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  1. Police scanners exist on base frequencies. TAC channels are encrypted, you can't just pick them up with a scanner the same way you can't pick up (most) military comms. I'm fine with a scanner for PDs 911 and other factions' equivalent, but this isn't realistic.
  2. According to that one post by Sush which showed the actual data-mined numbers, it's actually about 50,000x worse than Brazil, no exaggeration.
  3. This is all that needs to be done, really. Give the law enforcement and courts one simple objective: Bring Order to Chaos. It will be done, trust me.
  4. Shagglehod

    Buff SMG

    Still needs that buff. Data point of one but an LSPD member was once asked why he shot a suspect so many times. He put most of an SMG magazine into a guy, and every single shot was needed to put him down. That shouldn't happen.
  5. I think you're a little confused man. I literally said that when I'm on normal, non-swat callsigns, which is over half my playtime, I handle all those normal 911 calls. There's nothing inherently wrong with wanting to be part of SWAT though. Nobody begrudgingly and reluctantly joins it, that's not how that works. I have gotten into only six shootouts in my year and a half in PD. I don't join chases unless it's high risk stuff where my training applies. I patrol the less violent areas so they have coverage too. I have one of the lowest bodycounts in the department. I joined the medic unit to help the wounded civilians, officers or even suspects left behind by the others. I run the Underwater Dive Unit, which is a near zero action unit focusing on roleplay. Tell me again how I'm an action-chasing bad roleplayer?
  6. Can't agree with this enough. My primary interest is in the tactical aspect, hence joining SWAT, but I enjoy the normal stuff too. When I'm on a black & white, my priority is on those 911s.
  7. Shagglehod

    Map changes

    Incidentally if we do remove the Davis mall, I'd like to see Rockford Plaza get some mapping. Malls offer a decent amount of RP opportunities and endless business opportunities.
  8. Shagglehod

    Map changes

    Supported on both. Don't care about the Davis Mall, it's not really a great thing anyway.
  9. Since I was mentioned I'll throw in my two cents as a player: I'm inclined to agree with some of the points here. We are on a roleplay server. I don't see an issue with roleplaying attacking someone. Sure, use what the game gives you, but I find no-RP interactions to be just... I dunno, lame? The more RP the better, always. That said, from an admin perspective, I also find it a bit difficult to enforce rules that are not codified, personally. I don't like the idea of unwritten rules. I'll do it when precedent has been set, but that always has made me uncomfortable.
  10. Agreed with this. I used to roleplay one and that character only owned a bicycle and a quadbike, which somebody, an actual player, bought for them. The only time they actually drove a car was when a family member or close friend allowed them to, and they were almost always in the vehicle too. Much more satisfying RP that way, and actually sold the point of being not an adult.
  11. SWAT was rare before because there were about five of them, then some changes happened and we've sought to max out our roster. We have a set limit on how many operators D Platoon has, and we're nearly to that limit. However, a simple look at the CAD on an average night would show maybe two D units, a couple of K9 units, with the rest all being basic units. This is what I see on my average nights out.
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