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  1. I'll bring this back from the dead because this is just facts. I personally would wanted to be your employee. Why? Because driving a truck 50 times over or sitting afk at a 24/7 waiting for people is just fucking boring. I always looked for jobs that requires RP and character development. I personally never had characters who are filthy rich or has a business. Why? Because it's way more fun for me to RP in a realistic manner. I like my character being sick and tired of his job, I like my character looking at other peoples wealth and wanting that but knowing he can never achieve it. Yes money i
  2. I roleplay as an elder man from time to time, it just gets really annoying to role play an old man when most of the people just act like you're 21. But I had some fun last night, found some good people to roleplay with and they said they love my roleplay. Anyways, more old people roleplay, maybe someone start a home for elder people, like that would be sick.
  3. (( AGAIN SORRY FOR NO /ME'S OR CHAT, HAVEN'T FIGURED WHAT TO DO BECAUSE I HAVE A 60% KEYBAORD AND SOMETIMES F12 DOESNT WORK, IF ANYONE HAS SUGGESTIONS PM ME PLEASE )) " Life is getting hard, no friends, no job.. I have to fix this and fast before these thoughts kill me " " Hmmm, this logistics company offers quite a good job, driving and earning money, that is just like my past" " This interview is everything for me if I get the job, I can finally start my life in this city "
  4. (( Just returned to the server after a year of not playing so I forgot how to screenshot /me's so please forgive me next screenshots will include them. )) Reynolds is in a fight with his alcoholic demons.. Paying off old debts and bills from over a year ago. " Out in the city first time in a year, the brightness of the sun is burning my eyes! " " Got a new job to create a new start for myself, driving a taxi is not what I want to do, but it is what I need to do. "
  5. __________________________________________________________ -The new beginning - _________________________________________________________
  6. IOAN - RENO - Reynolds The junior driver of the mafia --_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________-- Ioan -Reno- Reynolds - born in Moscow by a Romanian mother to an American father, Ioan had his life complicated from the first step he took. Before he was born his father worked as an driver for the Russian Mafia, his mother was a auto-detail expert, whom would wash all the mafia's cars so that her husband could drive them clean and the mafia bosses would love them. Ioan was surrounded by alcohol, c
  7. The new start has been nothing but challenges and adventure, but Peter has found a stable job as a bartender. He met Aurealia, his co-worker, they seem to have clicked together and have a natural connection.
  8. Peter, after settling into the city, started meditating, jogging, hiking to keep his mind of the things he's been trough. Still the memories of his watches and houses still is deep in his mind and he will do everything to get his life back.
  9. This is crazy, insane, beautiful and every other positive word I can say about the effort, the story, the details, the quality of photos are breath taking, I literally sat here, looking at the screens drooling. This is the best I’ve seen!
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