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  1. Sold to you as current bid. Contact me Via E-mail so we can arrange the meeting. ((Forum PM))
  2. Due to lack of interest the propetry will be sold tomorrow for the current bid.
  3. Selling a furnished apartment in Textile City. The apartment has been remodeled and has been equip with top of the line kitchen appliances and comfortable, totally new, furniture and bed on the market. The sale will be done via this internet posting. Am not taking any private offers Starting Bid: 170,000$ Buyout: N/A Bidding end date: 10/APRIL/2022 **Attached photos of the apartment down under** ((OOC))
  4. Willing to buy it. Reach out to me if it's still for sale via mail. ((Forum PM))
  5. I would like to offer 180,000$ for it
  6. Additionally; sorry for the lack of info but I was constantly on business trips these 4 days. I will be in LS and rested fully 09/FEB/2022. From around 16:00 to 22:00. ((IC time)) With kind regards.
  7. Contact me on number 4550. Can maybe hook you up with tobacco and a few other things you need. Tobacoo is a 100percent though.
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