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Found 7 results

  1. ( This will serve as a character development thread for Hovsep Ghazarian )
  2. This topic will follow the life of Arsen Ghukasyan, a fellow Armenian resident of Vinewood.
  3. Tigran Alexanian (Born February 29, 2000) - Known to his family as "Tiger" is an Armenian American born and raised in Los Santos. His father is Armenian and his mother Russian, he ended up getting genes from both sides. Having the hair, facial features, and wide shoulders/chest of an Armenian from his father. He also has the height ( 6'8" ) and light-colored eyes of a Russian from his mother. Growing up was tough for him. It wasn't enough been part of the lower class and coming from an immigrant family. He was also constantly bullied for his height and weight throughout middle and high school. As a result of the bullying, he did not want to go to school so he flunked 2 grades in high school for skipping classes. He did not want to be known as the "Big Dumb Fat Kid" anymore. He never had any friends or even social skills. As a kid he was quiet, never had much to say, and shy. That summer before he started his senior year he decided to do something about all the bullying from before. He couldn't let this go on any longer, so he decided to sign up for mixed martial arts classes. Oh boy, he did not know what he was getting into. He struggled, shed blood and tears training. But he started seeing results, he learned how to be more disciplined. Also, he started to like the adrenaline and pain from it. "Big Cat" his trainer called him for being agile and at the same time packing a heavy punch. He made quite an impression when he went back to school. He wasn't fat anymore, he has muscles now. He looks more athletic, but he was still that quiet, one-worded kid that no-one wanted to talk to. Been 19 years old and the oldest kid in the school. He was still getting bullied for having flunked those 2 grades, for being so old and still in high school. But then.. It happened. Right after gym class, he would always wait for all the guys to finish showering and changing first before he went in last to do the same. He was still self-conscious about his body even tho he was ripped now. Two classmates walked in while he was changing. Classmate 1 - "Hey meathead! What are you doing back there by yourself?" Classmate 2 - "Yeah dumbfuck! Are you masturbating? Fucking weirdo.." - both classmates look at each other while laughing at him - Tigran decided to ignore them both knowing they are just trying to make fun of him and continues to change in front of his locker. - Classmate 1 grabs the wet towel that Tigran left in the bench and quietly walking behind him - Tigran did not notice since at that time he was putting his shirt on. - Classmate 1 puts the wet towel around Tigran's neck and starts pulling back to choke him. - They both fall on the ground. Tigran was caught off-guard and he was scared. He tries to grab on to the towel to prevent him from choking him. But Classmate 2 jumps on him and starts throwing blows to Tigran's face. Tigran is unable to cover his face, his hands are still on the towel. - Time seems to slow down for Tigran. As if everything went in to slow motion.- Tigran tells himself: " Why me?! Is this it?! ", while struggling to fight off both of his classmates. One of his eyes is already shut from all the blows. He is running out of breath, still getting choked. That's when Tigran Fight-or-Flight kicked in. Before this, he has never been in a fight outside of training. Tigran kicks Classmate 2 in his knee making fall on him. He then decides to take advantage of the opportunity and lets go of the towel to grab Classmate's 2 face. He puts his thumb inside his eye and starts pressing down as hard as he can. Classmate 2 starts screaming from the excruciating pain. Tigran ends up popping that eye off and blood starts dripping from Classmate's 2 face to his face. That puts a grin on Tigran face as the masochist he is. Classmate 1 starts getting scared from seen his friend in so much pain. He stops choking Tigran and tries an attempt to get away from been pinned underneath Tigran. Tigran can barely see, he still has one eye shut and blood all over his face. He feels Classmate 1 trying to get out from underneath him. Tigran pushes away Classmate 2 off him. Turns around to grab Classmate 1. Classmate 1 was very quick on trying to get out but not quick enough. Tigran was able to grab his leg. This is when Tigran training kicked in like muscle memory. He grabbed Classmate's 1 leg and manage to put it into a triangle lock. Classmate 1 is now scared and confused about what is going on. Tries to kick Tigran of him but he can't. Tigran managed to keep the triangle lock and at the same time grabs the top of Classmate's 1 foot. Making it from a triangle lock to a Calf Slicer Lock. Tigran starts yelling at them: " You guys could not let me be! You have to keep bothering me all the fucking time! I have never done anything to anyone of you here. WHY FUCK WITH ME?! WHYYYYYY....!!! " At the end of Tigran's scream, you can hear a bone snap. - Loud crackling snapping sound - Tigran pulled down so hard on his lock, that he broke Classmate's 1 leg in half. Classmate 1 starts screaming in pain: " Ahhhhhhhh!! You broke it!!... Ahhhhh it's broken!!! " and starts crying. After all the screaming and the commotion, a teacher came in to handle the situation. Tigran was expelled from the school. Luckily the parents of the students took it easy on "Tiger" and he only had to do community service for his actions. Now 20 years old Tigran father kicked him out of the house, telling him that he is a disgrace and a failure to his family. He went on to move to his grandmother's house in Morningwood also known as Little Armenia. There he has managed to continue his MMA training and do some part time jobs to help his grandmother but he can't stick the jobs for long. He has seen the gangs around the neighborhood hustling. He knows they make good money.. But he also knows that it could make him end up in prison. What will Tigran "Tiger / Big Cat " Alexanian do? Only time will tell..
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