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  1. I'd like to see more people try and solve this one in game (at least in the short term). Simply put, demand is outstripping supply due to a labour shortage. Buyers are pushing prices up to retain a trickle of supply and most truckers are generally choosing the most lucrative path. Basic economics. This creates opportunity for organisations like the port authority, unions or small business alliances to lobby the state government for action due to the skills shortage. The government faction could be funnelling people to these jobs via the following means. - One time, progressive, performance related or time locked grants - Paid vocational training programs with support from larger trucking companies - Tax breaks and purchase incentives on commercial vehicles to promote sole trucking RP - Funding industry wide recruitment drives I don't think any of these will solve the issue long term, but in the short term it might provide a little relief and some more engaging RP. Long-term, I feel the below would be very helpful to promote more people to take up this type of RP, and hold their interest: - We do need some kind of script rebalance for components so small goods businesses can survive. Perhaps different component prices for different good types. - Yes free markets should exist in game, however the level of component price gouging and manipulation going on (eg. some business types jacking up component price to erode competition and gain a monopoly) is ridiculous and in the real world would be regulated heavily. Perhaps regulate the industry and set the per crate limit back to 250 flat for anything within 2-3 miles of the pickup point and anything further (eg. blaine county) can have the option to increase. - Redo how players unlock different trucks. It should be a license system with each delivery attributing points to said license. Eg, my light vehicle license (Van) requires me to get 25 points to apply for my next size vehicle licence. - 4,000 RP payment per hour and guaranteed 5 points on their truck license up to 100 deliveries. Then beyond that they get a minimum points per hour plus 4k and crate payments. This means new players don't have to grind as much to rank up, can still get paid to RP and later on get rewarded more if they invest time in the job. But they still have to complete a few deliveries every hour (so you can't just stand around and farm it). - Add some more trucking vehicles like the custom phantom or custom pounder. It'd be cool to see custom rigs with decals being driven around by solo truckers as opposed to the cookie cutter models we have. It also gives solo players something to aspire to and aim for - their own customized rig at higher license levels. - Trucking UI QOL upgrades
  2. Looking to purchase an MTL Pounder. Please contact me via email at [email protected] ((forum PM)).
  3. Yes, it is still available, I'm looking for around 80k, happy to hear offers.
  4. I think fair value puts it around 80+, happy to hear offers though.
  5. ((OOC Stats)) Any questions contact [email protected] ((forum PM))
  6. 70k if still available. Can do immediate pickup.
  7. Buying a Declasse Yosemite, old school whip. Hit me with offers at [email protected] ((forum PM))
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