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  1. Parked 2 times in Del Perro parking lot near the beach, car gone twice.
  2. Parked my car in Mirror Park. Not even a minute when the alarm went off. And yes, this is true, I even have screens somewhere, even logs.
  3. I made a pack a month ago or so and It's on test server, but the pack doesn't work, must be the script because I can't find them at the barbershop. P.S: It works in SP, and I made it like I made the tattoos pack, so it's the script.
  4. This is almost impossible to do on a text RP server, you can't tell the difference between voices and faces or body differences, many faces are similar, not to mention that sometimes in crowded places the faces are bugged. And the negative point, you can not identify them if someone is breaking the rules
  5. GTA always used more than 4gb, it's well know for having memory leaks in the past, I don't know now, I stopped looking since I have 32gb of ram.
  6. I think GTA has a ranged damage system, however if you get shot in the head far enough away for the bullet to go through your skull you'll be dead, I've played on servers where a headshot meant death, I have no problem with it.
  7. Wouldn't happen if headshots were real headshots, HS = dead. And yeah, it's funny how people are against RPG elements but they agree in keeping this, hilarious.
  8. So, robbing because they're bored and not for the RP, as expected.
  9. 6 minutes talking to some players and been invited to rob people with an alt that I had, and my char didn't know the other criminals, they literally said that they were bored.
  10. I watched videos of people with 850k in their bank robbing others. They do it because they are bored not for the RP.
  11. I've seen many attackers getting killed without CKs, it is, but imagine balancing things.
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