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  1. I'll take it for $500,000. Please email me.
  2. Arnzeal

    [SOLD] Z190

    I’ll offer $145.000.
  3. You are right, the energy is a bit different in El Burro but generally I can visit without problems. It’s good though, that it has its own thing. My statement was more aimed towards Strawberry and Grove Street in particular. I’ve not properly visited that street in 2 years now. And last time I ended up there was because of vehicle spawn bug with sent me there. I got chased with bats soon as a group saw me in a casual suit. All was fine when it was explained but you know, the statement stands.
  4. Truth be told, I somewhat have the same general view of illegal RP’ers... everytime I am forced to RP with illegal communities (I try avoid them) it more often than not leads to immersion-breaking halts, either in the moment or the long run because they either MG, PG, DM or delay scenes for their own benefit. Then I need to spend time IG dealing with admin sittings, responding to reports or get recommended to make a report myself on the forums. If I get robbed... they take everything I have and often ignore robbery limit, or DMing me after I comply with their demands to the letter and RP fear because they argue their character is ”sadistic”... or if they extort my businesses they come daily and threaten with CK if I don’t pay 50k each visit even if they really can’t do neither. Endless admin sittings and reports. No doubt there are plenty of good and proper illegal RP’ers, and I’ve met a few too. For example, in the past K-Town and @.George always portrayed themselves well towards me as a strictly legal RPer and civillian. Don’t screw with them, be reasonable and they will respond with such in turn. As it should be. In my view, it’s generally the illegals that are ”rats”, but I don’t go about putting them down because of it or would ever try and spread such a trend. I do my own thing and let them do theirs and hopefully improve over time. I have the greatest respect for anyone who behaves realisitic and accordingly, even the ”rats” who drive garbage trucks... as long as they don’t ram me in an intersection because they rush each point. But then its a job for our admins, not me to evaluate their character. Regardless of views, its unacceptable to voice it with the sole purpose of putting others down and connecting such terms with civillians in general to somehow raise oneself up or try influence people to pick another route.
  5. Aperture, most legendary faction with THE reputation to rule them all... or at least I thought so as a prickly teenager all those years ago. Let's be real, in hindsight the faction was ludicrous, imagine GTA W staff reading through their application. Super secret research & development corp whose CEO is also a military man with the rank of Major, abducting civilians and playing 00X agents. Main HQ: Area 69? 😂 Super badass, but most of us were still kids back then.
  6. Those who utter these derogatory terms can't see beyond their own bubble. Without civilians, the distinction between legal & illegal becomes so strong and simplified we might as well rename to CrazyNervous Cops and Robbers. The complex community we have are thanks to everyone doing their own thing and it's the civilians in my opinion that are the most diverse. Illegal and legal RP are somewhat bound to their structures so to speak, exit that box and you become a civillian. If anyone is cringe, it's those who tell others are cringe. If anyone is a rat, it's those who call civilians rats and can't comprehend something bigger than themselves.
  7. I second what @.Georgesays. My char is as caucasian as caucasian can get and I literally don’t feel at home... or safe for that matter in many areas around LS. Little Seoul is generally more open than others, but it is 100% their korean neighbourhood and that energy radiates. Same with El Burro, Strawberry & Grove Street which in the latter case I dare not even venture. I’ll get my white ass handed to me in no time. My character has strong opinions about this, and he has them for good reason. There are plenty of vivid communities and cultural clashes. He sticks to Vinewood, Rockford Hills, Mirror Park, Vespucci, Pillbox Hill etc because that’s his type community and people. Communities are strong, and factions within communities are complementary to development of the two. Both do and should exist in my opinion.
  8. NOTED - BUYOUT **A reply has been sent to the bidder**
  9. 292 Spanish Avenue - West Vinewood SHOWCASE VIDEO: Property Type: ApartmentAddress: 292 Spanish Avenue Area: West Vinewood Description: An apartment at the perfect location in West Vinewood. The apartment features a kingsized bedroom, suitable living room, a well-equipped kitchen and an exclusive bathroom. Well suited for having company and family over to socialize due to its open solution. Dedicated parking spots for respective tenants. Perfect for residents with a desire to live in a tight community right in the middle of the city. The apartment is sold furnished, included in the price. Government Market Value: $120,000 Appraised Furniture Value: $107,347 Starting Bid: $250,000 Minimum Bid Raise: $5,000 Buyout: $300,000 Current Bid: SOLD Ending: EXPIRED EXTERIOR: INTERIOR: Bid Format: Name: Phone: Bid: Book Viewing: Name: Phone: Date: Time: **Comment section has been disabled and only public bids can be forwarded with the correct format** - Private bids should instead be posted in the auction feed
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