (24 IG Hours) B - This Mixture is strained and dried; resulting in lower grade, Powdered Methamphetamine. After 24 hours the Processed Meth Base is reduced and your final product, Crystal Meth is now formed. Thoughts and concerns While more expensive this method produces a larger quantity and its in a crystal form, a higher potency version of the drug that works longer and stronger. Like brewing alcohol there is a set process and it requires the equipment to stay stationary. Failure to follow the procedure will end in failure. Higher Cost - Higher Risk - Higher payoff. Individual labs can be formed to make the specific components in a larger scale lab. You may spend two days stock piling unprocessed meth base so you have a larger quantity for a big cook. You need to weigh your options, would you rather wait 24 hours and let your crystals form thus making a bigger profit with higher risk? Or do you process it right away, strain it off and save yourself sometime by settling with powdered meth? Mixing and matching ingredients sets will cause a failure, Example - Mixing Lithium and Phosphorous will not create meth. Failure to do so yields a failed batch(losing all materials) and physical damage. Ingredients include; Ephedrine/Pseudo-ephedrine This is the single hardest ingredient for meth manufactures to obtain. Now banned for over-the-counter sales in the United States it also limits the amount one person could purchase each month. Customers are also required to provide ID and it must be retained for upwards of two years by the vendor. Obtained VIA New item #1 – Cold Pill “An over the counter drug that is used to treat minor to severe cold symptoms." New Item #2 – Diet Pill “Used by millions to fight fat, these diet pills will give you the edge to cut the pounds." [Option A] Ammonia (Anhydrous) Ammonia in its purest form is required (Anhydrous = Free of water); when used in the manufacturing of meth it’s mixed with Lithium to create a chemical reaction. Frequently obtained from fertilizer or house hold cleaners. Obtained VIA Existing Item – Phosphate. A key ingredient in the cultivation of marijuana. [Option A] Lithium A key ingredient used to fuel the chemical ONLY with Ammonia. Lithium is obtained most commonly from cutting and stripping of batteries. Caustic and deadly. Obtained VIA New Item #3 – Battery Available in both vehicle and consumer form; either can provide a proper source for Lithium needed in the "Nazi" style of cooking meth. [Option B] Phosphorous Commonly alternatively sources because of the accessibility, you find Red Phosphorous sourced from matchboxes or road flares it’s highly flammable but required when manufacturing meth with Iodine. White phosphorus can be used as red turns to white when heated. Red is harder to find these days as it’s illegal in the US. Obtained VIA New Item #4 – Matches – Outlined in Matches, lighters and fluid [Option B] Iodine (Crystallized) Often sourced from Hydriodic acid this can also be pulled from nutrients and fertilizer commonly used on farms. Obtained VIA Existing Item – Phosphate. A key ingredient in the cultivation of marijuana. Equipment Needs Equipment pulls from the existing brewing system as its very similar. These items can be obtained from local hardware, farmers market (Grape seed) or convenience stores. Iron Pot Water Bottles Blue Barrels Mixing Bucket Burner Propane Tank Lighter (Suggested Item) Commands to add: /cookmeth - Begin the process of manufacturing the drug, used in both shake and bake and regular lab style cooking. /shakebottle - A crucial step when mixing shake and bake methamphetamine. The lack of a heat source requires constant shaking to mix the chemical cocktail. Items to add: New item #1 – Cold Medication “An over the counter drug that is used to treat minor to severe cold symptoms." New Item #2 – Diet Pill “Used by millions to fight fat, these diet pills will give you the edge to cut the pounds." New Item #3 – Battery Available in both vehicle and consumer form; either can provide a proper source for Lithium needed in the "Nazi" style of cooking meth. New Item #4 – Matches – Outlined in Matches, lighters and fluid. New Item #5 - Powdered Meth - A less potent form of meth it's ground up for the purpose of being snorted or injected. Usually off white-yellow in color. New Item #6 - Crystal Meth - Solid, glassy translucent form of the drug that is formed upon dissolving the powder in solvent. New Item #7 - Unprocessed Meth Base New Item #8 - Processed Meth Base How would your suggestion improve the server? My suggestion provides a realistic portrayal of how methamphetamine can be processed and derived on GTA:W. I for one am interested in the RP surrounding this drug and its integration into both the criminal and legal side of the server. This will create another avenue for drug dealers and more work for our fine LEO's. The government will also need to expand existing laws to cover production and procurement. Additional information: This is a WIP topic that I plan to expand on pending player and staff input. I'll be expanding to add addiction and drug effects in the coming week. Sources https://www.therecoveryvillage.com/meth-addiction/shake-and-bake-meth/ https://www.drugrehab.com/addiction/drugs/crystal-meth/ingredients/ https://www.justice.gov/archive/ndic/pubs13/13853/index.htm https://forum.gta.world/en/index.php?/topic/11506-crack-cocaine-addiction-system-overhaul-overdose-drug-quality-doctors-hospitals/ https://forum.gta.world/en/index.php?/topic/7688-brewery/ https://science.howstuffworks.com/meth3.htm
  5. hectic

    Stab City

    Location: Stab City an insignificant desert town located in the heart of Blaine County, resting up against the coastline the Alamo Sea, of that old holiday-making paradise, now laid bare with derelict trailers and abandoned yards littered as far as the eye could see. Through the local grapevine, a quiet whisper could be heard, "Save the Sands" it beckoned, graffiti appearing on old trailers and empty pools throughout the neighbourhood. Something was afoot, rustling in the bushes... Introduction: After the older generations moved away for greener pastures or to have their retirement somewhere not sliding into disrepair, the stragglers, the most destitute that couldn't leave were the only ones left behind. Out of this, came "Save the Sands", this band of cheated-youth led the charge in bringing back their depraved neighbourhood, in good old Americana fashion but with a twist, resorting to lying, cheating and inevitably crime to bring wealth and prosperity back to Stab City by any means necessary. The primary export for this twisted band of miscreants being Methamphetamine. Ethos: To portray a realistic suburban gang with working class roots in Stab City filled with criminal misfits, vagabonds and trailer trash. ((WIP)) ((Join our Discord))
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