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  1. Contact me with any relevant listing please.
  2. Home Repair, but mainly construction in general.
  3. i mean go ahead and close it if there's no interest, just a suggestion
  4. I mean your car can get impounded for 2 irl days just keep that in mind
  5. I mean i posted it to hear people's opinions on it so, keep it going, but also try to think of ways that it could possibly work out, instead of just instantly saying no i don't want my car stolen, I'm sure there's plenty of things that could make it much better than the way I've listed it
  6. Short description: Make keys (vehicle keys in this matter, other keys can be suggested but that's not what I'm suggesting here) an actual item in your inventory. Detailed description: I was thinking something along the lines of making vehicle keys actual items in your inventory that are required to start a vehicle that isn't your's. You would have access to the key until you lose it drop it or otherwise get rid of it. Perhaps the keys could somehow be linked to the vehicle ID It would be neat to have it work in a way similar to pressing L and your vehicle unlocks, instead in this case it would be: K to start a vehicle that isn't your's, provided you have the respective key in your inventory. Commands to add: Similar to L to lock and unlock however, K to start/kill the engine with the key item in a vehicle that isn't your's already. Potentially?: /givekey [targ] [?amount?] , If this suggestion ends up serving as a replacement for vdup. Items to add: Vehicle Key (Vapid Scrap Truck #????) Or however it would be listed How would your suggestion improve the server? I believe it would improve the quality of life as far as loaning vehicles, or giving an employee a key for a company vehicle when you arent scripted etc, for longer than you intend to be in game to assist should anything go wrong and they lose access to the vehicle, with how it currently is. You can take your key that is naturally stuck to your character to a certain location (s), and have the key duplicated, into an actual item that functions as mentioned above. This could potentially get rid of /vdup all together as this would serve it's purpose and then some. Additional information: I don't know about taking it this far, but some sort of locksmith job could be tied into it, whether it be set up like a 24/7 or actual players that need to be online to duplicate your key. Also, it would be cool for LEOs to potentially come across those that are in possession of stolen vehicle key(s), leading to further investigation etc
  7. *Service Request Section* Name: Service Required: How did you hear about us?: SUBMIT
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