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  1. Elgin House Apartment for RENT! Apartment is located in Rockford enhancing the exclusivity of the apartment. Making it one of the most luxurious apartments that Los Santos holds. The essential drive way, lobby, gym and dinning area that the building holds will be adding up to the exclusivity. Apartment has a dinning are that is semi-incorporated to the kitchen. Having it integrated enhances the connection that guests have when making a meal, promoting a sense of union and companionship. However,you can always have important dinners as well as the casual day to day lunch with your partner. Two bedroom apartment, perfect for those that seek exclusivity and luxury with a partner. Whether they help ease the bills or just make the best company. Bedrooms come with walk in closets and a beautiful bathroom. Perfect seating area for two, his and hers, in the bedrooms while you take a delicious glass of champagne and enjoying the view of Rockford. In house Mini Spa comes with the perfect pack of relaxation. Apartment comes with a rather long jacuzzi with perfect view of the city, under water seatings and a table to place your favorite bottle of alcohol. Within this Spa you can also enjoy the Sauna, which can fit up to three of your guests. The view the apartment holds is unlike any. Looking at the whole city, if not the most beautiful part. Elgin House will offer you the luxury that you seek and deserve! Welcome to your new home. https://imgur.com/a/d7GcO5r RENT: $25,000/week Discount will be applied if paid a month in advance Contact information: PH: 7-7-3-9-5-4-4 Email: [email protected] ((FORUM PM )) Name: Oskar Duval Apartment is now available for rent
  2. Looking to purchase a Cypher Hatback call me @ 7739544 email me @ [email protected] ((FORUM PM))
  3. Interested in any trades?
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