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  1. Call me if you are still selling it, 1195.
  2. The most retarded thing I ever seen. You cant even rp properly in the damn mountain.
  3. I meant, at the same time, the barber shop menu has chat and menu at the same time.
  4. We need: - allowing us to move our character (not the camera) - allowing us to read and type while we select the clothes. - Don't close the menu after buying an outfit. - Quick outfit change, allowing us to change outfit like jewelry script does, I would like this slider to be in the first menu next to clothes and not a different menu. Now I'm going to talk about the barbershop menu. We need: - Being able to move our character freely, or fix the camera, zooming is a headache and rotating the camera is another headache. - Fixing
  5. I respect that you use mods and they may have some clipping, weird colors or similar things, but this is already ridiculous, there is a rule that says that you must have your character as a human being, not as Rayman. If you use mods at least get them to work properly.
  6. Yes, just like the jewelry script does.
  7. Selling or trading my Dinka Akuma. Includes: Sport package: turbo, engine, transmission, brakes. Anti-theft. Custom wheels. 131miles. Insured. Price: $62.000 Trading for a Kanjo + money. Phone: 1195 Mail ((PM)): [email protected] Photo: ((OOC))
  8. Yes, I followed this guide and now I'm swimming in bills.
  9. Selling my apartment because I want to move to another place. Minimum Bid: $10.000 Starting bid: $208.000 Buyout: $318.000 Pictures: ((OOC stuff))
  10. Sometimes yes and sometimes no, the only thing I do is yield when someone is driving in the lane I'm gonna invade because it's obvious.
  11. This type of business should be in an interior with good lighting to avoid having to spend 2000 fixing your face, but this thread should be in Suggestions.
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