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  1. Highest bidder has not responded. **Starting bid adjusted**
  2. I am all for adding options, enhancing the experience in accordance with personal preference. 1+ to add a phone app which displays advertisements. All while keeping public ads togglable. Win win for all I’d say. The difficult part would be balancing the gif/picture part in the app along with the current text-based one. But perhaps this is overkill and only makes this feature much more difficult for devs to implement. Start small and simple, get what we want and then let the devs figure out if it can be made even better with customizeable options.
  3. 258 Spanish Avenue - West Vinewood Property Type: ApartmentAddress: 258 Spanish Avenue Area: West Vinewood Description: An apartment at the perfect location in West Vinewood. The apartment features a kingsized bedroom, suitable living room, a well-equipped kitchen and an exclusive bathroom. Well suited for having company and family over to socialize due to its open solution. Dedicated parking spots for respective tenants. Perfect for residents with a desire to live in a tight c
  4. Arnzeal

    [SOLD] Limousine

    Offering $140,000
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