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Found 2 results

  1. [The content of my character's story may be in bad taste or shocking to some people, please don't continue if you don't like or disagree] Alina Rychenkova Alina was born on July 11th, 2003, in Moscow, she was the only daughter of the family, she was an excellent student, with many friends, she was a girl who smiled easily and cared for others. CHAPTER 1. 8:00AM, September 15th, 2016, a day like any other, Alina dresses, eats breakfast and walks to high school, there talks with one of her best friends about the plans of that night, between laughter and typical jokes of teenagers, they decided to go to a nightclub. 11:00PM, Alina arrives with her best friend at the nightclub, they enter the club without much trouble and go to the counter, they ask for drinks, they also dance, laugh and talk,everything was going great, but unfortunately for Alina her happiness would be brief, at the same counter there was a boy, smiling at the girls, then Alina's friend makes a small indication to Alina, causing her to look at the boy, Alina, she didn't want anything with him, looks at the boy and smiles as she greets her with her hand, while her friend invites her to go talk to the boy, although Alina refused, in the end, she decided to talk to the boy, they spent a few minutes talking, dancing, uploading pictures on her social media and drinking, every minute that passed Alina's eyes shone brighter when she looked towards this stranger, after several minutes of talk, the stranger invites Alina to take her home, everything was going well until the stranger stopped at the side of the road, a vehicle came and he got out of the vehicle, the stranger had a conversation with the other driver that Alina couldn't help listening to, her adrenaline was increasing rapidly, then, she decided to get out of the car and flee, unfortunately, her escape attempt was unsuccessful. 00:30AM, Alina is unconscious, bound, gagged and has a bandana covering her eyes, she is inside a van heading to an unknown place. 4:20AM, Alina wakes up in a hospital bed, with a strong blow to the head and somewhat dizzy, she wasn't alone, in that room there was someone else, a woman dressed in white, looked like a nurse suit, Alina, turned her head slightly and looked sideways, she realized she was handcuffed in that bed. The strange woman approached Alina without saying a word, she was holding something in her hand, a syringe, she grabbed Alina's arm tightly and looked for her vein, although Alina tried to resist her efforts were useless, the strange woman injected an unknown substance, it took Alina just a minute to fall asleep again. 7:00AM, Alina wakes up in a bunk, in a small room, locked with a shutter door and with three other girls, suddenly, she hears some knocks on the doors and someone shouting, "Wake up and stand up", were the words of this stranger, the girls who were in the same room came out when the metal shutter opened, leaving Alina in bed, they all lined up outside the rooms. The stranger, a man in his 50s, entered the room and said a few words to Alina, the words were as follows: "Look, I know you're in shock, I'll give you a few days until you recover, then you will work for us, without stupidities, besides, I know who you are, who your parents are and where they live, if you decide to do something stupid or something that hurts us... you will pay for it, okay? Now get up and go with the rest of the girls." Alina stood up and stood at the door of the room, with the rest of the girls, of different ages and nationalities, the stranger gave some indications to the girls, after a few minutes they were taking them around the rooms, indicating the routines and obligations. One day later. Two days later. To be continued... > Alina's diary, September 24th, 2016. (Click to read) < [The content created so far is made in SinglePlayer, as I want to extend my character's main story a bit it will take me several days to get the images, I'll start uploading RP's with ingame screenshots and some edited by me using mods to give it more quality and atmosphere when I finish with the character's initial story.]
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