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  1. Looking to get in contact with us? Reach us on our help-line on our website ((Discord: https://discord.gg/6XJhQg9rxm ))
  2. AUCTION CLOSED Selling an Annis Elegy Retro, sported with a twin-cam six-cylinder engine producing over 600+ horsepower to all four wheels through a 5-speed gearbox. I need the money, so I cannot accept trades. Starting bid is non-negotiable. Below is all the information you need to know about the car, along with some images. The selling price was: $210.000
  3. Public Auction: Vapid Scout (SCOUT) Vapid Scout auction. No viewings. STARTING BID $80,000 More images: STARTING BID $80,000 Bidding form: Name: Phone: Bid: Auction & bidding terms: Minimum bid increase $5000 All bids are binding Seller reserves right to accept/reject highest bid Pick up of vehicle within 2 days Auction closes on 14/JUL@ 9PM or 1 hour after last bid
  4. Market Price: 31,500$ ASKING4: 23,000$ CALL NOW!: 78675432 or 83571556 Also you can leave your phone number if you want to be called
  5. Detailed Description: I recently found out that female characters have a different style entering a vehicle in GTAV (+ GTAO). But sadly that's not a thing in GTAW.. Male & Female characters have the same style entering a vehicle in GTAW. Why not change it? Example: https://imgur.com/a/cSM3sCb Relevant Commands/Items: N/A How will it benefit the server? It will look nicer to enter in a vehicle a little differently than the male characters, gives that little "something" when playing. Of course it shouldn't be something that you should pay with WP or something just like you do with walkstyles.
  6. Detailed Description I thought that players being able to haul trailers behind their car is a good idea overall. Here is a link to see various trailers, I doubt it includes all of the current trailers and their variations, but it's helpful to visualize a little bit to get an idea of the uses it could provide. Here's what it looks like in-game: GTA V Vehicle trailers actually do seem to count as "vehicles" if I'm not mistaken, so, I thought that being able to store things inside of them as a plus would be great. I can imagine that people would be able to "customize" their trailers with a command for it to better fit their needs. No, that doesn't mean going to a garage and slapping a turbo on your trailer, it would mean, if you see a specific boat model that your trailer has, and you happen to have the same boat as an actual vehicle, you could change its model value to fit your boat. Of course, there are plenty of different trailers, but it's better to buy 2 trailers and being able to change their variation than to have to buy 8 different, separate trailers just because the models on the trailer itself changes. Relevant Commands/Items /trattach (from vehicle) /trremove (from vehicle) /trlock (would make sense on specific models?) /trinv (standing near the trailer) /trpitem(s) (standing near the trailer) /trtitem(s) (standing near the trailer) /trpark (standing near the trailer) /trget (spawns the trailer where it was last parked) /trscrap (standing near the trailer) /trmodel (0 - 6 for example, standing near the trailer, helps people picking the specific trailer model they want for their RP). How will it benefit the server? I feel like it could add an additional layer to vehicle RP and, being able to store items inside would be very handy in my opinion. Players could find a lot of uses for vehicle trailers in general, be it for RP or practical means, like fishing for example, or even physically transporting goods, if not vehicles like bicycles (although it can get a little janky, I think?). For example the boat trailer model could be used for players wanting to RP hauling their boats to the sea and such, just like the utility trailers can be used by companies for RP and practical purposes. It's great for people who also RP traveling a lot, it makes sense for them to be hauling a lot of their belongings, makes car searches even more interesting by having to take into account the trailer if it's being hauled by a car. Of course, it's also a no-brainer that it could be useful for 18-wheeler trucking companies or people wanting to haul bigger trailers in general. Companies like Aurum and their oil firm could be transporting oil from A to B for example. Furthermore, it's a completely vanilla feature. So no need to install mods, unless you want to include them. (On a lighter note, maybe it would also encourage people to drive a little slower when they're hauling a trailer). :P
  7. For sale is a v12 Pfister Growler. The car comes with full performance package, and highest security package, tinted windows, and GPS installed with around only 760 miles on the clock. ((OOC INFO)): Starting bid: $190,000 Bid increment: $10,000 Buyout: $250,000 _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ V4 Maxwell Asbo Stock ((OOC INFO)): Starting bid: $13,000 Bid increment: $2,000 Buyout: $17,000 _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Seashark Two Tone ((OOC INFO)): Starting Bid: $13,000 Bid increment: $2,000 Buyout: $16,000
  8. We are ready for business! Contact us by sms/call or email ((forum PM)) for informations, trades, etc. Got an old vehicle for sale and want to buy a new one? We will make sure you get a fair price for it! We are SELLING / BUYING / TRADING ! ((each vehicle has the /vstats SS under their photos, to see the /vstats click on the photo and zoom in after you open it))
  9. Detailed Description Motorcycles are important assets when it comes to everyday personal transportation, and it's no secret that people use them for travel across LS and its county. We currently do have decent choice when it comes to motorcycles. We can have scooters, dirt bikes, sports bikes, and cruisers and chopper bikes. However, with said categories, it's hard to really pick a middle ground. "What's a middle ground?" you ask? Well, that'd be the kind of bikes that MC Clubs wouldn't care for, and the kind of bikes that die-hard sports bike riders would sort of acknowledge without giving them a second thought. But then, what exactly are we talking about here? It's quite vague, isn't it? Let me give you a few examples. Trails. This is a trail bike, the 4x4 of bikes, in a way. Trail bikes are supposed to be multi-purpose motorcycles which allow users to travel both on the road and off-road to a certain extent. The BF-400 is a good example. However what the BF400 Lacks, is a top case and satchels. "Why in the world would a top case and satchels matter? Why not get a Western Bagger or Western Sovereign or a Dinka Thrust in that case?" Simple, those bikes cannot possibly do off-road. They are simply not designed for that. A good example of an already existing trail bike in GTA V that does meet this criteria is the Manchez Scout. Roadster/Street bikes They're not made to out perform sports bikes. They're a little in-between, let's say. These are the kind of bikes that you'd use if you want to ride in the city. They're pretty agile and easy to handle, especially for beginners. The riding positions is most usually upstraight. Touring bikes This is a touring bike. An example of such a bike in GTA V would be the Dinka Thrust. They're used for covering long distances mostly, if you live in the county and work in the city, these bikes are a good choice. Big scooters or "Maxi-Scooters" They're big. They cross a line in the scooter industry. Your conventional 50cc scooter is no match for these, both in performance and in terms of comfort. Maxi-scooters are less common in America, but they still most definitely exist. You will most often find them in city environments. Relevant Commands/Items Here is a list of a few mods. Keep in mind that I know these are actual brands and that GTA W uses GTA V "off" brands of said vehicles (Dinka, Western, Nagasaki etc). This is more to showcase the different types of motorcycles that I feel would be a great addition. Mods: https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/pcx-2018-replace-mod-gta-v-thailand-boych330-teeraphan-phonrop https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/honda-cbx-250-twister https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/yamaha-xj6 https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/2018-honda-gl1800-goldwing https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/2018-honda-cb500x https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/2018-honda-cb500f-addons-tuning https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/bmw-rninet https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/2016-honda-cg-160-titan https://gta5mod.net/gta-5-mods/vehicles/bikes/titan-160-da-bmw-add-on-1-0/ https://gta5mod.net/gta-5-mods/vehicles/bikes/yamaha-xmax-400-2019-add-on-tuning-unlocked/ https://gta5mod.net/gta-5-mods/vehicles/bikes/cg-titan-160-s-2020-add-on-fivem-1-0/ https://gta5mod.net/gta-5-mods/vehicles/bikes/honda-x-adv-2018-add-on-extras-1-0/ https://gta5mod.net/gta-5-mods/vehicles/bikes/yamaha-super-tenere-1200-add-on-fivem-3-0/ https://gta5mod.net/gta-5-mods/vehicles/bikes/honda-tmx-155-1-0/ These above are more of a baseline for the type of bikes that I have in mind which I think would be great to add. Already existing GTA V motorcycles: Nagasaki Shinobi Manchez Scout (See above) How will it benefit the server? The main reason I'm suggesting the addition of these types of motorcycles is that I find that variation matters. Not everyone wants a cruiser/sports bike/dirt bike when they go to a dealership. Some people want a bike for the hobby or simple travel from A to B, just like some others will find a specific type of bike useful for work due to their utilitarian function. This is equally important for police or other lines of work which could use such mobility bikes offer. The BF400 that police use in county for example does tick the boxes of being a trail bike, but officers do have equipment they need to haul around, and I find the BF400 a little lackluster when it comes to storage.
  10. Detailed Description We've all seen this on our screens, at some point: [XXX XXX Has been admin jailed for X minutes by XXX, for reason: Unrealistic driving, Powergame; Proceeds to continue to flee police in his car after running into walls, poles and colliding with a car in a high-speed collision.] Now, I know. GTA V is not BeamNG and I certainly don't want every vehicles to start handling and behaving like GTA IV's vehicles. Good game, but hell no, anyway, I digress. I am not talking about vehicle handling here, nor am I talking about car deformation mods. So, what do I mean by "realistic vehicle damage"? - See, on the server, we currently have something called "high mileage". Past a certain mileage, your vehicle will begin to behave a little.. Funky, and you'll have to get that checked out by a mechanic. If you don't, your vehicle might shut down on its own and it'll have trouble starting up again. And this system alone, to me, is a proof of concept that something like that might work on the server. - It's something that is meant to be temporary. Meaning that, you won't have to go visit a mechanic if you crash your car OOC, but, for IC scenarios, say if you're in an active pursuit and crash your car, the outcome might vary depending on the speed you were going. If you hit something at relatively high speed head-on, your car is most likely going to be staying right where it is. If it's a low speed love-tap on the back, then you're probably good to drive. You might spin out, but your car is still functional. However there could be a chance that you could crash your car at a moderate speed and it'd still be able to drive for a while. And this is where the magic comes into play. You continue to drive, and suddenly your see your car slow down, the engine shuts off. Quick, snap decision, bail out and run, or stay and accept defeat? How will it work? It'd work a little like this, a custom damage indicator. Past a certain value of damage done to your vehicle, it will start to behave oddly. Values can be changed between vehicles if needed. Let's give your average car 1000 points of health and a damage rating: Benign - Moderate - Heavy - Severe - At 250 points of damage, your car is still functional, it just sucks to look at. - At 500, your car's engine has a chance to shut off and light smoke might come out of it. - At 750, your car is continuously smoking and the acceleration/speed of your car is greatly reduced and the engine may shut off more regularly. - At 1000, Your car shuts off entirely, it smokes like a charcoal factory, and is completely unable to drive and, it might (albeit rarely) catch fire. (It will not explode, that'd just not be good). Relevant Commands/Items (For mechanics): /seedamages. (Will show Damage Rating). How will it benefit the server? This firstly encourages a more responsible driving in general, but especially during pursuits where you really wouldn't be able to afford to crash your car, and that would apply to all parties involved, people will have to be less aggressive with their driving. It'll also give mechanics a purpose besides upgrading people's cars. Towing for repairs could be finally a more common occurence. It wouldn't happen all the time but it'll certainly be more prevalent. It just gives the job more depth and creates interesting RP scenarios. Furthermore, the idea itself could be developped into something better later down the line and be improved on. (Edit): Clarifications: Note that such a script would not force OOC crashes into IC crashes as I've stated above, if people crash OOC and the script makes their cars undrivable, they could very well just do /vp and /vg to repair their cars OOC as the script isn't supposed to be permanent on the vehicle itself so no need to wait for mechanics if none are available. In a nutshell, this would be more of a useful implementation to perhaps reduce the amount of "driving off" that happens during IC crashes, whether it's IC vehicle collisions, or collisions during pursuits, and simply makes things a little more realistic whilst hopefully not draining much server resources. A crash still doesn't automatically mean the vehicle is immediately out of service, it means that the harder you crash, the more likely your vehicle will malfunction/outright stop functioning, thanks to the damage rating of your car, which could also be customized depending on the vehicle if need be. If anyone would be to abuse /vg /vp during an active pursuit/IC crash scene to drive off, it'll be much easier to keep track of in server logs for a report which could save everyone involved some time. There would be no need to argue and determine whether or not a vehicle would be able to drive or not since the script would take care of that.
  11. Selling my Caracara 4x4 - Full Performance Package - 330 Miles Starting Bid: $80,000 Buyout: $95,000 (( OOC Information ))
  12. Myself and a few other people have come up with the idea of a demolition derby somewhere in the county. It's a really early project at the moment and we're still coming up with how exactly things will work in game, such as how many vehicles will compete at once, or even what vehicles to allow, obviously we want to stick to lower end cars that realistically wouldn't be much to lose. We currently were thinking around 5-6 vehicles at once participating. We do have a discord server set up with those who are interested, if you would like to discuss and mention any ideas or suggestions there, please join us. https://discord.gg/dpXUVUfF
  13. Zachariah


    **Please forgive us as our forum post is new and will be getting upgrades as we go** **Please forgive us as our forum post is new and will be getting upgrades as we go** History Doc's Autos was founded in 2018 in Red County, San Andreas by Doctor Jeremy Logan. He took to vehicle sales in his spare time when not working at the hospital in Red County. Now, In his spare time, he buys and sells vehicles for members of his community of Los Santos and the surrounding area. Dr. Logan is sworn to help his fellow community members and so he does his absolute best to buy and sell vehicles at the lowest price possible. Services 1. Selling Assistance 2. Vehicle Towing/Moving/Recovery 3. Vehicle Sales Selling Assistance If you are looking to sell your vehicle and are having trouble, contact us to look at renting a space on our lot while we help advertise your vehicle to sell. You set the price, we do the work. Contact Jeremy "Doc" Logan at 15447292 for more info. Vehicle Towing/Moving/Recovery Truck broke down? Car needs moved from one side of the city to the other? Just bought a bike and don't have anyone to drive your old car home for you? Give us a call and we can tow you car, truck, motorcycle, RV.... you name it. All for a low-price! Contact Jeremy "Doc" Logan at 15447292 for more info. Vehicles For Sale All vehicles below are for sale and price is negotiable. **Please note, some vehicles purchase price is inaccurate due to it first being purchased from a dealership without any registration** Please note, the mileage may vary slightly. All vehicles come with at least 5 day insurance paid for. Contact Jeremy "Doc" Logan at 15447292 for more info. ----------Cars/SUVs---------- ----------Motorcycles/Special Vehicles----------
  14. Selling Enus Paragon *Maintenance has been covered Starting bid: 390,000 Buyout: 420,000 Bid increment: $5,000
  15. Nyami

    Car Questions

    Okay so I have two probably stupid questions about cars: 1. When I log out does my vehicle go away too? Or does it stay where I last parked it? 2. When is /vp inappropriate to use? Is it ever inappropriate to use? Just wondering because I have a bad sense of direction and am worried about losing my car!
  16. Short description: A simple QOL function within the faction garage script to allow people in command positions of said faction to create categories and add vehicles to them, for ease of scrolling through and finding exactly what you want. Detailed description: As it stands, especially in factions with many, many vehicles (The emergency services factions have hundreds put together), it can sometimes be just a bit laborious to find exactly what you want, short of memorizing license plate numbers. This is eased somewhat with the practice of using specific combinations of numbers for vehicle plates, which you can search, but that's still not a perfect system. This would make it simple and painless to literally categorize vehicles by, for example, their divisions in PD/SD. How it works: When opening up the faction garage, a commanding member of the faction can click a button to create a category. As I'm a PD Player, I'll use Traffic as an example. This allows them to then select vehicles to be added with a simple check box system, not unlike checking off emails. Once satisfied with this, you'd name the category and click the button to add the vehicles to it! Now you can simply collapse or expand a tab with all of those specifically-categorized vehicles, or else only show that category. They could be just as easily removed and reassigned, and new ones could be added to a pre-existing category. This would only need to be done once, and would definitely ease up finding exactly what you want. To add to this, you could even have a small section of "Notes" about each vehicle to be filled out on a per-vehicle basis, as needed. This would likely be best for naming a specific vehicle, for example if you have multiple of one vehicle and they have similar plates, this would be an easy way to identify them without needing to spawn and despawn them. Commands to add: No commands, but a couple of extra buttons and UI functions on the faction garage window as laid out above: Create/Remove from Category, Change Note, Category Select, etc. Items to add: N/A How would your suggestion improve the server? This is a simple Quality of Life suggestion that could make browsing faction garages, especially for factions with large amounts of vehicles, much easier on top of looking a lot more organized. It would also help ease the learning process for new players to said factions. Additional information: I looked and couldn't find anything on this being suggested before. I don't know if this would be a pain to add or not, it's just something that came to me while I was on lunch break today. I'll gladly try and mock-up an example if necessary.
  17. Short description: Add more "RUNE" vehicle company vehicles Detailed description: From my time on the server what I've respectively noticed is the lack of Eastern European/Russian vehicle. I find this a problem as there is a large part of the server with Foreign characters on the East and South East Europe and most would prefer buying and using a cheaper Russian vehicle than most of the American or other nation vehicles. The main problem is the lack of cheap Russian vehicles. Right now I've seen quite far too expensive RUNE Cheburek which is ridiculous if you want to RP a Slavic character who has interests in Eastern European/Russian vehicles. This pair of vehicles would bring in a balance for a cheaper market and demand in foreign vehicles which could allow new player markets to open oriented around Russian vehicles. All vehicles I am suggesting have some sort of modifications, especially the "RUNE Ajvar" which would satisfy the tuners. Vehicles suggested: - RUNE Bistro - RUNE Orbita - RUNE Baikal - RUNE Ajvar - RUNE Chopin Trefl Commands to add: N/A Items to add: https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/rune-bistro-add-on-sounds https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/rune-orbita-add-on-sounds https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/rune-baikal-add-on-tuning-liveries https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/rune-ajvar-add-on-tuning-liveries-template https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/rune-chopin-trefl-add-on-tuning How would your suggestion improve the server? Open up an entire new vehicle market targeting foreigners of the Balkan or Slavic origin. Cheaper vehicles to satisfy less rich characters and allow for more diverse vehicle options. Additional information: Vehicles don't weight a ton in terms of file space, so shouldn't (don't quote me on this) affect the performance much. Pictures of the vehicles and specifications can be seen on the respective websites.
  18. Must have aftermarket parts. Contact Information: 35377838 & E-Mail [email protected]
  19. Looking to buy a Bison. The vehicle must be insured and registered. Please feel free to contact me on 61-205-572, or email me at [email protected] ((FORUM PM)).
  20. WHO ARE WE? Octavian Automobiles is an award-winning pre-owned retailer located in Rockford Hills. Respected as one of the most successful luxury and performance automobile dealers in San Andreas. Dedicated to finding the best deals on pre-owned affordable vehicles for you, and with a convenient location in the heart of Los Santos, it’s even easier to drive away in a car that will make you proud and others jealous. We have set unmatched records in sales and service continuously from 2015-Present. Our soaring Customer Satisfaction Scores reflect the professionalism and dedication to our clients and the lifestyle that Octavian Automobiles has become known for. WHAT DO WE OFFER? Our specialists demonstrate shared enthusiasm for supremely refined vehicles and can expertly navigate clients through every option. We offer a wide selection of quality pre-owned automobiles as well as special commissioning programs and eliminate much of the overhead of traditional dealers to save you money on your vehicle purchase. Safe and reliable cars, with low mileage is what we are all about! If you have not experienced Octavian Automobiles, it’s time to treat yourself to the best. Contact our friendly staff today to learn about our latest vehicle specials, schedule a test drive, request a brochure, make a special order, discuss your trade-in, or discuss financing options. We are here to help you. CERTIFIED PRE-OWNED The majority of the vehicles we sell are pre-owned, however we have access to extremely low mileage new vehicles as well. All vehicles are fully inspected and certified by us to ensure they are of the best possible condition. VEHICLE RESERVATION Fancy a vehicle but can't buy it at the moment? Take use of our reservation feature and pay a 5% fee of the vehicles value in advance. The funds will be deducted from the final sum at your purchase. If you remain unable to claim the vehicle within 7 days of your reservation, your reservation will be lost and the money will not be returned. Upon reservation, you will be contacted by an employee for price negotiations and the payment of the fee. Find the format down below and send it off on this website! ((Comment section)) DELIVERY SERVICE Unable to make time in your busy schedule to pick up your brand new car? Fill in a delivery request and we will contact you to set a date and time for your delivery. Find the format down below and send it off on this website! ((Comment section)) Facebrowser: LINK Website: LINK COME INSIDE OUR ROCKFORD HILLS DEALERSHIP [4SALE] - Cheval Surge - Mileage 23 Miles - Registered Yes - Insurance 03/07/2020 - Lock ★ - Alarm ★ - Anti-Theft - - Brakes - - Engine - - Suspension - - Transmission - - Turbo No - GPS Yes - Price $40,000 [4SALE] - Dinka Enduro - Mileage 135 Miles - Registered Yes - Insurance 05/07/2020 - Lock ★ - Alarm ★ - Anti-Theft - - Brakes - - Engine - - Suspension - - Transmission - - Turbo No - GPS No - Price $15,000 [4SALE] - Declasse Yosemite - Mileage 31 Miles - Registered Yes - Insurance 16/07/2020 - Lock ★ - Alarm ★ - Anti-Theft - - Brakes - - Engine - - Suspension - - Transmission - - Turbo No - GPS No - Price $60,000 [4SALE] - Benefactor Dubsta - Mileage 53 Miles - Registered Yes - Insurance Expired - Lock ★★★ - Alarm ★★★ - Anti-Theft - - Brakes ★★★ - Engine ★★★★ - Suspension ★★★★ - Transmission ★★★ - Turbo Yes - GPS Yes - Price $100,000 [4SALE] - Pfister Comet - Mileage 91 Miles - Registered Yes - Insurance Expired - Lock ★ - Alarm ★ - Anti-Theft - - Brakes ★★★ - Engine ★★★★ - Suspension - - Transmission ★★★ - Turbo Yes - GPS No - Price $175,000 [4SALE] - Cheval Picador - Mileage 604 Miles - Registered Yes - Insurance 23/07/2020 - Lock ★ - Alarm ★ - Anti-Theft - - Brakes ★★★ - Engine ★★★★ - Suspension - - Transmission ★★★ - Turbo Yes - GPS Yes - Price $20,000 [4SALE] - Benefactor Schafter LWB - Mileage 564 Miles - Registered Yes - Insurance 21/07/2020 - Lock ★★★ - Alarm ★★★ - Anti-Theft ★★★★ - Brakes ★★★ - Engine ★★★★ - Suspension - - Transmission ★★★ - Turbo Yes - GPS Yes - Price $205,000 Reservation Format: First name: Last name: Phone number: Email: Vehicle: Pick-up date: Additional note: Delivery Service: First name: Last name: Phone number: Email: Address: Vehicle: Delivery date: Additional note: Contact for inquiries: First Name: Barron Last Name: Octavian Dealership: Rockford Hills Phone: 1515 Website: LINK Facebrowser: LINK Email: [email protected] ((FORUM PM)) First Name: Kevin Last Name: Aspwood Dealership: Rockford Hills Phone: 4000 Website: LINK Facebrowser: LINK Email: [email protected] ((FORUM PM)) Want to work for Octavian Automobiles? Click: HERE TESTIMONIALS Disappointment is against our policy here at Octavian Automobiles. To see how we follow through on this promise, take a look at what other visitors have had to say about their experience working with us. We are confident that the reviews will serve as an endorsement of everything we are trying to do here at Octavian Automobiles. If you have recently paid us a visit, get in touch with our team and let us know how we did. Octavian Automobiles is committed to excellence – but we are also always looking for ways to improve. Let us know how well we hit our mark of perfection by rating us below. We appreciate you taking the time! Review Format: (Max 5 stars) Verdict: ★★★★★ Username: Comment:
  21. Looking to buy second-hand Hermes no matter the condition, You can contact me at 1990 or send to my email [email protected] (( Forum PM : Ssiregar90 ))
  22. Short description: Add a system that allows anyone to check the damages to a vehicle (Specifically from bullets, but other things as well) Detailed description: A command (/vdamages) would let you check a car in proximity to you for damages. This probably wouldn't be area specific (IE: Front,rear,side) as i don't think rage supports that data. However, you could /vdamages and see that a car has bulletholes in it for example. Logic: If car is hit by gunfire or involved in a collision with another car -> Store data including time/weapon caliber. -> If /vdamages is used, display damages to the vehicle to the sender of the command the same as /damages works on a player. Possibilities: Red car hits blue car -> /vdamages -> "Blue paint is seen on the vehicle". There are countless possibilities with this script, none of which are negative. Commands to add: /vdamages (Maybe another command for an admin to clear damages to a vehicle) The damages should also clear after a certain amount of time has passed. Items to add: No items necessary for this script. How would your suggestion improve the server? Currently, if you ask someone what damages there are to their vehicle, you have to rely on their honesty via /do. This script would eliminate one's ability to lie about these facts. Additional information: Cons: Someone can wreck into someone/something by accident and have it skipped/voided. This damage would persist in /vdamages script. Players would have to ask an admin to clear this damage. Alternatively players could be given a command to clear their own vehicle's damages, but this would come with abuse from people avoiding roleplay with police.
  23. Short description: Add the roofs of convertibles to the vehicle menu. Detailed description: Not much to explain, it'd be easier to just open and close the roof with a button, instead of spamming H and praying. Commands to add: /vroof Items to add: N/A How would your suggestion improve the server? Honestly just a quality of life improvement. Additional information: N/A
  24. The title says it. Looking for a Declasse Granger any condition, modifications or miles. Must be insured and registered. Post down below.
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